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Comment: Re:Because it worked so well for PGP... (Score 1) 218 218

Also, WTF does "If it's an executable digital file, any foreign interests can get a hold of it" mean? Is ISIS unable to use non-executable files?

It means some asshole who doesn't understand computers is talking. I love it when people use words above their pay grade. I know immediately what to think of them. However, I would assume that nobody actually fucking told them anything. "a senior State Department official told" ... yeah, fucking, right. Some minor peon in the state department mumbled some shit they didn't understand.

Comment: Re:Will we get up-to-date images? (Score 1) 63 63

It'd be really nice if MS would be kind enough to provide up-to-date .ISO builds like they've been doing w/ the Win10 insider program

How about if they just made it less of a pain in the asshole to save the update files once downloaded, so you could use them again? Making windows update not delete the installers is literally the least they could do.

Comment: Re:What they are cheering about? (Score 1) 1109 1109

Mind you - I am Polish and here also people HATE to pay taxes - they know that their taxes are being spent in wrong ways usually, the taxes fuel a caste of mindless clerks etc. but nevertheless Polish people DO PAY taxes like VAT and icome.

So you're proud to be paying taxes spent in the wrong way? Congratulations on being part of the problem.

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