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Comment Re:Idea for anti-troll group (Score 1) 172

A group of companies should form a NATO-like pact, binding the companies to employ scorched-earth tactics whenever sued by a patent troll.

Carthage must be destroyed!

Now that's a crowd-source idea. I'll throw in $100 a month! Well, as long as I can see the paper trails, literally and figuratively.

- K

Comment Lamest defense...evarr! (Score 1) 87

"While we don't believe this information has been used inappropriately," said Michael Neidorff, CEO of Centene.

That is the absolute lamest "don't worry" defense I've heard in a decade, hands-down.

So, what, you know an employee took it and wants hush money? No? Then how can you even claim data safety? OMFG.

Comment Re:Symbolic vote getter (Score 1) 75

Yet another "law" that is completely unenforceable and unworkable being paraded in front of us for one reason only, the get gullible people who don't understand the tech in play to vote for someone.

The only rule is you have to make sure there are a set of at least two major business investigations and/or seizures that have taken place after your law goes into effect. That's a lot of work and lost gov't revenue, but hey.. after a few, it can just fall by the proverbial wayside and it was still a success. The world is a better place now, and [I] am an awesome politician for MAKING that happen. Go Team America!


Comment Wake up. (Score 1) 75

PHB: I, a small online marketing firm, am not allowed to TELL anyone that I'm harvesting this data anymore? I have to say that I'm following the law and not? Ah, shucks. Well, that's fine. I'll just sell a "unique" data set product with "cutting-edge" sources. No big deal. Hey, Jen, tell the guys to start working on that.

Jen: Already did. They said it'll be done in a few hours.

PHB: Better idea than I originally thought!


Comment Re:Backdoors and Encryption (Score 1) 345

Apparently Hillary thinks the same yet no Slashdot story on it.

Hillary Clinton: Stop helping terrorists, Silicon Valley

I am sometimes embarrassed to be in the same species as these idiots. Ok, Hillary and Carly Gnarly, how about we remove all medicine from the stores to help ensure those ter'rists don't have anything to help fight their diseases, thus eradicating them? Wanna try that? I mean, how could it NOT work?

I have a one-track mind, but I keep it that way because if I don't, I start to see all of the interoperations, weak points, lack of planning, failures, laziness, and all else that factors in (no pun int.) to the problem solving of huge issue that are beyond my control. Well, without a complete 'reboot' (read: eradication of all failures with a 'clean' boot where different preventative measures can be attempted). I, as a result, should NOT be a politician or in office. I would slow everything down and keep everyone from agreeing that there is no good, happy, and profitable solution to every problem. Oops, that last sentence earned me mod-down because it's effing true and people hate to face reality.

Comment Re:See what your are really wanting (Score 1) 345

If you look past the political and law enforcement bantering, you will find that none of the defined terrorist attacked would have been stopped by the government being able to crack encryption. Most of them, I stipulate most may have been stopped by general police work and knowing the community, rather then spying on it. Stopping the lone idiosyncratic style may never be stopped, we have had them in the dark past of our history and will have them long into the future.
Outlawing encryption or finding ways to break into it hurts all of us more then it helps protect us. The leaders need to understand what they are asking, not seeing to control what they do not understand. The "I get the good encryption to protect me (the government) and you get the bad (everyone else)" no longer will work in this age of free and very good tools.


I'll add to this... If encryption is no longer a way of maintaining secure communications, other methods will be designed (or even reused from the past). Smoke signals are a bit obvious, but, come on. There are ways of sharing information securely that no one but those involved can figure out, and you have to discover their involvement before you can even see what you're trying to figure out. Until minds can be read from a distance (or, hell, even read at all), there is no mother-effing point in thinking that destroying encryption will present you with any more useful data. In fact, it guarantees LESS useful data. Oh, and guess what your mentioning of INTENT to destroy encryption just did? Are you TRYING to encourage less use of typical encryption in ter'rist communications? Because you did. Not to say that they're even using it in the first place.

Don't get me started down the road of the emails and other first, second, and third party information that has been HANDED to the government and practically gift-wrapped (pardon my extreme amplification of method) that was ignored, resulting in successful ter'rist activity.

Comment Re:Assuming this is done... how, really? (Score 1) 345

Those who suggest workarounds have no understanding of the implications or the technical challenges. They just desire something and expect everyone else to figure it out for them.

I see what you're doing there. Mentioning all presidents' campaign speeches and the resulting lack-of or reverse action. Nice move. :)

Okay, okay, there were maybe two, perhaps three ex-presidents that did good with the least loss from others, but they don't count in the overall statistics. No one who is like them will ever, EVER make it into office again because they're too easy to find dirt on. They live their lives like normal people under normal circumstances. We can't have that in office!

Comment Re:Carly (Score 1) 345

Let's get this out of the way, pre-emptively: Carly is a worthless pile of human garbage, a perpetual leech on humanity's ass, and a shining example of everything that can go wrong in a Capitalist society. Did I forget anything?

What do they call people that operate on the path of, "Hey, [he] did it. That means I can do it, too!" That word.

Comment Re:Carly proving she has no clue about tech. (Score 1) 345

you CANT have a way around all encryption... Honestly why the hell did she ever run ANY tech company being that uneducated?

This is why I have ZERO respect for any CxO they all are fakers that bulshitted their way to their position.

Borrow one of her campaign speech writers for a day. Really, it would be fun! Tee hee.

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