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Comment Re: funny and sad (Score 1) 350

That's two components, at least one of which is based on licensed block designs from ARM, who could simply stop licensing them for future use and BAM, no more A series chips can be made. Go on thinking Apple invented everything in the iPhone, really, go ahead, don't let those pesky facts get in the way. Don't get me wrong, I've got a number of apple products and I do love them, but i don't bullshit myself about what Apple actually does as a company. The AC you replied to is absolutely correct.

Actually, Apple has a "Soft Core" ARM license that actually lets them design their own CPUs (and they do), rather than just licensing IP from ARM. Being a founding member in ARM doesn't hurt, either. There are a few other companies that have such a license (Samsung and Qualcomm being two of them, IIRC); but Apple actually does design A-series chips from the CPU-on out.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 350

This would mean a DAC, headphone amp, and batteries in every headphone.

So, IOW, a single, fairly simple ARM microcontroller to negotiate the Lightning protocol and do the D/A conversion, likely sub-dollar at Apple's quantities, with possibly a 5 cent amplifier chip and a few passive components. No batteries, since Lightning has power pins. The most expensive thing would be the connector.

Apple could sell it at $20 and still make a handy profit.

If you're talking about bluetooth, I am less sure what would be required; but yes, that would obviously require batteries and a bit more guts to deal with the RF stuff.

Comment Re:converter (Score 1) 350 audio to the speaker is the future, and then it might as well be wireless.

I've wanted that for the past 25 years. No reason that it can't happen.

Most subwoofers are "powered"; why not the "main" speakers? LOTS of nice things can happen when speakers and amplifiers are "matched". For one thing, passive crossovers (which are responsible for a LOT of bad things in a LOT of speaker systems) become a thing of the past. Another is "tuning" the amplifier's response to "flatten" the system. For another, A/V Receivers stop having to be behemoths, and can actually start being modular control systems, where consumers can easily choose their particular needs for number and type of audio in/outs, virtual tape/processing loops, EQ "plugins", etc. In fact, your entire A/V control system can become an App, with faceless boxes that do your bidding, and can distribute the signals to wherever. Yes, they have these things to some extent already; but to really do it right still costs quite a bit, and is really fairly limited.

I disagree to some extent on the wireless part for phase-coherence reasons; but I suppose the same signal that can carry the audio information can also carry a syncronization/timestamp so that samples are presented for conversion at the "same" time. And wireless SURE makes doing surround-sound setups easier in a LOT of homes (including my own).

Comment Re:converter (Score 1) 350

As with virtually any apple device, there will be a $75 piece manufactured for 85 cents that will be a lightning to headphone jack connection.

As with the other lightning connectors, if you plug it into your mac it will crash when it wakes on sleep.

Excuse me. How do you plug a Lightning connector into a Mac? Are you talking about trying to plug one into a Thunderbolt socket?

Comment Re:3.5mm? (Score 1) 350

yep, I have a headset with a 2.5mm connector that includes stereo and microphone channels. I use it with a breakout splitter to separate 3.5mm jacks nowadays. But that kind of stuff is too cheap... I buy handfuls of earbuds for my kids' devices from Daiso, and they're happy with them. There's no way for big companies to make money off them anymore.

But this is fine, unbalanced analog signal wires suck. It's about time for Bluetooth audio to finally catch on or something, despite the annoyances.

You obviously don't understand what Balanced audio lines are for. Balanced (differential) audio inputs are GREAT for the teeny-tiny signals from microphones, especially when they are carried long distances (like from a stage to a soundboard a hundred feet away). But they are essentially useless when talking about "line-level" (or above) signals. And when you are talking about speaker outputs, at the current levels that are sent to headphones/earbuds, the amount of possible intermodulation distortion reduction that could possibly be gained could be much easier accomplished by simply making headphone cables a little thicker than a human hair.

There's a reason that NO headphones, even high-end ones, have EVER had "balanced" inputs (except perhaps the speaker-powered electrostats): It just isn't necessary.

Comment Re: 3.5mm? (Score 1) 350


Clickable link for the lazy

Executive summary: It's a regular connector, with one side flattened so that it's slightly thinner. Means you have to insert the plug the right way around, which is a terrible idea. My vote: They won't do it. But then, I thought they wouldn't get rid of the magsafe connectors, and they have. In their defence, magsafe connectors are rather prone to dirt on the contacts preventing them from working

Since when have they gotten rid of Magsafe connectors (except on the low-end MacBook). The most recent refresh of the MacBook Pro which just happened about a month ago, sports a Magsafe 2 Connector.

