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Comment: They're in the slow-start phase (Score 1) 465 465

Right now electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids are in the slow-start phase of growth. Technology is still new and costs a lot, and charging infrastructure is not yet 100% here.

However, we have made an amazing amount of progress already. I bought a Tesla about a month ago and I already have 5000 miles on its odometer, mostly from road trips. Most of the road trips required no planning at all thanks to the supercharger network ( http://supercharge.info/ ) that is already available. Some road trips required a bit more planning (checking for available Tesla destination charging or slow-chargers in hotels) but so far I had no problems with reaching a desired destination. And most of this infrastructure has been built during the last 3 years!

In 5 years once there are several affordable competing models with 300 miles of range and several supercharger networks, the real question for many people will be: "Why should I buy a gasoline car?"

Comment: Re:LOX ... pure liquid oxygen (Score 1) 87 87

Yeah, we've all heard that tearful story about a worker dropping a wrench on asphalt and dying of explosion because someone spilled oxygen on it earlier. We tried to replicate that back we were students and even if you use pure tar mixed with porous sand, it just does not explode. It does not even burn unless you ignite it with a blowtorch.

How did we get liquid oxygen? Easy. Just use liquid nitrogen to condense it from air. One large dewar of LN2 nets you about 2 liters of LOX.

Comment: Re: Nothing that money can't buy (Score 4, Interesting) 65 65

Which 'Hawaiians'? This group most certainly does not represent the majority of Hawaiians, nobody has elected them. They don't even represent the majority of natives, since they are not organized in a simple hierarchical way (unlike continental Native American tribes). I predict that the case will be dismissed for the lack of standing, eventually.

So yeah, these 'prote$ter$' can go and fuck themselves with a genetically modified papaya.

Comment: Re: that's funny... (Score 1) 368 368

There's EVERYTHING wrong with this model. Apple uses its dominant position to undercut competition which can't just strong-arm musicians into allowing them to provide a 'free 3-month trial'. This is kind of behavior which is called 'damping' and is illegal.

Comment: Re:Grand opening! (Score 1) 97 97

Yes, they retrieve a special page or DNS name to verify that you actually control the domain. In essence, they do a three-way handshake using HTTP web pages instead of TCP packets.

However, once you establish the domain ownership, you don't need these special pages anymore - instead you'll use a self-signed certificate to authenticate to the "Let's Encrypt" servers for all operations (which include certificate revocation). No need for them to poll anything.

As far as I understand, the authentication should last for several months and certificates will be issued for a fairly short period (months to 1 year), so you'll have to periodically re-authenticate yourself to renew your certificates. But again, in this case you personally initiate the exchange - EFF won't simply do polling on their own.

Comment: Re:Grand opening! (Score 1) 97 97

Yes. And they most definitely DO NOT need continuous access. The 'software' you're speaking about is simply a set of scripts to handle the domain ownership verification and certificate issue. It doesn't need access to anything but your HTTPD configuration files and/or DNS.

Comment: Re:Grade: F (Score 1) 346 346

Fierce competition for fares, for one thing. That includes things like fights between drivers, picking people up on the wrong side of the street, dangerous driving so you get to the fare first, etc.

Uhm.. So I guess the medallions didn't help, seeing the way cabbies drive these days.

Comment: Re:California (Score 1) 346 346

Bullshit. Total bullshit. The amount of water diverted to delta is less than 10% of the required to compensate for the shortfall. Even if all the water were to be diverted to agricultural megacorps, starving salmon fisheries and other ecosystems - it still won't stop the drought.

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