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Comment Re:GOOD GRIEF! (Score 1) 570

It gets worse than that really. For example, most 100% fruit pulp juices need to be pasteurized so that they can be stored for longer in containment tanks before distribution. Some fruits (like orange) completely lose their flavor after pasteurization so the juice producers add artificial flavors to the juice after pasteurization to make it taste again like the original fruit... Ever wondered why all 100% orange pulp juices taste the same? Well now you have your answer, all juice brands pretty much use the same flavoring colorant...

Comment Re:I still want one (Score 2) 172

This is a product for morons who lack the ability to think critically: No more, no less.

You don't know anything about what you are talking about! I'm using these batterisers with my CD rewinder device right now and it allows to rewind 5 more CDs using a single battery! How great is this?

Comment Re:Exactly, here is an analogy (Score 1) 280

Also, from Uber itself:

These terms and conditions ("User Terms") apply to your visit to and your use of our website at (the "Website"), the Service and the Application (as defined below), as well as to all information, recommendations and/or services provided to you on or through the Website, the Service and the Application.

I wonder what is this "the Service" they keep talking about? :)

Comment Re:Exactly, here is an analogy (Score 1) 280

If I can give car rides to whoever I want, then I will. I'll even charge for gas. I should, I paid for it. The "others" I offer it to are my co-workers, or people who work in the same area. Now, I want you to notice the distinction between a service and a fucking carpool, and explain to me why both are legal, but only one is highly regulated. Break both of them down, and they're the same damn thing.

The way I see it, the difference is that in a service, the receiving party has the expectancy of a certain minimum quality for the service. I also do carpool and I also charge for the gas, the big difference is that I do not advertise my carpool as a service. For example, if I make a commitment to transport a certain individual with me in my car and at the scheduled hour I do not show up, I do not have any explanations to make to the other person. Sure, I'll come through as a f**king a***ole to the other one but that's it.
Question, in Uber, if the Uber taxi does not show up, aren't you going to complain? Isn't there a service put into place to answer those complaints? Well, for me that ends our discussion, doesn't it?

Comment Re:Exactly, here is an analogy (Score 1) 280

And it's hilarious you try and bring up the food industry as an example. What would you do if they decided to bring "regulation" to the food processing industry in the US? Suddenly, you would have to actually pay employees a real (read: regulated) salary to pick tomatoes rather than paying substandard rates to illegal migrant workers, and your produce would be $20/pound as a result.

I would not do anything, I do not live in the US, I do not care.

Where I live, the regulation works and prevents people from dying due to bad food production practices. It also forces food companies to produce food that meets minimum quality standards.
Yes, I pay premium price for my quality fruit and meat, I prefer that way than to start eating food that is half plastic and half chemicals.

Believe me we ARE thinking of this nonsense. We're more thinking how the fuck did this nonsense get to the level it is today with regulation for regulation's sake. You know, like the fact that we have laws wrapped around giving another human being a ride in a car...

You can give car rides to whoever you want, the moment you start making it a service to the others then your service must be regulated.
(notice the distinction between service and favour?)

Comment Behold the bluescreen watch! (Score 5, Funny) 172

Wait no more, with this new windows watch you will be able to make pauses during your work and stare a wonderful 8-bit blue.
No need to wait for the 16h to drink your tea, with the windows watch you get random bluescreens every time!

Now available with the new RandomFunctionEx32! It is random 7.9999 times in 8!

Call now, and get a free copy of Windows 10 Fisher price edition!

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