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Comment: Crows are smart (Score 1) 87

by mirix (#46610661) Attached to: Crows Complete Basic Aesop's Fable Task

Reminds me somewhat of this project, which trains crows to trade objects (coins, in this implementation) for food. I've been meaning to build something similar at some point. :-)

I haven't decided what to get them to do for the food. Cash isn't used much here, so they'll have a hard time finding quarters. I was thinking pop or beer bottle lids, or something similar to that, would be good. That way they trade an abundant trash source for food, and clean up at the same time.

Though I suppose it could lead to the unintended effect of them getting into dumpsters to cheat the system, if they're smart enough...

I think ravens are supposed to be even more intelligent?

Comment: Re:Reassembling the Soviet Union (Score 1) 309

by mirix (#46497137) Attached to: Russia Blocks Internet Sites of Putin Critics

Well, to be fair South Ossetia was autonomous oblast (region) within Georgian SSR. So when Georgia left USSR, S. Ossetia should have been free to stay in USSR / leave Georgia - which instead commuted it's autonomy and instigated the first war there.

More or less the same deal in Abkazhia, except it had even higher status (ASSR, autonomous republic). I think in the early years it was a full blown SSR, even.

Comment: Re:Meanwhile, back in America (Score 1) 284

by mirix (#46088505) Attached to: Chinese Moon Rover Says an Early Goodnight

It still amazes me they went from 'first thing from earth to crash into the moon' in 1959, to a soft landing in 1966, or soft landings with transmissions from venus in 1970.

The fact that anything could land on venus and transmit home for an hour is pretty amazing, really. Atmospheric pressure is something like 92 atm, temperature is 450C, it's all CO2 with clouds of sulphuric acid... incredible anything survives that, and radios home!

Comment: Re:Instagram didn't replace Kodak (Score 1) 674

by mirix (#45895093) Attached to: The Internet's Network Efficiencies Are Destroying the Middle Class

Heh, yup. There was a time when Nokia was the world's largest "camera" producer. Not competition with DSLRs, but they replaced the instamatic for sure.

Which is kinda... not really true. Kodak had long lost consumer camera market anyway. Instamatic was the last popular consumer camera they made, as near as I can remember, and they're older than me.

I'm sure they still made good coin on film and industrial/scientific stuff, though.

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