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Comment: Re:Reminds me of a Star Trek: TNG episode... (Score 1) 154

by kv9 (#33139330) Attached to: Coronal Mass Ejection Hits Earth

where Dr. Crusher was commanding the Enterprise.

she wasn't commanding the Enterprise in that episode, just the research team testing that shield thing. she commanded her own ship in the last episode (future) and the Enterprise when she was in another dimension with everyone else dissapearing around her. more adept TNG nerds feel free to correct me.

Comment: Re:Never played DS 1 or 2. Any opinions on them? (Score 1) 84

by kv9 (#32496598) Attached to: <em>Dungeon Siege III</em> Being Developed by Obsidian

DS2 was not very good. They had removed even the thought of combat tactics. Now you just pointed and your people did their stuff in that general direction. You just watched your people swing and cast spells automatically, according to some AI script you couldn't touch. It felt like the game played itself but required you to keep clicking forward. Truly mindless and not worth touching.

wrong, the auto combat was disabled by default just because many people whined about it in DS1 and you had to go check some boxes to enable it. I enjoyed DS1 more, DS2 felt kinda arcadeish, but it was a bit more difficult and "pretty". liked it better on the second playthrough.

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