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Comment Re:Bunch of whiners in this discussion so far (Score 2) 78

With the help of emscripten native emulators are being ported to the browser, warts, features and all. See eg. JSMESS. For games this is great because there is often a ceiling for the speed you need and you can get it out of any recent hardware. There is _nothing_ easy about getting something to run natively in MESS the first time. If you want to share the CastleVania experience you can embed it in a tweet. How awesome is that!

Comment I really don't give a shit.. (Score 1) 157

The faster they can blow through their dictionary the better. If 24 of these Advanced Persistent Chinese crackers get born every day going after me, and they can blow through their dict. in an hour I'll have 24 of them to deal with a day. If I make them spend 2 years doing it, then I'll have to deal with over 9000 knocking on my door.

"Love your country but never trust its government." -- from a hand-painted road sign in central Pennsylvania