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Comment Re:HOSTS file (Score 1) 415

That data is very valuable which is why Microsoft is going through so much trouble to get it. It's worth way more than the $100-200 asking price for a retail copy of Windows. In an equitable universe, Microsoft would be paying people to use Windows 10.

Which is why it is such a bad joke that Windows 10 in "free" (as in beer).

Microsoft was forced by Apple and Linux to reduce the cost of Windows "Client" to "free"; but they can't run a Company the size of Microsoft on the sales of Microsoft Office alone (yes, I know they have other products; but none of them besides Office and Windows make enough to run a Company a 100th the size of Microsoft); so guess how they are replacing that revenue?

Comment Re: HOSTS file (Score 1) 415

The same is true of your social security number. The IRS has it, as does your phone company, and your employer, and your school, and several other businesses. Again, the only reason you think this is private is because you are clueless.

And yet, you won't type it here. Why? You think it hasn't been transmitted over an unsecure internet connection at some point? NOW who's clueless?


Comment Re:HOSTS file (Score 1) 415

Right, because keeping your browsing and application-utilization habits a secret is SO important.

OMG somebody might know you look at porn! Or that you play video games! Or that you are shopping online for a new printer!!!

The horror!

Sometimes it's not the Act; it's the Principle.

Or do you go around writing your name, date of birth and social security number (or equivalent if in a non-U.S. country) on public walls? And if not, why not? After all, who needs Privacy; it's just so, so, Twentieth Century!

Comment Re:HOSTS file (Score 1) 415

Not sure this is a right comment, but with all the hype over open source exploits, people still are convinced Windows and Apple are "secure" and yet they pretty much monitor every thing you do, and store that information.

Windows, yes. Apple, no.

Unlike Microsoft, Apple makes its money off hardware, and thus has absolutely no incentive to sell your soul to The Man.

Apple has also figured out that some Users care about Privacy, and that that may eventually lead to more sales of their Hardware; so, in essence, Apple has discovered that it can actually Market PRIVACY, and so it does. A little too quietly for my taste; but the signs are there, spelled out in explicit detail if you know where to look And you will notice a refreshing lack of "weasel words", such as "for various purposes"...

Also, despite the noise propagated here, Apple actually has a very longstanding distaste for government in general, and I have been watching and using Apple for more than enough decades to know that cooperating with the Gummint would be corporate anathema to them.

And even when Apple does design something like "Spotlight Suggestions" that sends your Spotlight Searches to Apple, so that they can provide internet-based search results alongside local search results, they provide a clear, GUI-available method to completely disable the feature.

The proof in the pudding comes from the fact that you don't see any long lists for OS X of hard-coded IP destinations being published in similar articles to this one, or anyone reporting that, despite turning off everything that can be turned-off, OS X acts like a data-thief, like Windows has obviously turned into. So, in other words, please don't simply lump Apple and Microsoft together as "Teh Evilz"; because that simply isn't the case.

Comment Re:Sounds like an ad (Score 1) 314

Thanks. These ACs are a perfect example of why they are afraid to take the challenge, because they will find out the truth which is update a Mac? Everything WORKS, update Windows? Everything WORKS, update Linux? Uh ohh their OS made a stinky.

The sad truth is the last version of Windows Linux could compete with? Windows ME, as every version since could update without crapping itself. I have heard they same is true of Apple since OSX, updates just work, Linux? Has a driver model older than Win9x and the challenge just shows without any BS or trickery that Linux cannot even update itself without breaking which is honestly a worse indictment of their OS than anything I could ever say.

No problem, my friend! I know you and I have gone toe-to-toe on many issues in the past; but the trufe is da trufe! And besides, we bass-players have to stick together!

For all the braying that the Linux Police do about "Open Sores is Teh Only Way!", the reality is that in the vast majority of the cases, it is really only the Open Source Projects that have been "adopted" by companies such as Apple that seem to be moving forward in significant measure. Not to say that, for example, the Libre Office team hasn't done a pretty good job; because actually, they have. But for the most part, the vast majority of the Open Source Projects that are not part of something "commercial" like OS X are in a quiet state of perpetual ignorage by their "Maintainers".

