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Comment: Re:Hmmm .... (Score 1) 100

by nolife (#47929613) Attached to: A DC-10 Passenger Plane Is Perfect At Fighting Wildfires

The chain of events was
1. A cargo door not latched and dogged shut even though it appeared to be shut and its indicator indicated shut and latched.
2. Door blows off at some altitude and pressure vents off, passenger area vents slower from lack of enough vents and air pressure collapses the floor.
3. As floor is collapsing and falling into the cargo area, it breaks major hydraulic lines that are run just under the floor.
4. Pilot no has little to no control of the plane and.....

Comment: Re:I'm shocked! (Score 1) 181

by nolife (#47711683) Attached to: Netflix CEO On Net Neutrality: Large ISPs Are the Problem

The costs of laying wire/fiber are expensive but in the end, the people in the area can and do eventually pay for it regardless of who did it. It doesn't matter if Verizon, Comcast, Joe's Fiber Company, or the city of Whatever did the laying of the wire, the final cost for that wiring project would be the same. The problem with the franchise agreements is the people paid but they paid it to a single company that won't share it. People could have paid a third party or the local government the same amount of money in the end to run those lines and had an "open" line and then picked a carrier for their service on that line. The Verizons and Comcasts could still negotiate and run their own lines in the same area instead of providing service on the existing "public" lines but they won't. Why? Because of the competition and choice people have and they do not see money in doing it.

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Devolving talent and skills requires time. There is always new people coming in but they do not come in immediately to the higher level positions. They start lower and possibly work their way up. If your top performers are leaving soon after they reach that "top performer" level, you will have less top performers. So, you recognize their benefit to your company and provide better benefits to try to keep keep them happy or you illegally collude with your competition and peers to not offer benefits greater then you or flat out refuse to hire them away from each other at any cost. These companies chose the later method.

Comment: Re:How Can The USMS Sell These? (Score 1) 88

by nolife (#47360623) Attached to: Winners of First Seized Silk Road Bitcoin Auction Remain Anonymous

They could belong to anyone. All that person(s) has to do if file a claim and prove ownership.

Obviously no one including Ulbright himself attempted to claim them. Therefore, no claim of ownership so it goes to auction. There is a risk involved with claiming property that was involved with illegal activity. At no point were the owners of these bitcoins ever held back or hindered from officially claiming them. If you were doing nothing illegal, there is very little reason not to claim ownership.

This is standard procedure and has been this way for decades. No different then the local police confiscating stolen car stereos and iPads. If no one claims them, they are auctioned off.

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by nolife (#47274563) Attached to: NADA Is Terrified of Tesla

Wait until you get a car from a local person that turns out to not have a good title- or was in an accident and reconditioned. Talk about stress.

You look at the title before you buy it. If you bought a car with no title or a recon, that was your own fault, anyone can EASILY avoid that situation with a 5 second look at the title. Unless the person forged the title but that is another issue.

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by nolife (#46177965) Attached to: The Bitcoin Death Star: KnC Plans 10 Megawatt Data Center In Sweden

That is the reason most ASIC miners are vaporware. When these specialized mining rigs are readily available and can be sent to your house in less than a week, their RTO will be questionable. This isn't like the California gold rush where you actually had to travel there, set up a camp and then start mining day to day while you also lived there. The actual mining was the work and although there was profit to be made selling the tools to allow other to do that, the tools needed were just a small part of the whole process. With ASIC miners, the tools and electricity do EVERYTHING, you just sit there.

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by nolife (#46066649) Attached to: Superbowl Means Time For Spy Cams, Hazmat Squads and Bomb-Sniffing Dogs

You can't use the word Superbowl or even Super Sunday without the NFL wanting some money. People have been calling it the the "Big Game", although the NFL is now trying to trademark that term as well.

Unless you pay the NFL money, if the NFL has their way, we might have to call it
"that game that happens at the end of the season that determines the champion in the sport that uses the brown oblong ball in the US"

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