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Comment: Re:The campfire gave rise to two things (Score 1) 62

by msobkow (#47970219) Attached to: Ancient Campfires Led To the Rise of Storytelling

You can find "proof" of anything you want to on the internet. That doesn't make it true or real. Religion and ghost stories are the fantasies of idle minds, and nothing more. There isn't a single tale of religion that is substantiated by facts, especially Judeo-Christian-Muslim. Oh, sure, Mohammad existed, but he was a freakin' delusional schizophrenic who convinced his followers his fantasies were the "word of God."

Comment: Re:No surprise (Score 2) 218

by msobkow (#47943039) Attached to: Study: Chimpanzees Have Evolved To Kill Each Other

To be fair, most animals don't allow multiple males to lead the herd/pack/whatever, so it's harder for them to form an attack troupe like humans or chimps do. Yes, there are exceptions, but when those packs encounter another pack it's just as vicious a battle. And they will gang up on a lone intruder as well.

I don't think humans or chimps are as "special" as a lot of people would like to believe them to be. We're just tool-using animals at the root of it all.

Comment: I used to have a data center (Score 1) 283

by msobkow (#47942773) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: What's In Your Home Datacenter?

At one point I had 5 machines all networked together, but nowadays you can get enough memory and CPU to install six different database servers on a laptop, so I'm down to one machine. I did have two, but my Linux box recently decided to go tits up so I've shifted everything to my WIndblows 7 laptop instead. Someday I'll buy another box for Linux, but it'll be a long time before I can save enough to buy a new machine -- I have other things that need buying first, and I'm on a disability budget nowadays.

Ah, how I miss the glory days of big-dollar contracting and being able to buy a machine with a bi-weekly paycheque without flinching. :)

Comment: There is a problem with that theory (Score 1) 323

by msobkow (#47942265) Attached to: New Study Projects World Population of 11B by 2100

That theory assumes that growth can be virtually unlimited, when it's not. At this point in time, the only energy source we have that can deal with providing the transportation, food growing, and energy needs of the population is fossil fuels. If we continue using fossil fuels at an ever increasing rate, global warming is going to decimate food production. And millions upon billions are going to starve to death, if we aren't killed off by some plague or a nuclear war first.

Still, it does bother me that the biggest population growth centers are those least capable of supporting an increasing population. That makes the likelihood of wars that much greater.

Comment: It only concerns me in one way (Score 1) 192

by msobkow (#47941381) Attached to: On Independence for Scotland:

It only concerns me in that a separation of Scotland would likely give the Quebec Separatists a second wind and we'd have to put up with their fantasies of keeping Quebec as it is now, keeping the Canadian dollar, and not taking on their share of the national debt. The Quebec separatists have always been in la-la land compared to the rational approach Scotland is following.

Canada has put up with enough nonsense from the separatists in Quebec. Personally I think if they try it again we should just fence off the original Quebec borders and kick the ungrateful fuckers out of the country.

Comment: Not a chance, you crap monsters! (Score 1) 115

by msobkow (#47931109) Attached to: Logitech Aims To Control the Smart Home

I used to be a big Logitech fan. Not any more.

I had one of their trackballs for close to 10 years. I was happy with it and loved it, so I bought a new one when it failed. The new one died in 9 months.

So I bought one of their mice, 'cause I've always had good luck with them. It died in 6 months.

Logitech makes absolute CRAP nowadays. There is no way in hell I'd trust them to keep my house working

Comment: Experience counts (Score 4, Interesting) 232

by msobkow (#47925045) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Have You Experienced Fear Driven Development?

I've seen plenty of "fear driven development" over the years, but the "fear" was usually on the part of incompetent employees who were afraid they'd be caught out as idiots and fired. They'd churn paperwork and documentation rather than touching a line of code, because if they broke something, their incompetence would become apparent.

Fear is the mind killer.

But if you're afraid to do your job, it's because you have a problem with confidence in your own skills. Blaming management for such fears just takes the incompetence you exhibit to a whole new level of blame-gaming.

Comment: Winning the lottery (Score 3, Interesting) 541

by msobkow (#47922841) Attached to: What To Expect With Windows 9

My Windows 7 laptop does everything I need for Windowsy stuff, so I won't be replacing or upgrading it unless I win the lottery.

Sadly, my 10+ year old 3.8GHz Pentium-pre-Core2 box is finally dying, so I'm in the midst of shifting my development and personal stuff over to the laptop. I've used Windows for years as a developer so it's not *too* painful, but I'm going to miss Linux. Linux just *works* without getting in my way; I can't say the same for Windows, even on trivial issues as to which widgets get auto-focused when you open them up (who is the brilliant idiot who came up with the idea that the file browser should focus on that damned library panel instead of the list of files?)

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