And as far as Linux itself goes, as long as the Linux "community" continues to want to have a Googleplex of Distros for absolutely no apparent reason, there will never be enough development effort overall to whip Linux into the Windows-Killer Desktop OS it so wants to be, instead of the tinker-toy erector-set approach to a unified, and deployable-by-the-average-person environment, and thus, it will (rightly) continue to get the big middle finger by most of the mainstream application and peripheral development community, as well as the vast majority of the computer-buying public.

Linux aficionados talk about Apple users being "religious" about their platform-choice; but there ain't nothin' more akin to a religious zealot than themselves.

Comment Re:Precision (Score 1) 157

The stylus is simply an option for when you need more precision. (To draw more precisely sketches, or operate smaller parts of UI [emphasis added]).

Or, IOW, the stylus is needed.

As for capacitive touch-screens being "more coarse" than resistive, I am not at all sure that is universally-true, and is belied by the fact that you can use a stylus on an iOS device for drawing, if desired. Yes, I realize that that supports your argument that stylii are more "precise" than fingers; but that wasn't actually my point, nor would I really argue that point.

Comment Re:What is really happening (Score 1) 318

I use Linux as my primary desktop at home. Even my 4 year old daughter uses Linux just fine. The times when you need to really mess with things are much much fewer than the old days.

That's really good. As an OS X user, I would hate to see Linux die; because Apple would be in a world of hurt if it took all those Open Source projects with it.

But in your heart of hearts, you know what I mean.

Comment Re:Remember when MS said you really like Vista... (Score 0) 318

Considering the vast majority of software is only on Windows, getting a Mac seems like it would generate a great deal of frustration. There's also the frustration of not being able to upgrade basic things like RAM because it's soldered to the fucking motherboard.

No thanks, I'll stick with a PC that costs less, performs better and runs what I want. If I ever need to kill some time, I'll dabble with MacOS in a VM.

Oh look. A Windows fanboy. How cute, and how increasingly rare.

Fine. I'm sure Apple will get along just fine without you. I think their stock performance relative to the rest of the Personal Computer industry (and in fact, in comparison to a lot of industries) would more than bear that out.

And as for the "vast majority of software" being "only on Windows", that gets less and less true with each passing year. And you will also find that most of the "Wintel" PC manufacturers are shifting to a non-upgradeable RAM configuration on their laptops and even some desktop systems.

Not sure where your "performs better" claim comes from. At this point, I think that the performance of specific examples of software titles is making more of a difference there than hardware, when the hardware is in the same ballpark (which it is) across the industry. And the comparison reviews I have read tend to support my position.

Comment Re:Windows 10, it's free (Score 1) 318

This is exactly right, I don't quite understand how people can still be so ignorant of the concept that "there is no such thing as a free lunch". How is it that people here are still surprised to find that out?

Apple's 'device' model is good, the hardware and software are integrated rather than separate things and it means the cost of the device is then used for both the hardware and software development.


And bringing it back around to the point of this Thread, that also means that Apple's business model (and I suppose Linux') is the only one that doesn't depend on eating the souls of its victims, er customers.

But the problem with Linux is that it's Linux; which means that it is forever doomed to be relegated to the server room and the workbenches of hobbyists. It very well may "run" the Internet; but it will never be "The Year of The Linux Desktop". Never.

Comment Re:Remember when MS said you really like Vista... (Score 1) 318

This has been explained to the linux community with some frequency. They don't listen to the problems with wider adoption of their operating system and so we run into problems.

Even suggesting that there is any legitimacy to this position is derided which shuts down any possibility of meaningful communication.

As such... don't ask questions you can't handle the answers to. ;-D

You're preachin' to the choir, man!

Take a look at my Username. Think I don't have some experience around here with the Linux Police?