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Comment: Re:What, do you want the Euro? (Score 1) 8

Thanks for that. Fortunately, our differences were settled years ago, and she's never tried to keep me from communicating with or seeing our daughter. They and my wife met for the first time on this trip we've just returned from, and everyone got along great, much to my relief.

Comment: Re: well... (Score 1) 691

by Zontar The Mindless (#49578983) Attached to: Pope Attacked By Climate Change Skeptics

I suppose the person who downmodded the parent is not aware of a few key facts:

-The Bali Nine got busted where and when they did because the Australian Federal Police tipped off the Indonesian authorities.

-The AFP did this knowing full well that at least some of the Nine would face the death penalty there.

-Had the AFP waited to apprehend Chang & Co. upon their arrival in Australia, the latter might all be serving long prison terms today, but would still be alive.

-In effect, the Australian authorities circumvented that country's lack of a death penalty by using the Indonesians as executioners.

Feeling a bit different now about what cyborg_monkey said? I would hope so.

Comment: Re:What, do you want the Euro? (Score 1) 8

I just want the increasing resale value of my home to be an increase in certain other currencies as well. The euro is not amongst these. Would rather not say right now what the targets are, though--prefer to keep those cards close for the time being. :)

It would also be nice if my child support payments hadn't increased ~15% over the last 2-3 years in SEK whilst remaining constant in the currency my ex and our kid use. One of the perils of my exciting transnational lifestyle, I suppose.

Comment: Re:Banning by regulation (Score 1) 192

Well, if it walks like a taxicab and talks like a taxicab, how is it not a taxicab? Because you signal it with a hep and cool app instead of making a phone call?

It's not a taxicab because it actually shows up when you call one.

I keep seeing people making this exact same quip without providing any evidence that there is any such guarantee. "I think I sound clever" and "They have an app" don't count.

Comment: No Shit (Score 1) 8

Quite relevant for me at the moment, as we stop off for a couple of days in Guangzhou to see the in-laws on our way back to Stockholm. Why the hell is eniro.se blocked? Even more annoying are the sites that are broken because they incorporate Google ads or some CDN that displeases the local authorities in some way or other.

Tip for travellers: When using mobile data via your at-home telco, access appears to be unfiltered. This is true for me, at least, when using Telenor's 500MB/199SEK/7-day offering. Of course, as always, it's a ripoff compared to what I pay at home, and YMMV.

Now if I could only do something about the idiots at the Riksbanken who continue to issue self-congratulations as the krona continues to plummet...

Comment: Re:You have your wish I guess (Score 1) 140

by Zontar The Mindless (#49574335) Attached to: New Privacy Threat: Automated Vehicle Occupancy Detection

Disclaimer: Not yet had coffee this morning.

I would equate "going forward" with "henceforth" or "from now on", that is, starting with the present moment and extending into the foreseeable future, possibly permanently, but at least until some future event mandates a change. "In the future" doesn't necessarily provide a starting point (IMO) other than "sometime later than now", and is even less precise regarding continuity or durability.

So I think you and I are in agreement.

Now... about that coffee...

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