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Comment: Re:Don't mess with Texas (Score 1) 960

by mirix (#49617287) Attached to: Two Gunman Killed Outside "Draw the Prophet" Event In Texas

European rate is more around 1/100k if you don't count ex-Soviet Union (esp Russia). Which isn't the Western European Liberal gun grabbing place you love to hate.

Belarus 5.1
Bulgaria 1.9
Czech Republic 1.0
Hungary 1.3
Poland. . 1.2

Moldova 6.5
Romania 1.7
Russia 9.2
Slovakia 1.4
Ukraine 4.3
Denmark 0.8
Estonia 5.0
Finland 1.6
Greenland 19.4 (not sure what that's about).
Iceland 0.3
Ireland 1.2

Latvia 4.7
Lithuania 6.7
Norway 2.2 ( If one discounts the single anomalous terrorist attack of 2011, the homicide rate in Norway falls to 0.6)
Sweden 0.7
United Kingdom 1.0

Albania 5.0
Andorra 1.3
Bosnia and Herzegovina 1.3
Croatia 1.2
Greece 1.7
Italy 0.9
Kosovo 3.6
Malta 2.8
Montenegro 2.7
Portugal 1.2
San Marino 0.7
Serbia 1.2
Slovenia 0.7
Spain 0.8
Macedonia 1.4
Austria 0.9
Belgium 1.6
France 1.0
Germany 0.8
Liechtenstein 0.0
Luxembourg 0.8
Monaco 0.0
Netherlands 0.9
Switzerland 0.6

It would be even lower if you throw out warsaw pact and yugoslavia, which again, are not really what you are talking about. Most major Western European countries are 1/5th the murder rate of US or less.

Comment: Re: Prefer support (Score 1) 275

It isn't like any polynesians had a navy capable of transporting the people and resources needed to conquer the islands. Nor was there economic value in such an endeavor. Refugees and explorers showing up and assimilating? Absolutely. A conquering force? Not a chance.

Maori didn't quite conquer New Zealand that way (there was no-one to conquer it from), but they definitely did assemble a fleet large enough to be an invasion force.

Comment: Re:If this were in Europe (Score 1) 960

Just FYI, Texas and its balls are largely a creation of a PR campaign. Even as far as "keep your guns" goes, Texas is not the most gun-friendly state in the union, nor the one with most people carrying. It's just the one that people think of first when they hear "guns", and vice versa.

Comment: Re:The nature of any polygamous religion (Score 1) 960

Historically, it's actually the other way around - the reason why Islam (and other religions and cultures similar in that respect) has provisions for polygamy in the first place is because it started as a rather warlike religion with inevitable casualties among the young males who shoulder the burden of the war. It's also why polygamy is not generally encouraged in Islam, and was originally promoted by Muhammad as a means to ensure that all those widowed females have a caretaker. Of course, over time it simply evolved into more wives for richer people, but that's a different conversation.

Comment: Re:Money! (Score 1) 273

That makes little sense. If money is what you're after, the very LAST thing you should do it try to dig into climate change. Let alone finding proof for it. If money is what you want, you should slap together some research in a field that is under less scrutiny and where there are bigger stakeholders willing to pump money your way as long as you prove them right. Genetically altered crops, and how safe they are would be a great field. Less controversy and big players with deep pockets that would certainly love to have "scientifically proven" how their stuff is great for you and your health.

Comment: So, essentially, (Score 2) 46

It's the same kind of self-censorship going on that we have here. With the difference that here you're just being inconvenienced 'til you go out of business or bend over instead of being shot, of course. So, yes, we're still "more free" than them.

But it's also a reminder that "more" is not necessarily more than "much"...

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