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+ - Tor eyes crowdfunding campaign to upgrade its hidden services->

Submitted by apexcp
apexcp (931320) writes "The web's biggest anonymity network is considering a crowdfunding campaign to overhaul its hidden services.

In the last 15 months, several of the biggest anonymous websites on the Tor network have been identified and seized by police. In most cases, no one is quite sure how it happened.

The details of such a campaign have yet to be revealed. With enough funding, Tor could have developers focusing their work entirely on hidden services, a change in developer priorities that many Tor users have been hoping for in recent years.


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Comment: Re:Reminds me of a Star Trek: TNG episode... (Score 1) 154

by kv9 (#33139330) Attached to: Coronal Mass Ejection Hits Earth

where Dr. Crusher was commanding the Enterprise.

she wasn't commanding the Enterprise in that episode, just the research team testing that shield thing. she commanded her own ship in the last episode (future) and the Enterprise when she was in another dimension with everyone else dissapearing around her. more adept TNG nerds feel free to correct me.

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