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Comment: Re:Why sell a money press? (Score 1) 250

by nolife (#46177965) Attached to: The Bitcoin Death Star: KnC Plans 10 Megawatt Data Center In Sweden

That is the reason most ASIC miners are vaporware. When these specialized mining rigs are readily available and can be sent to your house in less than a week, their RTO will be questionable. This isn't like the California gold rush where you actually had to travel there, set up a camp and then start mining day to day while you also lived there. The actual mining was the work and although there was profit to be made selling the tools to allow other to do that, the tools needed were just a small part of the whole process. With ASIC miners, the tools and electricity do EVERYTHING, you just sit there.

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by nolife (#46066649) Attached to: Superbowl Means Time For Spy Cams, Hazmat Squads and Bomb-Sniffing Dogs

You can't use the word Superbowl or even Super Sunday without the NFL wanting some money. People have been calling it the the "Big Game", although the NFL is now trying to trademark that term as well.

Unless you pay the NFL money, if the NFL has their way, we might have to call it
"that game that happens at the end of the season that determines the champion in the sport that uses the brown oblong ball in the US"

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mobile bandwidth problems are not a myth, they are real for the end users. The actual problem might not be limited spectrum or a technology deficiency and maybe a carrier refusing to spend money to expand or upgrade but that does not change the fact that there is still a problem.

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Cars are a different game. They are not stolen to be sold as a whole unit. They are stripped down and sold in pieces. The most stolen cars and pieces are the ones that still have the most on the road that need the most repair parts or ones that the repair parts are very expensive. The 1989 Toyota Camry was still one of the most stolen in 2012. It's not like they are collector items or a status symbol that people must have. I don't think people are stripping down an iPhone and selling off the parts.

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I wasn't done.

A major factor here is when a child is killed with a gun in a school, it is instantly world wide news and people grab their pitch forks. When a child is killed by a falling TV, it may get a few seconds in the local news or in a community paper and not many people outside of the family ever hears about it. Both are equally tragic, both are equally as dangerous. People know about guns, barely anyone even thinks about a TV falling. People need to think about these dangers. Don't just jump on the ones that make the national news.

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Last year 29 kids were killed by falling TVs in their house and on average 18,000 people are inured every year from them. This is just what was reported and documented. Before people start jumping on the bandwagon that guns kill when these horrible tragedies pop up, remember.... there are many other common things that can happen in and around your house that are statistically just as dangerous as guns to children.

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posted before I was done..

Let's assume Joe sees me making $500 profit and he goes to western PA and does the same thing. Now there are 20 of them, not as many people want to pay $1000 so we lower out price to $800. Jim wants in on the deal, he brings some in and now we are selling them for $650. Home depot gets wind of this, loads up a truck load of them from Arkansas and sells them for $625. They wouldn't make money selling them at $500 for the trip. At $625, they are willing to give it a try. In the end EVERYONE wins. Obviously there some more details here but there has to be an incentive for businesses and regular Joes to bring in the supplies. Without that incentive, no one gets anything. The answer? Take some personal responsibility and do some basic preparing for a disaster yourself when the prices are low. If everyone did that, there would be less shortages and panics and those that got completely wiped out and lost everything can be helped first.

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