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Comment: Re:I can kinda see it (Score 1) 126

That game actually supported the PS mouse, but it worked OK with a controller.

The biggest problem was slowdown, unlike newer C&C console games there was no unit cap so Skirmish games often turned into a slow morass.

Buggy unit pathfinding on harvesters often led them to get stuck on walls or buildings and that caused massive slowdown... using the nuke cheat to blow them up was a quick fix. :)

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Our 4770Ks will still have much better performance per dollar than these E-chips.

I'm not happy to find that we got gimped out of VT-d by buying the current top chip, however. Being able to (possibly) run Windows only in a VM for gaming while using Linux as the host would be awesome.

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by mister_playboy (#46377453) Attached to: Free (Gratis) Version of Windows Could Be a Reality Soon

So basically if you pirate Win 7 you have to turn off Windows update.

There is one specific update you have to not download from Windows Update to avoid having your install become non-genuine, and that is made trivial by using the "hide update" feature. You can otherwise update as normal.

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