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Comment Re:Comcast giveth and I taketh away (Score 1) 211

We're approaching a point where the only winning move is not to pay; I predict many folks will soon cancel cable and Netflix, and just go back to torrents.

Go back to torrents...?

Some of us were smart enough to see the game for what is is and refused to play in the first place.

Comment Re:Erdogen is an Islamofascist (Score 1) 127

Turkey lies on the (mostly) land route between Europe and the Middle East. (Yes, this is the route the Ottomans followed when they conquered the Balkans.) It lies between the Back Sea (think Russia) and the Med and can easily control sea traffic between the two.

Turkey's value has nothing to do with its own politics and everything to do with geopolitics.

Hopefully, they will never gain entry to the EU unless and until they get rid of Erdogan and his Islamofascist rabble-rousers. Like Putin, Erdogan dreams of the lost days of Empire, and that together with the censorship, trampling free speech, and Armenia denial, does not wash at all well with the EU or most of its citizenry.

Comment Re:having lived in Turkey (Score 2) 127

Turkey has a member of NATO since 1952. They joined before (West) Germany did.

Turkey is in both Asia and Europe. It can control entry to the Black Sea (which contains the Crimea).

NATO called the *North Atlantic* Treaty Organisation because the North Atlantic is what lies between Europe and North America.

Really, if you did too many 'shrooms at school, you can find out all this stuff now with about 10 minutes on Wikipedia.

Submission + - SPAM: Insight: Anti-Muslim Buddhist group moves toward Myanmar\'s mainstream 1

lvbees7 writes: YANGON (Reuters) — Swathed in crimson robes, 77-year-old Ashin Tilawkar Biwonsa shuffles through a crowded conference room with the help of an aide, his supporters standing in respect as he takes a seat at the head of a table under a portrait of his own image.

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Comment Re:His first mistake was changing his lifestyle (Score 1) 801

A lot of my friends already think I'm incredibly wealthy because I live overseas and travel a lot.

What they don't realise is that this lifestyle is possible because I don't spend my money on flashy stuff just to look impressive or because I've been brainwashed by marketing.

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