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Comment Re:I wouldn't vote for you (Score 1) 343

Difference is that Obama was corrupted by office in this regard. I would rather have someone who is an open critic, running as a critic, that gets into office and then some how understands something differently, than someone who is openly bad from the beginning. With the first we have have a shot at fixing it, with the latter there is no shot.

Comment Re:I wouldn't vote for you (Score 1) 343

Except that the definition I provided would still be considered an originalist, because there is nothing in the original Constitution that contradicts it, as I mentioned. I consider myself a consitutionalist, but progressive. They are not against each other by itself.

Where I will complain about him would be more about his stance on guns and blocking inmates and the crazies from having them. That is not an originalist.

Comment Re:I wouldn't vote for you (Score 1) 343

Well, even as a liberal, the natural born citizen part was left up to congress, and not specifically defined in the Constitution. the current belief is that if you are eligible to be a US citizen at birth, to the criteria that defines someone as a US citizen, then you are a natural born citizen. Depending on Cruz's mothers resident status at the time, when was the last time she lived in the US prior to giving birth, he could be a natural born citizen based on that definition.

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