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Comment Re:Correction... (Score 1) 100

You, sir, are the reason that we as Humans have not been able to find peace.

OK, let me try and work this out. Because a cranky old poster on an ancient, barely significant site on the Internet misreads a complex post that was thrown together from several other posts by a number of people with varying degrees of competence with both language and the subject matter ....

We're doomed?

I'm going to have to take my posts more seriously from now on. I didn't realize how important we are.

Your sarcasm will get you everywhere. Thanks. I love it! :)

Comment Re:Correction... (Score 1) 100

Dammit Slashdot, It applied my response to the grandchild and not the parent again.

This belongs to the "read only OS LOL" fool

Oh. I lesson learned. Wait ten minutes to see if a retraction is posted before replying. Now that's inefficient. Damnit. Where's the "Undo" function after a post, 30 second time limit (or something like that). Did Google patent that? *sigh*

Imaginary handshake coming your way.

Comment Re:Correction... (Score 1) 100


  I love it when people like you that have absolutely no clue how things work try and post your troll responses. Yes a READ ONLY OS is incredibly easy to do and GASP is done daily. I suggest you read up on how a live CD/DVD works or how a BLuRay player runs linux.

The Herp Derp is very strong in you, Keep working on it.

I love how you, like other "I'm so smart" pundits, like to read what you want into comments to have your "I'm smarter" reply.

I'm aware of all of that, Mr. Smart. I'm referring to what would happen if the read-only aspect were removed. Why do you think I quoted only that portion in my reply to the parent?

In the future, you might want to try reading portions of quotes that were specifically responded to, and read it over more than once to see if you're missing something. Assuming you can jump right on an idiot's statements is quarrelsome and borderline narcissistic. It's much more intelligent to ask questions first about, maybe, what they meant. You, sir, are the reason that we as Humans have not been able to find peace.

Comment Re:Correction... (Score 1) 100

Read only OS? LOL. You need to patch that thing live to the promised features that didn't meet the delivery date. Nobody want to take them offline, remount read-write and patch individual devices one at the time.

... and then when you don't want to do that but have to, it's a perfect time for Mr. Shady and his crew to slip changes in that weren't approved. CUZYANEEDTAHURRYNOWNOWNOWNOW!

Comment Re:Adverts on Slashdot (Score 1) 146

OK, so we now know what Best Buy, Walmart and Dell are offering on Black Friday. Why not fill the rest of the front page with advertising and finish the job of killing the damn website?

I don't know if it's humorous or sad, but I read the end by skimming over it as "...advertising and finish the killing of jobs with the damn website?"

Wow. I hope I'm not seeing the future. A certain grocery chain in the Cincinnati area is starting to set up online buying now; you place your order online, someone in the store goes around with a huge electric cart and picks the items from the shelf for you, and you pull up to the curb to pay and have your car loaded for you. I only say that's killing jobs because the order picker job is acceptable for anyone who can follow instructions like Google Maps. The handheld wireless device they carry says, "Go to Aisle 2, rear, left side, shelf 3. Go to aisle 3, front, right, shelf 2." You can click "item isn't on shelf" and it will find a replacement item and tell you where to get it. Oh, did I mention they want the part-time minimum-wage people on that job? The reason I typed all of this is to express that it's possibly where my misread came from.

Comment Re:Been crap for years (Score 1) 146

....If you's po and you want a good deal on a flat TV, then there may still be something for you in a store on black friday. IME, though, most of the prices now are pretty lackluster. You are likely to find the same item on sale for the same price or cheaper some other time of year.....

Aren't they? You can even get deals online now. I never understood the need to have it in stores only; obviously it's to get you in the door to buy more, but isn't that what online vendors are now anyway? All that advertising and crap.. It's a gold mine. Just make sure the bandwidth and server resources are available. Drop prices on a few items whose profit is ridiculously high on anyway, and..... Profit? I figured out the South Park Underpants Gnomes' model finally!

1. Collect Underpants
2. Advertise Online on Black Friday
3. Profit

Thanks! Just a short comment changed the economy of underpants. Heh.

Comment Re:Isn't anyone bored of being a consumer yet? (Score 1) 146

Maybe we can have a 'White Friday' where people get together and hack up some really interesting thing you can only make. but not buy buy bye. It just seems like the same shit in a different bucket all the time and just a bit boring. Can we skip christmas this year - but keep the holiday?

You're crazy. That's not long-standing stereotypical enough. New ideas must be crushed before they can rebound into possibility.

BTW, humor, not insult.

Comment Re:That editorial summary tho (Score 1) 100

This is what happens when you teach computer science ti kids. They have the mental acuity to figure out how to do terrible things, but not the maturity or moral conscience to know better.

The political agenda aimed at creating more software developers in order to pull salaries down will just create a new Internet crime wave.

Just watch.

That is such a wise view of Human repetition of mistakes that it can't possibly happen! We never make the same stupid mistakes again and again and ag.....

Comment Re:That editorial summary tho (Score 1) 100

Hmm... Not sure if serious?

It was clearly just a "Hey, Biff, what's that?!?!" ploy. Read: "Don't focus on our security; it's clearly them there terr'rist kids doing the impossible, like getting through our impenetrable security measures. We need more gub'mint efforts to stop this hacking of our society as a whole and we'll help however we can!"

Truth: "Uh, we suck at security, even financial. We understand if no one trusts us with their financial or private info anymore. Granted, the loss wasn't that bad, but it proves that we can be lazy enough in our efforts to maintain complete security (like we said in our Agreement with you that we WOULD). Pissing off is in our future plan because we're awesome with growing and planning. [We] digress."

P.S. That wasn't my comment you replied to; just throwing in my useless $0.0001 to state the obvious (from my Asperger's mind).

Comment Re: That editorial summary tho (Score 1) 100

If a 15yr old is responsible, believe me, they have a lot to worry about. Like why are they even in business if some kid wet behind the ears can troll their servers. Fuck em I say. That goes for all entities hacked now or ever.

The kid was clearly a terrorist or would have not accomplished such nearly-impossible feat. The business needs protection from *terrorists*! *cough*

Those who claim the dead never return to life haven't ever been around here at quitting time.