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Comment Re:It's not what Google wants.... (Score 1) 316

Yeah temp sensor doesn't need to be that fast. But I couldn't be bothered specifying different times for different sensors. Sorry was being lazy.

I've built a custom telemetry system for my motorcycle and it is running at 10Hz for all the sensors. It is total overkill for some of them but I have used that number because it is the sampling frequency of my GPS receiver and it dead simple to work with the raw data later. That said I'm not sampling temps, its all motion stuff. It's pretty cool because I can animate a 3d model of my bike going through the same ranges of motion that my bike went through on a particular ride.

LOL! Yeah, laziness is what also caused me to not differentiate between the sampling of coolant data (which really could be "moment to moment") and the throttle data, that originally got you "all riled up"!

Yiour bike-run recording/playback system sounds pretty neat, BTW!

Comment Re:It's not what Google wants.... (Score 1) 316

Minute by minute? Fuck that! I want multiple times per second pls. 10-15Hz would be ideal.

Maybe of the throttle position (although that's even a little fast for throttle, but I'll allow it) ; but the coolant temp could be sampled once a second, or even less, and not miss anything of interest.

I have done embedded design for real-time measurement and control systems for nearly 40 years. ;-)

Comment Re:What I'd Like To See (Score 1) 316

All the companies provide options.

Android doesn't work very well when you turn all the tracking off (ie: google now/voice commands). Microsoft hides the options and still sends some tracking home. Apple had their big fiasco sending all iphone WAP data home in plain text.

I wouldn't give anyone a free pass on this issue. Google is the only company that's main business model is based off of this data though.

All "fandom" aside, I really do think that Apple is the only one of the three that honestly isn't trying to actively data-rape it's Users.

And to set the record straight, Apple made a clean breast of the Location Tracking info's raison d'être, what was in it (cell and WiFi hotspots), what it was for (anonymous crowdsourced location data), how it was never sent outside of Apple without the User's express permission EVERY TIME, and the steps taken to improve the security (encryption, and the ending of backing up in iTunes) and reduce the size of the "Location" database stored on the device.

So, Apple's explanation "feels" like an honest description of something (crowdsourced location data) that a bunch of geeks would dream up to solve a problem (slow response when the USER asked for the current location of the Device). Or else why wouldn't it simply be a "bread crumb trail" of a SINGLE Location (the Device's current computed Lovation?), instead of a "tile's" worth of Location data of pretty-much everything BUT the Device???

Comment Re:It's not what Google wants.... (Score 1) 316

If they had "no interest in monetising your data" then why does iAd exist at all?

It was primarily a tool to attract developers to iOS, by allowing them to have free software that still had a way to generate a little coin. And as it clearly states in the iAD terms & conditions, all the data is anonymized.

What was the always-on impossible to disable location logging about? Something doesn't add up here.

As was explained again and again, it was extremely vague location data (which in fact only kept track of the cell towers in your vicinity), which was used for the SOLE purpose of improving cell-handover times. Nothing to see there, move along. Put another layer of foil on that hat...

Apple and Google both recognised that people will demand privacy for things like health data. There is a difference of philosophy about how it should be managed - Apple takes the hand holding walled garden approach and just denies a lot of stuff, while Google gives you more options to decide for yourself.

With the amount of Apps in both App Stores (Apple's and Google's), I think it is fair to say that Apple demonstrably doesn't "deny" much.

You pays your money, you takes your choice. Google will let you buy ad free versions of most services, Apple makes you pay via hardware, or you pay via advertising and aggregation of your data.

Except that Apple really doesn't aggregate your data to even 1000th the extent that Google does. In fact, I have NEVER clicked on an iAD; and I would be willing to bet that the vast majority of iOS Users haven't either. So, no data aggregation from me! But with Google, data-raping is their ENTIRE Modus Operandi.

That, my friend, is THE difference that makes ALL the difference!

Comment Re:Google Response (Score 1) 316

Yeah, nice DoubleSpeak, that.

"We don't collect the data..." vs. "We only collect the data when..."

Yeahrightsure. And you only get the option to "Opt In/Out" when you initially set-up the system.

Yeah, buddy. I feel SO much safer now...

Comment Re:What I'd Like To See (Score 1) 316

is things do one thing well. You know, that old UNIX tenet. It nicely extrapolates to life as well.

I'd really like to see a mobile device that is not tied to any ecosystem. I've rather grown tired of Apple, Google, and Microsoft sticking their noses where they don't belong. I really do hope Blackberry can make a comeback. I miss the relative privacy of a Blackberry.

I don't know about the rest of them, but leave Apple out of it, willya? They simply DON'T do that shit, and when they do, they at least give Users a nice, GUI way to turn it off.

Prove me wrong, or GTFO.

Comment Re:Not necessarily malice (Score 1) 316

For some values, it would make sense for Google to not just collect, but also use it. Google Maps is commonly used for navigation. One of its useful features is its predictive ETA based on live traffic data. Collecting speed and location gives data to feed that model and give better accuracy on current traffic conditions in a given area. I'd say that's a good use of it, as long as it's anonymized.

Which of course neatly explains things like Coolant Temp.

Coolant Temp?!? WTF, Over???

Comment Re:It's not what Google wants.... (Score 2) 316

But you kinda-sorta already know Apple's been angling at the "you're not the product" aspect for privacy the past couple of years or so as a way to compete with Google.

You're mistaken.

Although Apple has come to realize that they can "Market" their Privacy Policy, it was already in place long before people started getting sensitive to being data-raped continuously.

Apple sells hardware (primarily). They have no need nor interest in monetizing your data. And they freely admit that "iAd" is the (really, really miniscule) exception to that rule.

Comment Re:It's not what Google wants.... (Score -1, Redundant) 316

Information about the car is what CONSUMERS want. Google is asking for it because we are asking for it.

Umm, no. Google is asking for it because Google's CUSTOMERS want it.

Hint: You are NOT a Google customer. You are Google's PRODUCT.

Google's CUSTOMERS are INTERNET ADVERTISERS looking to strip mine your life for data.

Google's business model is to turn your privacy upside down, shake the shit out of it, and collect everything and anything that falls out.

Then they go through your privacy's pockets looking for loose change because it's completely dead.


Comment Re:It's not what Google wants.... (Score 3, Insightful) 316

Yeah. This is useful for lots of automated diagnostics functions.

Also, SOME of that data (not all of it) is highly beneficial for augmenting navigation systems (most notably, vehicle speedometer and steering position). Google even explicitly mentioned how this data would be used by Android Auto in a presentation somewhere (I don't have the link to it now...) It's hinted at a bit past one minute in to https://www.youtube.com/watch?... but I'm fairly certain I saw a presentation somewhere explicitly stating that vehicle GPS, steering position, and wheel speed would be used for location sensor fusion.

Yeah, everyone wants minute by minute logging of their Coolant Temperature and Throttle Position.

If that was Apple, Slashdot's Apple-Haters would be setting the Internets on fire with the hate-posts.

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