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Comment: Behold the bluescreen watch! (Score 5, Funny) 172

by miknix (#48185799) Attached to: Microsoft Gearing Up To Release a Smartwatch of Its Own

Wait no more, with this new windows watch you will be able to make pauses during your work and stare a wonderful 8-bit blue.
No need to wait for the 16h to drink your tea, with the windows watch you get random bluescreens every time!

Now available with the new RandomFunctionEx32! It is random 7.9999 times in 8!

Call now, and get a free copy of Windows 10 Fisher price edition!

Comment: Re: With all this progress on HIV, (Score 1) 64

by miknix (#47513823) Attached to: Researchers Successfully Cut HIV DNA Out of Human Cells

The thing is that as horrible as it may sound, cancer is part of evolution. When there is a genetic mutation, there is high change it turns out into just cancer but it can also turn out into another eye color, or immunity against a virus. If you put a CRC into our genome, then we could never evolve genetically anymore. But then, well, some say our natural process of genetic evolution stopped the moment we learned to change the genome.

Comment: Re:This article is a load of PR bullsh*t (Score 1) 102

by miknix (#46960035) Attached to: Netcraft: Microsoft Closing In On Apache Web Server Lead

From TFA [1]:

Apache's position is much stronger when considering only Active Sites — it retains an absolute majority of 52.3%, and second place is held by nginx (14.4%), rather than Microsoft (11.3%). By excluding much of the automatically-generated content present on the internet, the Active Sites metric better reflects web server market share amongst human-maintained web sites. (emphasis by me)


Comment: Re:This article is a load of PR bullsh*t (Score 5, Interesting) 102

by miknix (#46959987) Attached to: Netcraft: Microsoft Closing In On Apache Web Server Lead

Please mod parent up.

What a load of PR bullshit this article is. If people actually care reading the netcraft results [1], you will see that in ACTIVE WEBSITES the Microsoft webserver is falling below 12% during the last two years, while Apache has been well over 50%, despite all other webservers gaining place (Nginx for example).


Comment: Re:A cat (Score 1) 800

by miknix (#46938287) Attached to: Autonomous Car Ethics: If a Crash Is Unavoidable, What Does It Hit?

There's nothing worse than seeing an animal suffer, even if that animal is considered by many to be vermin.

That's why the car ethics algorithm, besides heading into the cat, need to accelerate as well. :D

[Disclaimer: Although I dislike cats as a pet, I respect them as animals and would never (and have never) hurt them.)]

Comment: Re: How much RAM? (Score 1) 197

by miknix (#44772845) Attached to: Tiny $45 Cubic Mini-PC Supports Android and Linux

Aha, the UI was in Portuguese. I thought the language depended on your login and was not hard-coded into the blog, guess not!
Regarding not being able to leave a comment there, can you provide more info? I checked through all the settings and everything seems fine. You just need a Google or OpenID login.

The keyboard (YAMAHA PSR E-333) has a generic USB MIDI connection (no wave audio, just midi), it works perfectly with the usbmidi kernel module and is shown as a bidirectional MIDI device in ALSA. I can record MIDI events from the keyboard using (for example) Rosegarden and also use the keyboard as a general midi output (instead of timidity++). For someone who just started messing with this, I find it pretty cool.
By the way, since ALSA is also used in Linux/ARM, I expect that it will work the same way.

I was wondering if I could actually use my phone (since it has a MHL connection) instead of a beagleboard/cubepc/raspi. The thing is I need both the HDMI and USB ports but they are both in the same connector : \

Comment: Re: How much RAM? (Score 1) 197

by miknix (#44754769) Attached to: Tiny $45 Cubic Mini-PC Supports Android and Linux

I was not planning creating one but maybe that would be cool. I'll setup something tonight then,. I'll drop the link here, maybe you guys have some good ideas.

Basically I want rosegarden and timidity to work. I didn't check yet if rosegarden can be built for ARM. Timidity can be built for ARM.
Regarding the distribution, I'm going to create something dedicated using Gentoo.

  Then I'll need to find a good input device. I thought about using a cheap resistive touch panel over the LCD. But maybe that's not the best. A mouse is out of the question.

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