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Comment: Re:Simple, block all ads (Score 2) 92

Ad Blocking software allows them to show and always has. And that is because they are unobtrusive and not annoying.

All of my browsers have some kind of ad-block technology in them. And the Google text ads show just fine, thank you.

False with regards to Adblock Plus.

Comment: Re:Advertised on YouTube? (Score 1) 92

I'll always leave adblock enable on those sites that make (empty) threats. Everything on the 'Net has an alternative source, and users smart enough to use adblock are smart enough to find alternative sources.

If they ask nicely to show ads, like DuckDuckGo does, then I may allow them through.

Comment: Re:Eisenhower tried to warn us. (Score 2) 364

by mister_playboy (#47420431) Attached to: The Pentagon's $399 Billion Plane To Nowhere

Drawing comparisons to WWII is ironic, because the F-35 program is exactly the kind of program that the US did not invest in during the war. A program that consumed lots of resources on the promise of radical advances without delivering anything actually useful onto the battlefield now.

Germany in contrast, spent lots of time on such projects even into the final desperate days.

Comment: Re:Stop throwing good money after bad. (Score 0) 364

by mister_playboy (#47420357) Attached to: The Pentagon's $399 Billion Plane To Nowhere

Yes, let's kept paying the crony capitalists lest we be left defenseless. So many people have been nonchalant about the economic damage this system has caused to our country, so I can only hope the security damage is more successful in grabbing their attention.

Even if this project met its goals, it would still be extremely underwhelming... especially on cost-benefit analysis. Starting over is the right choice.

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