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Comment So Far, So Good (Score 1) 4

Topicality and quality of the articles seems to be on the way up.

Clickbait and marketspeak pieces seem way down.

*And* it seems they've figured out how to keep APK from crapflooding.

Videobytes is still there, which is annoying, but it's easy enough to scroll past, and it occurs to me there may be a contract involved and we'll just have to wait until it runs out, maybe. On the plus side, I think they've taken away that Promoted Stories/Outbrain thing.

Still waiting to see what happens with Unicode and metamoderation, but--see $subject.

And FWIW, I think I'm inclined to like this new whipslash character. Seems to be talking fairly straight.

Comment Re:Mostly for criminals (Score 1) 110

It's about 1½ times what I paid a couple of years ago to have someone build me an x86_64-based workstation with 8x2 cores (Haswell IIRC), 16GB RAM, a heap-big SSD, and a few other choice goodies.

So... What kind of porn did you say do you like to watch? And what's it worth to you not to have the answer revealed, whether or not you feel like responding to the question?

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