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Comment: I had iLASIK about 11 months ago. (Score 2) 334

by grub (#47525561) Attached to: Laser Eye Surgery, Revisited 10 Years Later

iLASIK is done with all lasers, one to make the flap that was previously done by blade, and the usual LASIK after that. Fewer reported complications than with the older blade style. At my six month checkup I was seeing 20/10 from my left eye and 20/15 from my right. I'm 48 and previously wore progressive lenses. They adjusted my right for a closer focal distance.

It all just works, I love it.

Comment: Re:On fundamentalists (Score 1) 13

by insanecarbonbasedlif (#47524949) Attached to: Chronicle: New girl on the block oddity.

I hope i am not making judgement calls in the JE. I just wanted to convey my state of mind.

No, didn't sound judgmental to me, just wanted to offer my view of how diverse the mores of American Evangelical Fundamentalists can be (my view from having been in a fundamentalist community for a long time).

I would have expected a high correlation between the the Conservative Dress bucket and Non-Believers bucket.

I think there is a correlation so your expectation is justified, but there are all sorts of surprises from individual sects.

I also wonder about that cursing thing. She was scared of me thinking i might curse her. Where did that even come from?

That is very strange, who knows whether it was just childish imagination, doctrine or culture from the home or the church, or what?

Comment: Irony is so thick here... (Score 3, Informative) 225

by roman_mir (#47520039) Attached to: The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a Terrorist

On the page 48 of this document

3.18.1 destruction of aircraft or aircraft facilities .....
3.18.13 damaging a protected computer used in interstate or foreign commerce or that is used exclusively by a financial institution or the United States Government ...
3.18.18 damage to Government property
3.18.19 destruction of communication lines, stations, or systems ...

Well, AFAIC under these definitions the IRS are terrorists.

3.18.29 the use of weapons of mass destruction ...
3.18.34 harboring TERRORISTS
3.18.35 providing material support to TERRORISTS
3.18.36 providing material support to terrorist organizations
3.18.37 financing TERRORISM
3.18.38 receiving military-type training from a FTO
3.18.39 torture
3.18.40 developing, transfering, possessing, or threatening to use atomic weapons ...
3.18.46 manufacturing, distributing, or possessing controlled substances intending to provide anything of pecuniary value to a FTO, member, or group

Under these definition USA government is a terrorist organization.

<< WAIT >>