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Comment Re: Refers to Observable Universe Only (Score 2) 194

[1] Astrostatistics and Data Mining
pp13. Luis Manuel Sarro, Laurent Eyer, William O'Mullane, Joris De Ridder .. ISBN 1461433231, 9781461433231
[2] Applications of Bayesian model averaging to the curvature and size of the Universe
Vardanyan, Mihran; Trotta, Roberto; Silk, Joseph .. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters, Volume 413, Issue 1, pp. L91-L95.

Comment Theory schmeory (Score 1) 82

/dev/null earns its name because the device is so small nothing can be read from it. Oddly, though, physicists have come up with a bit of theoretical sleight of hand to retrieve a speck of information that's been sent to /dev/null. The calculation touches on one of the biggest mysteries in physics: how all of the information written to /dev/null hole leaks out as heat from the CPU and gets 'dispersed' by the heat sink. Many theorists think that happens, but they don't know how to put humpty dumpty together again.

Comment Re:Bunch of whiners in this discussion so far (Score 2) 78

With the help of emscripten native emulators are being ported to the browser, warts, features and all. See eg. JSMESS. For games this is great because there is often a ceiling for the speed you need and you can get it out of any recent hardware. There is _nothing_ easy about getting something to run natively in MESS the first time. If you want to share the CastleVania experience you can embed it in a tweet. How awesome is that!

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