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Comment So Sure Are You? Howabout this source? (Score 1) 208

Fast radio bursts: the observational case for a Galactic


Further, we re-analyze the probability that two FRBs recently discovered 3 years apart within the same radio be am are unrelated. Contrary to other claims, we conclude with 99% confidence that the
two events are from the same repeating source.

Comment Hope they fund Fast Radio Burst searches as well (Score 4, Interesting) 208

We currently have a list of 11 FRBs (Fast Radio Bursts), two of them are almost certainly from the same source, FRB 110220 and FRB 140514, as can be seen from their detected locations.

I posted in my journal we should be on the look out for a repeat on August 6, 2017 (if from an intelligent source), however it could be any integer fraction of 1179 days and 15 hours added to May 14, 2014 if we missed some pulses.

I also find it odd we haven’t nabbed any new pulses since 2014, when we are searching more closely for them.

User Journal

Journal Journal: First Contact, FRB 170806, Mark Your Calendar

August 6, 2017 could be a momentous day - this could be the day we have definitive proof of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.

We currently have a list of 11 FRBs (Fast Radio Bursts), two of them are almost certainly from the same source, FRB 110220 and FRB 1401514, as can be seen from their detected locations.

FRB 110220 2011/02/20 01:55:48.957 22h34' -12deg 24'

Comment Time for a Rant (Score 1) 297

I once tried to back up my windows 7 laptop to a external hard-drive. It continuously failed with no good explanation as to why. Turns out The external-drive which was 2 TB had a different sector size than the laptop’s 200 MB. WTF Microsoft?!? You can’t bother to be more explicit that you need to have the right sector size before a huge backup that several hours later fails??? And even then doesn’t tell you why it failed?

I lost several hours trying to find the cause of the problem, and never did do the backup because I lacked a small or properly formatted drive. Yes this could overcome I’m sure with some re-partitioning – but why should an operation that Microsoft so shrilly reminds you to do, be so hard to do?

Comment And Yet... (Score 2) 80

While not "Officially" Codified as a Capital Crime, it is often sanctioned and applied by the state.

Apostasy in the Islamic Republic of Iran

From Wikipedia on Apostasy "Iran – illegal (death penalty)"

The catch here is it is often applied under the broad umbrella "blasphemy."

What else makes my journal entry a rant? Who is being more intellectually dishonest here?

Do you stand corrected that the death penalty is often given in Iran for apostasy, or do you have some evidence to the contrary proving that the hundreds of links from sources like wikipedia.org, et al are Western propaganda?

Rant implies it is not a well justified set of accusations and denouncements. As stated in the letter I have no truck with followers of Islam who allow those around them to believe and live as they want.

Statistics means never having to say you're certain.