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Comment Re:The cost of doing business (Score 4, Insightful) 215

This assumes customers will always pay whatever is asked for them. If TW could charge more, they already would.

Also, a tax deduction doesn't mean it's free for them. All it means they get to substract $229,500 from their taxable income. They still have to pay $229,500 out of their pocket.

Comment Re:Kickstarter campaign to fix the overlord proble (Score 1) 124

And then what? Slashdot needs money on a regular basis.

Slashdot would need a way of getting enough people to pay to sustain itself, and that seems tricky. The audience is tech savvy with adblock and other places like reddit offer more value and still have trouble earning money.

Comment Disappointing (Score 4, Informative) 104

What I thought from the description is that a neural network was taught how to play Magic and somehow generated new cards by trying to play with them. Think for instance of a program that tries to come up with a new chess piece by coming up with a movement pattern, playing games with that piece and trying to figure out whether it'd be useful or interesting to play with.

This on the other hand looks like something like a markov chain generator. Amusing nonsense that can give humans fun ideas.

Comment Re:Fuck 'em (Score 0) 422

Sure, it's a net win. The assets will be sold, and the employees will be paid their severance package. They also get paid for unused vacation days, and after the vacation days are over they also get paid unemployment benefits.

You seem to be suggesting that failing to pay what is owed to some (and maybe more than the initially laid off people if they would have run out of money later anyway) would somehow have been better.

Comment Re:I don't really buy it (Score 1) 422

The most likely reason why they got sued and lost is because they screwed up something related to the layoffs.

My impression is that in Europe people are generally less litigious than in America, but the employment laws have big, sharp teeth and it's very unwise for employers to try to ignore them.

Comment I don't really buy it (Score 2) 422

If that was it, they didn't have much left to live. Sure, if you ignore laws and costs, you can make a business profitable that otherwise wouldn't be, but you don't get to ignore what you owe.

Now I'm not familiar with the laws in France, but in general I expect this was something like not paying a severance package, or not giving adequate advance notice. Those things are part of doing business and any employer should know about them. You can't just pretend they don't apply to your company.

Comment Re:Attempting with existing title was a mistake (Score 3, Insightful) 239

Steam has to handle payments, deal with the mod authors, do some kind of policing and support (minimal as it might be), host the mods on their servers, and somebody had to develop the functionality to support this.

30% might be excessive, but as far as Steam taking a cut at all it does make sense.

Comment Re:Rent seeking all the way down. (Score 1) 239

The Microsoft assets used are minimal? Look at Wine and how much work it took to get to a point where it can be halfway useful. You know why that is? Because the things that Windows provides to the application are far from minimal.

A game might not care much about the Windows UI, but many years of work went into making the Windows kernel and DirectX into what they are today. Those are not simple bits of code.

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