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Comment Re:Stuff that matters to geeks? (Score 1) 83

Eloquent POV. Almost as if you're trying to invision a world where everyone's doing drugs and thus inducing the idea that narcotics are fine. Were you high when you posted? Are you stil? And on what if I may ask? Is it legal? If so, can we get some? Should we get some?

Comment Long term outlook bleak (Score 1) 607

The long term outlook bleak.

Outsourcing may cut costs in the short term. If done well it will also cut costs in the long term. But hardly any outsourcing job gets done well. If the outsourcing company had developed their system well, then they would have had a system that operates at minimal costs and outsourcing wouldn't even be an issue.

I see the following scenario: Cognizant et all will gain bargaining power over their customers and prices will rise. Wages will go up and prices will rise even more. A fine equilibrium will be reached so that outsourcing will not be reversed. Then cockiness will tip the balance and insourcing threats will introduce a period of mistrust and negotiation. Eventually perhaps the tables will turn.

In short: Companies that take their system development seriously will gain over ones that don't. The former will have strong systems that are kept running by a minimal work force -Like us CS dudes actually think is sensible. Make your choice.

Comment Re:My $0.02 (Score 1) 323

Everywhere around the world we the people pay lawmakers. We can expect of them that they do their work. No, demand!

Unlike lobbies the people don't require anything in return for the money, we hand over the cash and maybe complain a bit. The lawmakers will just ignore your empty "demand" or pretend to be outraged while they ignore it.

Outrage merely evokes soothing. Seriousness, determination and persistence is what's needed to induce.

Comment Re:Bias? Or reality? (Score 1) 445

There's more to gifted than IQ. Being able to associate with the mental ranks that differs from yours -in both directions- is vital. As are application and persistence.

For instance, my kid knows he's intelligent but doesn't apply himself and thinks of all possible ways to avoid toiling -or what we would call doing slightly more than average. He'll find out later in life.

Or just now. While I was writing this mail he just got up to go to class and behaved exemplary. Annoying little brat. Never does what I expect he will!

Comment My $0.02 (Score 1) 323

Not pretty, or elegant or sensible, let alone honourable what VW did. I wish for a better environment. VW sort of cheated and I'm not happy about it.

In a legal sense however VW committed crimes when and if they acted against the law. We know that law and common sense do not always coincide.

The questions I have not seen yet are to establish whether case will actually stick. Was it unlawful of VW to rig the tests the way they did? Did laws make make provisions for such rigging? Or did the law provide testing conditions that were actually all met by VW?

Don't want to blindly defend VW. But the lawmakers must also be scrutinised. Crappy laws lead to crappy cases. And in this case I can't see why laws were not there for random testing in normal, day to day circumstances. I mean even a kid could have come up with this.

And then apparently there's might be a loophole.

Everywhere around the world we the people pay lawmakers. We can expect of them that they do their work. No, demand!

Comment Application vs. lib, comp or sys programming (Score 1) 616

With the nose to the grindstone you can code applications. However, coding libs, reusable components or system software is a completely different ball game.

Unfortunately, regardless of how hard it is to write libraries and regardless of how much good libraries boot performance and reduce costs, most attention, fame and money reaches the application programmers.

Comment Practical experience, common sense and policy (Score 1) 198

It is very usual that priorities get inverted. You'd say that one diligently designs the architecture and that afterwards everything is derived from there. But that's hardly ever the case. People in spots where money flows (e.g. sysadmin, sales, purchase) usually have more influence than those who actually matter most in the light of business strategy.

Who will be your boss? Will he back you up? Did you guys actually analyze your business to develop a business strategy? Or do you have policy by decree? What will the guys say that will become redundant as a result of your optimizations?

I hope you will succeed in pushing your company forward; Costs and efficiency are always factors. If you don't have reall backup from the business strategy then you might head towards rubber stamp. You should avoid becoming a scapegoat for the mess the shop is in.

(I say this with long experience as programmer, sysadmin and architect.)

Comment And what about the napkin arrangement? (Score 1) 280

And what about the napkin arrangement? Many hours go into studying origami.

Finally someone takes action! The proprietors of Imbiss will be delighted. EUR 3 for a Bratwurst and a mere EUR 99 for the right to take a picture of the grub. Picture of the way the plastic container is presented? Prices start at EUR 250. Power to the chippies!

Never appeal to a man's "better nature." He may not have one. Invoking his self-interest gives you more leverage. -- Lazarus Long