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Comment Re:didn't happen in Manitoba (Score 2) 755

Only if you broadly define welfare to include things that are not welfare and you make the system such that there is a a large disadvantage to improving yourself, such is the case in many programs.

Have you thought that the teenagers you are talking about do that because they have little to no money and cannot find good work?

Comment Re: 4/5 in favor (Score 1) 755

I think you may be the idiot here. The idea is that you make a min salary, lets use your 40k (although it is high, lets go with it), then the company pays you a reasonable salary for your job, but it is less than you would make now doing that job, lets say 15k for your scrubbing toilets. So now you can get paid 40k for sitting on your ass, or you can make 55K to scrub toilets, only 15k of it comes from the company... However the GPs comment was about necessary jobs, I am not sure scrubbing toilets counts in that.

Comment Re:Nope... Wrong interpretation. (Score 1) 417

under the conditions of an H1-B? or under the conditions of infosys you stated? From my understanding once the employee leaves infosys for another company then infosys does not have control anymore. the expense is a very small portion of the person's salary, so really that just means some extra paperwork.

Comment Re:Cost of labor is always a problem for companies (Score 3, Insightful) 417

There is a fundamental difference. Offsoring requires you to either give up control of hte workers, via third party companies, or build an office in the country. In addition importing labor allows you to continue to use the infrastructure in the host country, which may not be good in the other country.

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