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Comment: Re:Share your "encryption network" with Suckerberg (Score 1) 126

by grub (#49822071) Attached to: Facebook Now Supports PGP To Send You Encrypted Emails
Anyone who encrypts mail to me does it from their own machines. This is for Facebook mail to you. If a user grabs your keys they can also send you mail directly without going through Facebook.

Facebook lets you control your public keys as if it were any other information: public, friends only, etc.

Comment: It took mine. (Score 1) 126

by grub (#49821015) Attached to: Facebook Now Supports PGP To Send You Encrypted Emails
Just added my keys. Not that I care about the notifications that "Billy scored X on Y Game", but anything that obfuscates and encrypts data on the wire is a good thing. It's not just the NSA, how many of you use gmail? This will keep them from scanning your mail.

>In fact I may enable a bunch more useless notifications and set up a rule to delete them at my end as they arrive.

Comment: Re:females operate on emotion, not logic (Score 1) 446

The report of the lack of men's shelters in Canada is totally inaccurate. Just because you want to make a living running a shelter of any kind doesn't mean you're going to get government funding. There are plenty of shelters for men who are homeless for whatever reason.

Here you can walk into the local CLSC and get a referral to a shelter for abused men.

Unfortunately, to many SJWs seem to think that feminism isn't just about equality. They're just the latest iteration of that transphobic nutbar Germaine Greer. Bra-burning was never the way to achieve equality, just sensationalist attention-grabbing that took away from the real issues, same as SJWs today are more of a distraction than they're worth.

Comment: Re:No thanks. (Score 1) 93

by BarbaraHudson (#49819365) Attached to: The Artificial Pancreas For Diabetics Is Nearly Here
The thing is, the needle pricks are no big deal any more. They used to hurt a lot more than now, but the finger stickers are sharper, the amount of blood you need is next to nothing (and can be drawn from places other than the finger), and the injections are pretty much painless. And now they're experimenting with inhaled insulin.

Comment: Re:Basic income / maybe make full time 32-30 hours (Score 1) 350

You claimed that humans make semi-rational choices. I pointed out that they do not - they make totally irrational choices. I did not "make your point" as you wrongfully claimed.

Your interpretation of rape is lacking ..., to say the least.

Humans over-breed - and we can't export them anywhere else any more, like they did 100s of years ago when much of the world was still unknown. So, where are you going to put 19 billion people?

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