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Comment: Do we all owe the janitor credit, too? (Score 1) 144

Were it not for the janitor removing the old papers from his garbage can, his cube/office would have been inundated shortly, causing the whole project to fail. I guess we should credit that janitor with creating a computer revolution, too.

Seriously. The guy was one engineer on a computer system and not part of the BASIC team. How the HELL does anyone conclude from that that we "owe him" credit for anything except participating in the design of an obsolete piece of hardware?

Comment: It's all about the spamvertising (Score 1) 27

Cue the Monty Python skits, 'cause it's all about the spam spam spam spam spam.

Not the content. Not keeping articles current. Not making sure you can share links *outside* Facebook if you so choose.

But spam. Unending, unyielding, inflexible barrages of "advertising".

If they sent out leaflets instead of banner ads, my house would be ceiling deep in the shit, even with AdBlock Plus running.

Comment: NIMBYs suck farts off dead chickens in August (Score 1) 256

NIMBY's suck farts off dead chickens in August. And if you've ever smelt a rotting chicken in the August heat, you know how revolting that is.

The job of a NIMBY is to do whatever they can to obstruct progress. Whether they do it to "protect property values", "save the children", or "stand up for our (religious) rights", they all do the same thing in the end: Say "No" without providing any options.

Every nation in this world is full of conquered peoples. There are more "sacred places" than you can shake a stick at, and I challenge you to pick a direction and walk twenty miles without running into someone's "sacred" place. Yet when is the last time you ever saw them worshipping there?

Yeah. Right.


Comment: Re:Worse? Probably not! (Score 1) 82

by msobkow (#49569715) Attached to: ATT, DirecTV Mega-Merger May Go Through

The funny thing about paranoia is while you're in the throws of it, no one can convince you you're over-reacting. As someone who suffers from bi-polar, I know this first hand.

If you think a satellite TV provider filling in the coverage gap for a land/fiber line based provider is a "bad thing", you need to go see a shrink, get diagnosed, and start taking your meds. Especially considering how long these two companies have already had a service-provider partnership in place.

Comment: Confused (Score 1) 63

by msobkow (#49564571) Attached to: Imagination To Release Open MIPS Design To Academia

...cannot build it into silicon.

Isn't the whole point of an FPGA being able to "burn" a design into a chip rather than "building" it? Are they saying you can only run your modifications through a simulator instead of burning an FPGA to test it?

If so, what's the point of the exercise? Wouldn't it make more sense to have students play with an open sourced or freeware design that they can actually implement and test?

Comment: I can't believe how many sports channels I blocked (Score 1) 329

by msobkow (#49564531) Attached to: ESPN Sues Verizon To Stop New Sports-Free TV Bundles

I'm stunned at how many sports channels I had to block even with basic IPTV from SaskTel here in Saskatchewan, Canada. I have ZERO interest in sports, and I'm kind of pissed off that some of the money I pay is going to support that crap, which I do not and will never watch.

I'd much rather have something like BBC News or BBC1 than a bazillion sports channels.

Comment: More is better (Score 1) 300

Given a choice, more is always better.

Even though my Lenovo Z580 has four USB ports, I often find myself wishing I had a couple more so I wouldn't have to swap devices. In particular, I'd appreciate another USB 3.0 port for an SSD (seeing as the "second" hard drive tray slot is occupied by the DVD drive, which I *do* use.) Sure USB 3.0 isn't as fast as I'd get with SATA, but it'd be a darned sight faster than the 5400RPM drive that's built in to the unit.

Normally I have the printer, mouse, and external HDD plugged in. That leaves one slot for a keyboard (I have no room for another one on my desk, though, so I rely on the built-in keyboard), camera, MP3 player, and charging the ole' eCig.

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