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Comment: Re:Obsessed with keeping government out of busines (Score 1) 289

by mister_playboy (#49721669) Attached to: North Carolina Still Wants To Block Municipal Broadband

USPS has given all sorts of indication it cannot get along with UPS/FedEx.

UPS and FexEx drop off truckloads of packages at local post offices for final delivery by USPS every single day. The terms used for this service are SurePost and SmartPost, respectively.

Comment: Re:Why Gnome? (Score 1) 49

by mister_playboy (#49244059) Attached to: The Role of a Nonprofit In Open Source Development

Agreed... the best Linux desktop experience is at Xfce.

As long as you have no need for tear-free video playback, anyway.

Don't get me wrong, I've got XFCE on one my own machines. But still having this sort of show-stopper issue in 2015, on open source Intel graphics no less, is embarrassing to Linux.

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