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Comment Doesn't need to be the end (Score -1, Interesting) 159

Europe can be fixed. First, realize that you are Christian and that the muslim colonizers wish to replace your society with their own failed ones. Fight! European Christians have fought muslim invasion for 1000 years. The war never ended. The Hungarians know that. Deny all muslims asylum, benefits, work permits, etc. They have the right to be arrested and held in camps until transportation home can be found. Next, all members must contribute to a real coast guard, and armed border guard. Obviously Greece and Italy can't handle the onslaught alone. Throw in an increase in military spending. Russia is also a lethal threat. Schengen is dead. Interstate travel should be freely allowed but not residency or work permits. They should be should be controlled by the host state. The Euro is also dead. It makes no sense for the less competitive economies of the south. Floating their own currencies will make them competitive. The end of the Euro will help reduce the political, and fiscal hegemony of Germany, the Euro's primary beneficiary.

Comment Europe continues its race to the bottom (Score -1) 405

Economic suicide by green technology. A new and deadly muslim invasion. 28 nations who devote less than 2% to defense spending. They can't patrol their coasts. Their eastern borders are laid bare to predations of the Russians. Sad to see. I am of European heritage. European Christians made America what it is.

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