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Comment: This scares me a bit... (Score 1) 18

by libtek (#45612349) Attached to: Barcelona Will Be a Big Test For HotSpot 2.0 Wi-Fi Connections
FTA: "...when their subscribers walked into the venue with their phones, the phones and access points started an automatic conversation. By the time a user pulled his smartphone from a pocket, the device already had been authenticated to the Wi-Fi network, with full roaming rights, and securely connected."

I assume the attendees signed up for the event, (and probably some sort or User Agreement) to "allow" this demonstration to happen BUT.

The idea of a being hijacked by one of these hotspots should give plenty of researchers some material to play with before this comes to the US. Hell, maybe we can just ask the NSA to flip it on for us...

Comment: Re:wrong two words (Score 1) 740

by libtek (#44960443) Attached to: Somebody Stole 7 Milliseconds From the Federal Reserve
LOL - Who said a human clicked the button? I am saying, if 2 PM was the agreed-upon (leaked) time, then it is pretty trivial to set up a routine to cron it out at the specified time. A: "Hey this is going down at 2:00 pm, be ready" B: "Just set up the script to trade at 2:00 pm, thanks" Simple.

Comment: Re:How is this any different? (Score 1) 159

by libtek (#44869245) Attached to: Reddit Bans Subreddit Dedicated To Finding Navy Yard Shooters
That was via Twitter... A social media site.

FOX News, nor Twitter apply either... They are obviously making an open release to the public, for any pertinent information. Or did I misunderstand the Make and Model plus Licence Plate registration info? They are just telling us that THEY are looking, right?

Comment: Re:Country spies on other country (Score 1) 158

by libtek (#44868093) Attached to: Belgium Investigates Suspected Cyber Spying By Foreign State
LOL - I got no beef witchoo, Anon. Just makin' discussion...

I've been locked up. I hate those motherfuckers, but I also just stay the fuck out of their way. I will leave a point-by-point rebuttal to another user who cares, I got beers to drink.

They can strip search me all they want, if they like lookin' at balls and assholes, and when the pigs ask, I got their papers. Simple. Stay real, always. Ever vigilant; to be aware is to be alive.

Comment: Re:Country spies on other country (Score 1) 158

by libtek (#44867717) Attached to: Belgium Investigates Suspected Cyber Spying By Foreign State
Bwahaha - you can't be serious...

This has to be a troll thread.

We would not be here today if at ANY TIME in the past, we followed the policy you just stated. And there's no way to go back now. Just be happy for your freedoms.

Peace, love and all that jazz to fellow humans, but leave the shit work to the politicians and spooks that love it. They keep us as comfortable as we are today. I hate some government policies, but after realizing you can't do a damned thing to change the system, just kick back, pop open a cold one and smoke it if you got it, This is America.

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