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Comment: Re:Simple math (Score 1) 241

by hairyfeet (#46747265) Attached to: PC Gaming Alive and Dominant

MSDN keys ARE ILLEGAL, full stop, and are no better in that regard than TPB. The license for MSDN clearly states they are ONLY to be used on testing systems and NOT for resale and its douches selling keys that got MSFT to get rid of the cheaper MSDN options and severely restrict keys.

So I'm sorry but you might as well go TPB as you aren't anymore legal and the TPB version which also passes WGA,don't mean its a legal copy.

Comment: Re:Oh, man, what a mess (Score 2) 151

by hairyfeet (#46741995) Attached to: Private Keys Stolen Within Hours From Heartbleed OpenSSL Site

Showing yet again that there is a reason why I like Comodo when it comes to security when Comodo found out their certs were vulnerable thanks to heartbleed Comodo got on the ball replacing certs ASAP.

No company is perfect, every company will fuck up now and then, but the nice thing about Comodo is when they see a problem they don't try to bury it or play the blame game. Instead they announce "here is the problem and here is what we are doing about it" and then they DO IT, no stalling or bullshitting. In the case of heartbleed as companies patch their sites they can get a fresh key, no muss no fuss.

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I personally think we should thank Obama as he has shown us that voting is without a doubt POINTLESS and that all you can do is grab as much as you can from "big mommy" government and wait for the inevitable collapse. The ones I feel sorry for are the ones that believed in Obama and in the voting process, the ones that held voter drives and went door to door and busted ass to get Obama elected only to find they might as well have given Bush a third term for all the good it did.

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by hairyfeet (#46739985) Attached to: PC Gaming Alive and Dominant

You called? Its really not hard at all to build a sub $500 system that will game quite good, for example we can go AMD Hexacore for $224 after MIR, add $15 for a DVD burner, $55 for a 500GB-1TB drive (depending on what is on sale), and Win 7 Home 64bit for $100 that frankly nearly every build ignores when figuring total? $394, $494 if you get the GPU I'd recommend, the HD7790.

We can go even cheaper if we went with one of the new APUs and many review sites show they do quite well with gaming up to 1080p and at the most common resolution (1600x900 last I checked) they do VERY well. We start with This quad core APU kit for $320 and simply add the Win 7 HP from total? $424. This is of course taking the path of least resistance, if I were to price each part separately and go for the bargains, like for instance grab one of the Athlon X3s where I'm seeing better than 70% unlocks? I could probably shave another $30-$50 off the final total.

So anybody that says gaming can only be done on some $1200 monster is frankly full of bull. Hell my gaming system cost less than $600 and by watching the sales I got an AMD hexacore with 8GB of RAM, 3TB of HDD space, and an HD7750 that plays all the games I like on Win 7 HP smooth as butter.

Comment: Re:Isn't the upshot the same? (Score 2) 325

by hairyfeet (#46638547) Attached to: Wants More H-1B Visas, But 50% Go To Offshore Firms

Because the H1-Bs are indentured servants they can pay them Mickey D's wages and your US tech workers can't live on Mickey wages thanks to our degrees costing 10-20 times as much as theirs? Not to mention unlike before where a person could get an entry level and continue to get an education while getting real world experience thanks to the H1-Bs you have an arms race where you need more and more degrees (and deeper and deeper debt) just to get ANY job other than lackey?

Perhaps you should watch How NOT to hire an American which is a training video by a law firm that specializes in H1-Bs to show how rigged and fucked up the system TRULY is. At the end of the day you are crippling the country in return for short term gains, as India gets a large pool of tech workers and plenty of money coming in for infrastructure and new businesses, while in america the business districts look like ghost towns and the roads and bridges fall down around you.

Comment: Re:Wait... wha? (Score 4, Insightful) 1482

by hairyfeet (#46635175) Attached to: OKCupid Warns Off Mozilla Firefox Users Over Gay Rights

OS/2 hasn't been IBM's for the better part of a decade, its controlled by eComstation who does a decent amount of business supporting financial markets.

As for those trying to make excuse for Mozilla? 1.- like it or not the CEO is the face of the company and in this case the face belongs to a bigot, 2.- For those that use the "the state voted for it" excuse? The southern states voted repeatedly and by a VERY large margin that Jim Crow was fine, so by your argument the southern states should still be segregated, and finally 3.- Those that make the lame "gay agenda" bullshit excuse? Did you say the same about blacks in the 60s, that it was a "Negro agenda"? Its about CIVIL RIGHTS, PERIOD.

The state gives preferential treatment to married couples when it comes to taxes, child visitation, property inheritance, there are VERY few places that the government doesn't give some sort of preferential treatment to couples. While I personally believe it is unconstitutional since its clearly joining church and state until we are ALL treated as individuals under the law by the government? it very much IS a civil rights issue, since straight couples are given rights and privileges that gay couples do not get. Oh and before somebody makes the foolish statement about wills and the like? In most states the will does NOT change the tax burden which will be felt by a surviving spouse, which again isn't the same if that spouse was in a hetro marriage.

