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Comment Re:Perl? LOL. (Score 1) 141

Say what you will, but perl is very, very good at parsing text.

Yes, it is. Unfortunately, it isn't maintainable the way the vast majority of programmers use it, and to do that you have to give up quite a large set of its features -- the ones that read like Sanskrit or APL. For that reason, I won't allow it to be used for any of our projects. If speed is an issue, we can always drop to c, which can be *both* maintainable *and* faster than Perl or Python. Because our style requirements don't rule out any language features. Just poor style, such as K&R.

For most anything else Python v2.latest is the obvious choice. Unless you need backwards compatibility (older OS envs), and then Python.notcurrent is the choice.

Comment Re:Perl? LOL. (Score 1) 141

Like I said. Viable.

I used REXX too, BTW. On the Amiga (which would be William S. Hawes's AREXX, of course.) The Amiga OS was the only OS where Rexx was properly integrated, IMO, along with a decent range of applications with ARexx ports you could use. It certainly isn't in Windows or Linux. Don't know about OS2, never dipped a toe in that.

I built an ARexx interface into our Imagemaster application when ARexx first came out, and every Amiga application we did thereafter (my company was one of the most broadly known, and easily one of the most profitable doing software for the Amiga -- small team, great products, proper compensation, great tech support, and only one competitor who was always playing catch-up (ASDG Inc.)), you could do just about anything you could think of with it high-level IPC the way it should be done, and doesn't seem to have been done since then. A real shame. Oh, and as a current OS X user, Apple-script is a horrific, broken kluge by comparison. Again, a real shame.

But viable beyond that... not really. Perl was what the powers that be always seemed to insist on, and Rexx simply didn't have the string handling chops that Perl did, so arguing always pretty much foundered on that point alone.

Today, we have Python, and Perl is not a viable choice in comparison. The only reason to choose Perl now is if you can't, or refuse to, learn a better way. Although there certainly is a lot of that, lol.

Comment Re:Time to drop the prices? (Score 1) 256

The number for nuclear seems right, as the UK government has agreed to guarantee a price of £89.5/MWh for new nuclear plants, but the current wholesale price for electricity in the UK is £44/MWh (from the same source). Given that that's half the cost of all of the generation mechanisms that you describe, I wonder what most of the power is coming from and noticing that oil is conveniently absent from your list. If oil prices keep going up over the next 10 years, then it looks as if nuclear will become a lot more attractive, which is why the government is guaranteeing the price (they're betting that £90/MWh is going to seem cheap by the time the new plants are online).

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