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Comment: Good luck on the geoblocking (Score 1) 137

As long as the media companies can sell the rights to their product to individual companies in other nations, you will never see an end to geoblocking. It's part of the business model of making profit from as many opportunities as possible.

Why would CTV here in Canada pay for the rights to broadcast "Gotham" if Canadians could just watch the internet streams from the US directly? Why would the BBC pay for the rights to broadcast CTV's "Orphan Black" if British citizens could just watch the CTV streams from Canada for free?

It's all about the money, and the "cost" of piracy is a pittance compared to the profits they earn with the current model.

Comment: Be careful of the term "terrorist attack" (Score 4, Insightful) 727

by msobkow (#49343869) Attached to: Germanwings Plane Crash Was No Accident

The fact that no attack occured gives the talking heads leeway to claim there was no "terrorist attack." That does not mean the fellow flying the plane at the time didn't have sympathies for terrorists or had been outright radicalized.

They also hate calling something a "terrorist attack" if there isn't a pre-announced political message for the reasons behind the attack.

Myself, I have a feeling they're going to learn a few things about him during the investigation that they'd rather were not true.

Comment: I want this.... NOT (Score 1) 47

by msobkow (#49341715) Attached to: Dueling Home Automation Systems at SXSW (Video)

Yeah, I want my home automation systems to be dependent on my DSL link so that the furnace can go out if SaskTel hiccoughs.

I want my refrigerator to be hackable from the internet so all my food can spoil.

I want someone who is into doxing to be able to flash my house lights randomly for giggles.

IoT: Just say "No!"

Comment: Re:Stupid is as stupid publishes.... (Score 2) 481

by msobkow (#49337897) Attached to: No, It's Not Always Quicker To Do Things In Memory

Java's "StringBuffer" object can deal with concatenating source code fragments to produce 6 million lines of code in under 8 minutes and write it to a 7200rpm HDD on Linux. Java handles string concatenation quite efficiently if you're using the proper data objects instead of naively doing actual string concatenations that require much more buffer re-allocation than simply extending the end point of a buffer that is periodically reallocated with n extra bytes each time. And that's only on a creaky old P4 3.8GHz with DDR2-800 memory.

I call "bullshit" on the paper.

Comment: What is "offensive"... (Score 3, Interesting) 54

What is "offensive" is politicians who try to censor discontent with their policies and behaviour. I realize it's mere fantasy, but politicians should always be held accountable under both the law and public opinion. They're supposed to be there to represent us, not line their own pockets.

Comment: Even if it's not an *intentional* scam (Score 1) 89

Even if it's not an intentional scam, the numbers, timeline, and science just don't add up. NASA has a lot more experience with this kind of thing, and they're suggesting numbers nearly 20 times as big for a project like this.

I'd trust NASA's experience long before I'd trust some rich guy's wishful thinking. Especially if I were planning to put my life on the line. Not that an overweight 50 year old would qualify for such a project. :P

Comment: Sadly, it's cultural (Score 1, Insightful) 233

Sadly, it's a cultural thing. The first Indian I met was caught with a forged degree from a University he never went to. Over the years as I've gotten to work and know more Indians, I found an endemic culture of cheating on taxes, cheating on business deals, ripping off customers, degrees bought from diploma mills, and most recently, refusing to honour their own restaurant's gift certificates when you tried to cash them in.

Worse, every single one of these individuals bragged about how they "beat the system."

They don't worry that cheating is wrong, just about getting caught. :(

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