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Comment: Re:Don't mess with Texas (Score 1) 1097

by mirix (#49617287) Attached to: Two Gunman Killed Outside "Draw the Prophet" Event In Texas

European rate is more around 1/100k if you don't count ex-Soviet Union (esp Russia). Which isn't the Western European Liberal gun grabbing place you love to hate.

Belarus 5.1
Bulgaria 1.9
Czech Republic 1.0
Hungary 1.3
Poland. . 1.2

Moldova 6.5
Romania 1.7
Russia 9.2
Slovakia 1.4
Ukraine 4.3
Denmark 0.8
Estonia 5.0
Finland 1.6
Greenland 19.4 (not sure what that's about).
Iceland 0.3
Ireland 1.2

Latvia 4.7
Lithuania 6.7
Norway 2.2 ( If one discounts the single anomalous terrorist attack of 2011, the homicide rate in Norway falls to 0.6)
Sweden 0.7
United Kingdom 1.0

Albania 5.0
Andorra 1.3
Bosnia and Herzegovina 1.3
Croatia 1.2
Greece 1.7
Italy 0.9
Kosovo 3.6
Malta 2.8
Montenegro 2.7
Portugal 1.2
San Marino 0.7
Serbia 1.2
Slovenia 0.7
Spain 0.8
Macedonia 1.4
Austria 0.9
Belgium 1.6
France 1.0
Germany 0.8
Liechtenstein 0.0
Luxembourg 0.8
Monaco 0.0
Netherlands 0.9
Switzerland 0.6

It would be even lower if you throw out warsaw pact and yugoslavia, which again, are not really what you are talking about. Most major Western European countries are 1/5th the murder rate of US or less.

Comment: Re:rpi comparison (Score 1) 41

by mirix (#49427925) Attached to: Armstrap Claims to Make ARM Prototyping Easier (Video)

They're also awesome. Think of them like the AVR or PIC with more.. everything. More RAM. More ROM. More IO. More interfaces, both type and quantity. More Hz. Same price, they work with GCC.

I've been getting STM32s from china for cheaper than the basic AVRs on an arduino (not sure how, as even qty 1000 is like 4x the price on digikey, but they work like the real thing, so who knows?!).

I used to love AVRs, but whenever I go back to them now, they seem so limited. the ARM MCUs have a bit of a learning curve, but it's so worth it. With GCC and libopencm3, it's an entirely open source setup. The nucleo boards are dirt cheap arduino-ish things, to get started on, with integrated programmer & debugger.

There's really no reason to use 8bit MCUs anymore, unless you're making a $0.40 gadget, and need to squeeze out that last nickel.

Comment: Re:USB was no longer standard either (Score 1) 392

by mirix (#49231121) Attached to: Does USB Type C Herald the End of Apple's Proprietary Connectors?

Price. Why spend $4 where $0.05 will do, and will likely never fail anyway? It's a last ditch protection system, not really something that should be tripping all the time.

That said, it used to be fairly common to have breakers on a couple circuits (headlights, for one).

In addition to cost, I'd suppose reliability might be a second consideration. Breakers have contacts in them, which with enough vibration and temperature/humidity cycling might fail, I guess... whereas a fuse has none.

What else.. fuses are faster, better current breaking capacity for DC (at least at this price point). I'd guess the tempco might be better too. (the trip point both devices moves with ambient temperature).

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