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Comment: Re:All aboard the FAIL train (Score 2) 535

by thaylin (#49614015) Attached to: Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina Announces Bid For White House

That it is such a regressive tax.

First the tax is inclusive, they do it that way because it is a 30% sales tax, exclusive, but by claiming it is inclusive they make it seem like it is only 23%.

Then the prebate that they claim will offset the cost to the lower and middle class is an exclusive 23% meaning that it does not fully offset the 30% exclusive tax.

Secondly there are many people with current houses who based their affordability of those houses based on the lower tar rate that the credits/deductions provide and they would lose those, putting them in a place to lose their home.

It is being played as a way to reduce taxes, but it really only does that on the wealthy and businesses and places that burden on the poor and middle class. You cannot do away with more than half the tax income, business and wealthy, and not make it up someplace else.

Comment: Re: Withholding evidence? (Score 1) 94

I agree that cops should not be able to break the law to catch law breakers, except in the narrow circumstances such as speeding to catch speeders that society allows, and that illegal actions and the fruit that they gather should be thrown out. In fact I would also support prosecuting the cops that do this as well.

Comment: Re: i don't understand the premise of the post (Score 1) 249

by thaylin (#49610279) Attached to: VA Tech Student Arrested For Posting Perceived Threat Via Yik Yak

Because threats made by a random driver, often through a closed window, against another random driver in traffic are widely believed not to be serious. If the threatening driver proceeds to follow the threatened around, it does become criminal.

Yet you think believed threats made by a random computer user through a closed computer terminal against unknown people are more serious? Where was the following in this case

That what the courts are for

No, that is what the police are for. The police are suposed to look at this and follow up and make a determination. Was the threat real, or some stupid post on the interweb. Obviously because of how weak the charges are they found the threat to not be credible.

That was one of the big changes after 9/11 it stopped being possible to "joke" under certain circumstances. Joking about carrying a (picture of a) gun through security gets your "gun" confiscated. Using the phrase "another 9/11" "another Columbine" (or, at VA Tech, "another 4/16") on the internet gets you a visit from NSA or the local police. There used to be procedures for distinguishing real bomb threats from idle or frivolous threats, but they're pretty hard to apply to 140 characters.

So you have given up your freedom for security, you know how the quote goes I assume.

Comment: Re: i don't understand the premise of the post (Score 2) 249

by thaylin (#49610079) Attached to: VA Tech Student Arrested For Posting Perceived Threat Via Yik Yak

If you use your "Freedom of Speech" to threaten violence and the use of force against me, you have abused your freedom and curtailed mine: as a result, threats of violence are illegal as well.

that was the person you replied to's point, people threaten others every day, yet these charges would never be brought against them.

Besides prove it is a threat and not just you being over sensitive.

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