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Comment: Re:It's a huge issue to app developers, not Google (Score 1) 211

by empaler (#32437680) Attached to: Android Compatibility and Fragmentation
Wow, you just made me re-animate my /. account. You have just described some of the major reasons I have gone in a great big circle around the Android phones, even if I find the *idea* of a Linux-based phone OS by Google very appealing. I have an iPhone that has all the same advantages of the Apple computers, only amplified: Complete hardware control and testability. They might be a little more expensive, and Apple might be dickheads, but they still deliver a better end product to the users. Maybe in a year or two
The Almighty Buck

+ - Egypt to Copyright Pyramids and Sphynx->

Submitted by empaler
empaler (130732) writes "We all know the usual pro-copyright arguments. Most of them hinge on the fact that the individual or company that has a copyright needs an incentive to make something that is copyrightable, and therefore ensure a revenue stream in a period after the copyright has been granted. In a never-surpassed move, Egypt is working on legislation to extend copyright well above 3000 years — they are going to start claiming royalties for using likenesses of the Sphynx and the Pyramids. It is still unclear whether the original intent of the Pyramids included "making sure them bastards pay for a plastic copy in 3000 years" alongside "securing a pathway to the heavens for the God King". Speaking as a Greenlandic national, I want dibs on ice cubes."
Link to Original Source

+ - Anyone still in the "just use root not sudo

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Some time ago, I saw some decent arguments in favor of just using a root account only on certain machines, not going for sudo and individual admin accounts. It may have been on an old OpenBSD mailing list. I can't find it now but it made me wonder, given the current landscape of SOX, ITIL, etc and the continuing misdirection by upper management, politician and consulting firms that the answer to corporate malfeasance and poor performance is in CCTV and keystroke monitoring of low level employees, is anyone still using and/or willing to admit to using root only? sudosh seems to be an interesting option, I've tried it and if it was a little more up to date, it appears to have some better logging features than other FOSS options for root level task logging.

Anonymous because I don't want to be torn to shreds by enthusiastic sudoers."

+ - Microsoft can evade GPL 3 ..

Submitted by
rs232 writes ""Microsoft should be able to extricate itself from the implications of the new GPL 3, according to a leading Australian intellectual property lawyer"

"Unless there is something more specific in the certificate or the collaboration agreement between Novell and Microsoft, I would be very surprised to see this upheld. It was a nice try on the part of (the FSF), but at this stage, I'd say it's not going to be an effective strategy. It will be tough to hold up in court."

'In this case, she said, Microsoft never acted — never 'entered' into the agreement, and the terms and conditions can only apply to new actions by Microsoft, not older ones. She said: "Their actions so far are not enough to say that they are bound."'

http://software.silicon.com/os/0,39024651,39167957 ,00.htm"

+ - Don't overlook command line processing

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Command-line processing is historically one of the most ignored areas in software development. Just about any relatively complicated software has dozens of available command-line options. The GNU tool gperf is a "perfect" hash function that, for a given set of user-provided strings, generates C/C++ code for a hash table, a hash function, and a lookup function. This article provides a reference for a good discussion on how to use gperf for effective command-line processing, and on command-line processing techniques in general."

+ - Robbie Williams to play Captain Kirk

Submitted by AxminsterLeuven
AxminsterLeuven (963108) writes "After yesterday's announcement that Leonard Nimoy will be playing Spock again, reports are coming in that none other than Robbie Williams will be cast as Captain Kirk. Here's just one example, that quotes director J.J. Abrams as saying: "I think (Williams)'d be a good Captain Kirk. The Kirk in my movie is quite young, it's like the early years.""

Nobody's gonna believe that computers are intelligent until they start coming in late and lying about it.