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Comment Re:I live in Chicago, and you HAVE IT WRONG... (Score 1) 200

I would "reasonably" expect children to be present in a school zone an hour before school starts and maybe a couple of hours after school ended.

I wouldn't consider it reasonable to expect children to be present while school was in session -- I mean, they're inside being taught, right?

Exactly my complaint with these zones.

If a playground area is directly adjacent to a road, then there is an argument for enforcing the lower limit through the whole school day on that road.

Otherwise the limit should only be in place during the start and end of the school day.

Comment Re:That's why Windows 10 should have ONLY been 64- (Score 1) 125

There's no reason to limp along with 32-bit hardware in late 2015. Core 2 came out in 2006 and signalled the "fast enough" era we still live in today... anything older is just wasting electricity and time.

Schools and businesses sell off Core 2 hardware for next to nothing. Craigslist will also yield good deals.

Your mother deserves better.

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 2) 168

Instead of having a centrally planned monopoly and trying to determine a "sufficient" budget, I would much rather have competing companies that have to raise funds by convincing skeptical investors, and then have to generate profits by pleasing their customers.

How does that differ from the pre-FDA situation? It would seem problems with that model is exactly why the FDA was created in the first place.

Comment Re:What happened = gambling + sports (Score 1) 95

The skill aspect is more about finding players who are undervaluing by the gambling site's rating system than predicting the future of the actual contests.

A small number of people rake in most of the winnings on these sites, especially since they are allowed into every betting competition on the site.

Comment Re:Stop with the Crapper myth! (Score 1) 330

The effect of malaria eradication is significantly higher IQ for a majority of people who are no longer exposed to it prenatally. The effect of higher IQ on the economy and technological progress can hardly be overstated. It makes the entire difference in the wealth of nations.

Indeed. The large increase and then decrease in criminality in many countries during the last 50 years appears to linked to the increase and then decrease to lead exposure from leaded gasoline.

Comment Re:Truly disruptive (Score 1) 330

This isn't how it works. People move to where there is economic opportunity and business interests that pay wages encourage this because it increases job competition and lowers average compensation.

Places like San Francisco are certainly not underpopulated, but people move their seeking economic benefit.

Neoliberalism is the link that combines all the countries experiencing influx together, not contraception.

Comment Re:Truly disruptive (Score 1) 330

One of the biggest problem in Brazil is that people use credit cards for survival necessities like food, so they are never economically free.

This isn't really down to individual choice, it's systematically encouraged by modern money supply flows. A significant number of people not being in debt would entirely disrupt the current system.

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