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Comment I really don't give a shit.. (Score 1) 157

The faster they can blow through their dictionary the better. If 24 of these Advanced Persistent Chinese crackers get born every day going after me, and they can blow through their dict. in an hour I'll have 24 of them to deal with a day. If I make them spend 2 years doing it, then I'll have to deal with over 9000 knocking on my door.

Comment No, it is not getting any closer (Score 1) 503

Not only are we not getting any closer, it is not going to happen. There will always be something claiming a monopoly on violence demanding a pile of certain trinkets from you, trinkets only they can produce. Like someone said a long time ago .. Death and Taxes, they are certain.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 216

But any adult OS has a terminal emulator built in.

And they all suck hairy donkey balls.. You know you have been using PuTTY too long when..
You LOL at all the post about because you know how to blindly download the last version from
The first thing you do on a brand new Mac is downloading VirtualBox and a warezed TinyXP just to run PuTTY.
You do the same on any fresh unixbox just to ssh into the host because you can't stand the behaviour of the native terminal emulator.
Can give a 20 minute speech on how PuTTY-on-Ubuntu/Mac/whatyouhave is Not The Same Thing
You pranked friends with a trojaned version in the previous century.

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