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by hairyfeet (#46618755) Attached to: One Person Successfully Removed From US No-Fly List

The problem with your logic is thus, unlike Canada where they are holding someone who has broken Canadian laws, go through a Canadian trial etc what we have here is HOSTAGES with no law, multiple accounts of torture (frankly no better than what the Iranians did to the American hostages BTW) so there really is only 1 of 2 choices 1.- They let them free in the USA, 2.- they return them to the country of origin.

And that also sidestepped the point I made which is what exactly will keep any country from doing the exact same with Americans just by using that excuse? last I heard not a single country in question has announced they plan to execute any of them so its just an excuse by the hostage takers at this point isn't it? And with zero evidence to back up that theory to me its just a "she was asking for it" kind of bullshit excuse.

Comment: Re:Wow, that was so full of stupid... (Score 0) 449

by hairyfeet (#46613937) Attached to: WSJ: Prepare To Hang Up the Phone — Forever

I can't believe this drivel got upvoted enough for me to see it. In REAL communism all live in peace with equal shares but just like so called "real" capitalism IT WILL NEVER EXIST because money equals power and power WILL be abused.

If you want to believe in the invisible hand fairy go right ahead, at no time and in no place has actually existed.

Comment: Re:RMS mentions a comparable situation (Score 2) 266

by hairyfeet (#46611091) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Handle Unfixed Linux Accessibility Bugs?

And read the multitude of posters below you, what do they say? "Its free so you can't complain" which just goes to show that even many in the community realize its strictly hobbyist level code and that you get what you pay for, a big nothing.

Meanwhile if they would have went Apple or Windows they would have years of support, a strict timeline so they'd know exactly when the OS would no longer be supported, and with sticky keys and other tools for the disabled being fully functional the entire time.

The simple fact that its stayed broken THIS LONG and that people here honestly think paying extortion so some dipshit programmer will get off his lazy fucking ass and FIX WHAT HE BROKE just shows how honestly piss poor and how little oversight there is in the FOSS community. If the shop I worked at previous fucked over the users that badly their asses would be fired. In the FOSSie community fucking shit up is a moneymaking opportunity for the shitty programmer...nice job guys.

Comment: Re:Translation: (Score 1) 144

by hairyfeet (#46608953) Attached to: Microsoft Promises Not To Snoop Through Email

How sad is it that the bias is so bad here that I have to stick up for a company that has been run into the ground by piss poor management but here least they are actually LISTENING, they may not always get it, like that stupid "start button that takes you back to metro" Windows 8.1 dumb shit but I'd rather have a company that says "Sorry we'll fix that" than to have one that says when caught invading people's privacy "If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place".

Maybe I'm weird but I just don't get how company A is bad and company B does THE EXACT SAME THING but is good because they say a catchphrase like "don't be evil"...are people REALLY that easily fooled by marketing?

Comment: Re:Shocked and saddened (Score 1) 286

by hairyfeet (#46608745) Attached to: One Person Successfully Removed From US No-Fly List

And that would be our exactly? If Saudi Arabia decides to execute a Saudi citizen...that is a Saudi problem NOT OURS. The same goes for Yemen or anywhere else. I'm sure many here would not like it if say China or Russia started saying "Oh the Americans would just kill 'em anyway" while holding American citizens hostage (and make no mistake as that is what they are, hostages) and by that same token its NOT OUR JOB to try to mindread what the government of wherever will do with their citizens we are holding hostage if we give 'em back.

At the end of the day it doesn't matter, Obama is the perfect proof that voting in a two party system is completely and utterly pointless. meet the new boss, same as the old boss, just different slogans covering the same old BS.

Comment: Re:Hack it to add American names like "John Smith" (Score 1) 286

by hairyfeet (#46608717) Attached to: One Person Successfully Removed From US No-Fly List

How does it not make sense? the list basically means "this person is a clear and present danger" yet they aren't a danger if they don't get on a plane? WTF? That is like saying "This person is a mass murderer...he has to take the bus" as the entire fucking premise makes no God damned sense!

Either they have done something illegal to get on this list, in which case you should have the fucking EVIDENCE to arrest them for this crime, or they haven't done a damned thing in which case this is just more jack booted bullshit designed to intimidate the masses...Call me paranoid but I think we have enough historical evidence to conclude its most likely the latter.

Comment: Re:Tarzan need antecedent (Score 1) 824

by hairyfeet (#46600785) Attached to: Some Mozilla Employees Demand New CEO Step Down

There is a difference between saying something and putting your money where your mouth is and spending your money to try to push an agenda. A more pat comparison would be if the person you worked with sent money to a group that pushed for denial of the Holodomor and the continued denial of rights to the survivors.

There is a BIG difference between having an opinion and trying to use the power of the state to force your beliefs on others. Personally I think the state should have ZERO interest in it one way or another, no tax breaks for married people, no advantages one way or another, but as long as the state makes one set of laws for married and one set for single then I don't see how anyone can say its anything but a civil rights issue.

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