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Comment I'm guessing both. (Score 5, Insightful) 115

Increasing Memory Speeds 1000x will not lead to a straight 1000x increase in operations. There are undoubtedly other bottles necks in processing. What for instance is the theoretical max throughput of the memory interface used (is it a modified SSD interface)? What CPU overhead is involved? Don't expect your computer to perform 1000x better across the board just because one component is 1000x faster.

Comment Things will sort themselves out (Score 2) 397

One, it is unclear from having read the article exactly what level of automation the author is railing against. There is a huge amount of experimentation on the part of the major players in this race and likely several levels of automation will arrive nearly simultaneously. The best approach will tend to win out in the market. Its not like it will be suddenly all totally automated cars and an “OMG we made the wrong choice” scenario.

Likely we will evolve into fully automated as more and more cars become automated. Eventually it will reach a tipping point where the government needs/wants all the human drivers off the roads for safety and efficiency -- when this happens, driving laws and automated enforcement of every minor offense will force humans to cede control to automation else be fined into the poor house. The biggest challenge to fully automated cars will be dealing with unpredictable humans. The mixed environment for the next 2-3 decades will be quite challenging for all involved.

Comment Explain? (Score 1) 1165

and defeat the purpose of the 2nd amendment

With registration you can still have guns, so what is the purpose you refer to? The "A well regulated Militia the" part? We have a national defence agency that doesn't rely on guys with muskets any more. I don't see a no registration clause to the amendment in any event.

Comment For the Record (Score 2, Interesting) 1165

Oregon has some of the Nation’s most liberal gun laws Gun Laws in Oregon

I personally do not advocate the total abolition of guns, but in light of the repeated incidents of gun violence and mass shoots, it would seem to make sense to review what works and what doesn’t work in preventing these sad events.

For those that support total bans, this put those in areas where police protection or assistance is miles away at an awful disadvantage to criminals.

For those that resist even the most minimal of background checks and waiting periods, you are so devoted to your Gun ideology that you can’t see there is a middle ground that can save lives.

For those that scream we need to be able to stop authoritarian governments should things go wrong, that boat had sailed sometime in the early 20th Century. You aren’t going effect political change with guns – period. This group especially worries me, as they include some of the most rabid bigots you will ever run into, and are convinced the rise of minorities in America is a precursor to the end of times and a plot by the New World Order.

We need to do something better and I’m I’m tending to tighter controls not less.

Comment Even 1 wpm can be a godsend when your stuck at 0 (Score 1) 26

While I might be able to do 70-80 when concentrating and transcribing, I find I poke along at 30-40 while composing. 6 doesn't sound all that awful for someone so deprived of other sensations and abilities. I think you largely view these things by the alternatives when you're in these situations.

Many would see this as the end of frustration -- not the beginning.

Comment Not surprising and kind of arbitrary (Score 5, Insightful) 45

Almost everything in the solar system built up by accretion. Small bodies aggregate into larger ones by collision. If the bodies have enough mass they coalesce into spherical forms under gravitational attraction.

This comet probably started out has hundreds of bodies (millions, billions, trillions, depending on where you decide the cut off is between body, dust, molecule) -- of which we are focusing on just one of the last, largest collisions.

Comment Because everyone loves selective enforcement (Score 1) 244

The next time they, or anyone in their crews, commit a violent act, the police will come after everyone in the group for whatever offense they can make stick, no matter how petty.

So... minor offenses that good white people can get away with will now be persecuted (with zeal) against minorities mostly. Nothing there that will inflame some community like Ferguson or Baltimore.

Comment Why Nada since 05/14/2015? (Score 1) 27

I have been keeping an eye on FRB reports for the last year or so.
It seems curious there is a lot of news about looking for them, but none detected past 05/14/14, or at least as last posted on wikipedia

Have the programs that detected them in the past been shut down? When do the new programs come online? Usually when there is a hot new science mystery, resources go up in the search not down. Why the dearth of detections? Only 11 since 2001, mostly in 2011 and 2012 (6 of the 11).

Comment Uhmmm... actually sorta yes (Score 2) 449

Sergy Brin went to CTY a program promoted by Johns Hopkins and Princeton. Also affectionately known as Nerd Camp (and the subject of an upcoming movie).

Our daughter is enrolled in CTYOnline and will be going to camp next year. This is a wonderful program. There is no gender/race bias and while somewhat costly, there is financial aid for low income families. However this is a tough program to be admitted to, you need to take special testing, and you better be in the top 2% of the population test score wise.

The real education crisis here in America is that parents just expect the school to do everything for them, and don't challenge their children outside of school. Without extra study and help outside of school especially in math topics and vocabulary, no way would our child have qualified for CTY. Cut down on the TV watching and game playing. Demand a lot of reading and keep your kid at least a grade ahead in math -- that is the way to a secure future. That said our daughter still has time to play with friends and watch all the Disney movies as they come out. We just don't let her rot her brain watching TV 6 hours a day. Its not a total ban on TV, but it's less than an hour a day on average.

Comment Way to take the initiative (Score 5, Insightful) 65

So... some guy in the data-center just take it upon himself to go look up the info on some journalist, ‘cause you know that’s what IT guys do all day long, look up stuff on people with no direction.

The company has very strict
controls and processes around the privacy of customer information, and has appointed a dedicated privacy officer.

So glad they have this in place, seems to be doing a bang up job. I can totally see how some low level employee would totally disregard this to dig up dirt on a Journalist and her accomplices. Because, you know, there’s so much in it for the low level employee.

Comment Inventing New Ways to BLB (Score 1) 130

Be Left Behind (BLB).

Seriously of all the social inequality in the world, this one ranks way down on what it will take to provide equality to people.

I work next to DC in Crystal City and it has a TechShop. Membership seems expensive, and you can see though the windows there are not many members. When you do see people inside you never really see feverish activity inventing the next Roomba or Segway. This whole Maker movement seems to have become a scam. Great for early enthusiasts who created their own clubs to share tools, but now is some slick marketing scheme to make everyone think they can be the next Dean Kamen (and extract money accordingly).

While inexpensive/limited access to Laser Cutting tools and 3D printers may be keeping some good projects from taking off. In general these Maker Fares seem to be using extremely expensive tools for trivial reasons.

In the Early 80’s I designed and built a computer controlled animated sign with TTLs and an Apple ][ computer. I didn’t need some movement to get my inner geek on.

How about we not subsidize Maker Clubs for feel good reasons. People that want to create -- will. Many times a true inventor will find a lower cost way to get the job done than to use an expensive tool he doesn't have access too. And that is often worth far more than the original project.

Comment Re:Wind Wind Everywhere (Score 1) 224

For an AC you are most wise. However it may be a while before the economics of wind-turbines in areas with lower wind currents is practical – it would be intriguing however it there were lanes of wind that worked in an almost binary fashion allowing for more smooth, more continuous output -- it might even been an under-researched idea.

Comment Wind Wind Everywhere (Score 1) 224

And not a gust to reap.

I find it ironic that with 3 Category 4 Hurricanes Developing In Pacific we have a lack of wind. It seems a shame we can’t mine wind in some semi-relocatable way and store the energy in some form like maybe cracking hydrogen from seawater. Similarly for lightning. Seems we let these large energy events pass by without getting some real use out of them.

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