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Comment: Re:Should Allah be translated to God? (Score 1) 865

by MightyMartian (#48621661) Attached to: Apparent Islamic Terrorism Strikes Sydney

This isn't about etymology. It's irrelevant how God and Allah were derived. What's relevant is how they're used today.

You will find as much consistency in the Islamic world as in the Christian or Jewish worlds. If you look at the Monotheistic Abrahamic faiths, it is the Christian sects that, by and large, are the most deviated from the Old Testament norms; in particular as far as the Trinity goes. The Jewish and Muslim view of God is far closer to a pure monotheism.

Louis in German is Louis, obviously.

It's Ludwig, not Louis. Both names have their origins in Old Franconian; in which the name was Chlodowig. They are equivalent, but with various pronunciation changes over the last 1500 or so years. You see, a funny thing happens to words, they evolve in pronunciation and in meaning.

But the word "allah" is merely the Arabic word for "god", and etymologically is related to similar words in other Semitic languages, including the Hebrew "el". If you're an Arabic Christian, you will use the word "allah" for the same reason. For goodness sakes, mate, the Aramaic word for God is "elah".

Comment: Re:Failed state policies (Score 2, Interesting) 321

by phantomfive (#48619177) Attached to: In Breakthrough, US and Cuba To Resume Diplomatic Relations

The Cuban people survived 55 years of near total trade embargo, with universal healthcare intact, and no one starving in the streets.

Cuba survived by getting huge payments from the USSR, then from Venezuela. I hope 'no one starving in the streets' isn't how you measure success these days.

As for me, the economics are irrelevant. I'd rather live in an impoverished country with the right to insult my president and point out problems, than live in a rich dictatorship without those rights.

Comment: Re:The Pirate Bay (Score 1) 293

by phantomfive (#48613849) Attached to: The Pirate Bay Responds To Raid

Your reading comprehension fails you miserably.

I understand. You don't want to pay, you want to consume, and then you have some justification because you are afraid to stand up to the truth that you're just a piece of filth. At least, in this instance. No doubt you have other redeeming qualities. Like supporting the EFF.

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