Comment Re:3.5mm? (Score 1) 350

"After all, why can't they just redesign the audio socket so it's a couple of millimeters thinner?"

They probably can but then, what would you call an object 1.5mm width and ending on a point? That's a connector no more but a needle. And a needle has two problems: it's fragile and it can hurt. Not such a wise decision for a connector.

Back when we used to call them 1/8" phone plugs, there was another standard (usually only 2 conductors, but could easily be modified for 3 or even 4) that was about 1/2 the diameter of what we now call a 3.5mm plug. They were very common as the "pause" control on old cassette recorders.

So, since a smaller diameter barrel means a smaller diameter socket, why can't Apple just adopt that connector, then it would be a simple adapter (or headphones/earbuds manufactured with that connector already) to allow for a slimmer phone/tablet?

Comment Re:Missing the point a bit? (Score 1) 120

Dude have you not be on the Internet lately? there is a billion and one articles extolling using these Pi style boards for HTPCs which as GP pointed out and I agreed with is some serious dumb shit, but its the Internet so there is no lack of dumbshit.

That said I have a buddy that does car PC installs and uses boards like I linked to and for THOSE kinds of embedded projects? They work VERY well, top draw on them boards when playing media is sub 12w, they are fanless, and as I pointed out all the I/O you could need is baked right in.

So again unless your project has a specific requirement to be the size of a stick of gum? The X86 units would probably be a better choice.

Comment Re:Missing the point a bit? (Score 1) 120

Exactly, unless you have an embedded project that needs to have the board be as absolutely tiny as possible it just makes more sense to buy something like this AIO board that gives you dual X86 with a decent GPU capable of doing 1080P over HDMI and with built in Wifi, USB (both 2 and 3), Sata/eSata and Ethernet. By the time you bought all that for one of these? You'd have sunk more money for a less powerful system.

Comment Re:Windows 7 (Score 1) 357

Developers making money is not a problem. Companies selling their computing infrastructure products with inscrutable software is.

There is NOTHING "inscrutable" about pf.

1. I didn't say pf is inscrutable. 2. pf is not the only software shipped on computing infrastructure products sold by some companies.

You just want to argue. Go away.

Comment Re:Windows 7 (Score 1) 357

Developers making money is not a problem. Companies selling their computing infrastructure products with inscrutable software is.

LOL! Let me ask you: Just how far are you going to move those goalposts?

There is NOTHING "inscrutable" about pf. Not only is it a standard FreeBSD package, but Apple also provides ample documentation of the pf.conf file. This is, IIRC, all of the typical documentation that any "computing infrastructure product" is provided with in Linux, right? Apple just chose to only expose some of the many capabilities of pf, most of which the vast majority of users wouldn't have an interest in, in their standard GUI for pf.conf.

Nothing "inscrutable" here. Just the typical design decisions when a GUI is overlaid on a sophisticated OS, whether we're talking about OS X, Windows or Linux. And you very well know that; so do the Internets a favor and STFU.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 94

LOL riiiight, I'm sure they are just lining up when the reviews all say the same thing which is Steam machines are completely pointless as they give you NONE of the benefits of a console and NONE of the benefits of a Windows gaming PC. You are paying MORE money for WORSE hardware and without the entire point of consoles, the ease of use and exclusive titles. I can find review after review and they all say the same things, glitchy controller, bad UI, buggy as a pile of shit in August, its a completely pointless product that will only appeal to the Linux faithful...who won't want to have a fucking thing to do with Steam DRM ROFL!

So sorry to burst your bubble but feel free to bookmark this post and come back in 24 months and see its truth, SteamOS will do about as much to spur Linux adoption as Ubuntu has, that is jack and squat. I mean for Pete's sake you no longer even have the "free as in beer" selling point as anybody can download the Windows 10 Insider release and use it for free.

Comment Re:Windows 7 (Score 1) 357

Why were you shilling for the $10 one then?

Because I hadn't run across the free one when I wrote the first post. And if you notice, the same guy is actually responsible for both projects.

And I wasn't "shilling", FFS.

And in case you hadn't noticed, it really ISN'T a fucking crime to want to make a little cash offa your development efforts. $10 probably works out to about .000013 cents per hour for him. Yeah, he's the next Bill Gates! You would think that a site frequented by so many alleged Developers would have more members that understood that; even the ones that strongly support, and/or contribute, to F/OSS.

Let me ask you a question: Do you have a job, Mr. Labowski?

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