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Comment: Re:gaming rig (Score 1) 55

by mister_playboy (#47807369) Attached to: AMD Releases New Tonga GPU, Lowers 8-core CPU To $229

I'd say just a new GPU would be fine. I use an Asus 770GTX and can play everything I've tried on max settings @1440p, so you should fine @1080p.

The 770 doesn't take advantage of the higher power efficiency parts in the newest Nvidia generation, but the price on some of the variants is quite good. Newegg has a Zotac verison for $275:

The 280X can be picked up for a little less, bit it uses more power and is louder from what I have read.

Comment: Re:Is this the missing "dark matter"? (Score 5, Informative) 85

No, the amount of missing matter is far to great to be contained in such small objects even if they were incredibly numerous.

Consider the entire mass of the asteroid belt is estimated to be only 4% of the Moon's mass, and the Moon's mass is only 1/81 of the Earth's.

Dark matter, meanwhile, is thought to have a total mass more than 5 times greater than that of normal matter.

Comment: Re:Graphical terminal (Score 1) 68

by mister_playboy (#47685715) Attached to: Google Brings Chrome OS User Management To Chrome

What is the point of using remote resources when local resources are so cheap for non-businesses? The 60's model was based on the economic realities of computing being unaffordable for most people. That is not the case today.

Why do people who often don't even store 100GB of data on their own computers need everything sent into "the cloud"?

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It seems to me that the closest analogy to this test would be our sense of balance. Our reaction to tipping over is mostly unconsciously controlled and happens faster than our normal movements.

Balance is processed in the inner ear and eyes giving about a short a signal path as is possible for us.

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