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Comment Re:15 years old? (Score 1) 317

We can roll back the point of no return through carbon sequestration - I think the "point of no return" concept is doing more harm than good. It makes people accept inevitability rather than take action. Carbon harvested from the atmosphere combined with renewable power can also be used to produce carbon-neutral synthetic gasoline for those old cars.

People won't have to put solar up, power companies will gladly build solar farms and sell you solar electricity for the madly expensive price of about what your electricity currently costs.

Comment Re:15 years old? (Score 3, Informative) 317

Well good news! People don't eat uranium, carbon fiber or semiconductor materials, so my plan won't starve people! I was thinking about nuclear, wind and solar rather than running the planet on ethanol. You know what will starve people though? The droughts and floods that come with climate change. Those and other natural disasters HURT PEOPLE.

Comment Re:I'm not surprised (Score 2) 109

90% of all ADT alarms installed use the zipcode as the installer/backdoor access code.
95% of all alarms installed by companies use the house address as the default code for the customer at install time and NEVER have the code changed.

Alarm systems typically are only used for notification to the homeowner that they need to call the insurance company for a claim.

Comment Re:Sounds like a good idea. (Score 2) 217

People not paying them back is probably a result of the huge increase in tuition fees, and the increased interest rate of the new loans.

My 2004 loan was ~£1k fees per year, plus ~£4k living costs, so £20k in total, at (currently) 0.9% AER. This would be paid back in 30 years assuming a constant salary of just £26000.

A student now, with £9k tuition fees plus the same living costs, would have £52k of debt at 3% AER. They would need a constant salary of £46k to pay it off in 30 years, which is less common.

Plus the government just changed the terms of the newer loans (which is terrible! No bank would be allowed to do this) meaning most students still won't pay it off, but will pay back more of the interest.

Comment Re:Avoidance (Score 3, Insightful) 82

"Those that did the most real work and were good at it were passed over."

It seems they were not good at observation. If you are really good at your job, you WILL NOT BE PROMOTED. you need to be medicore at your job and good at ass kissing to get promoted. It has been this way from the beginning of time.

Too many people buy into the lie that if you are really good at what you do you will be rewarded. you are never rewarded, you are kept right where you are to do your job really well and make others look good.

Comment This pursuit is utterly stupid... (Score 1, Insightful) 384

All it does is make phones suck more. 99% of the buying public if you ask them... "do you want a thinner phone or a phone that will last 2 days on a charge?"
  all of them will say, "give me the longer lasting charge."

We don't want thinner, we want more battery capacity. The number 1 flaw with the One Plus X is that it's battery life utterly sucks. Well number 2.. Number 1 is that it's a 3G only phone in most of the United states as they were complete retards at OnePlus and did not set it up for the 700mhz LTE band.

Everyone I show mine to says, "Ohh that is a very nice phone it's so thin!" until I tell them about battery life.. then they say they would rather have a phone that is thicker so that it lasts longer.

"Everybody is talking about the weather but nobody does anything about it." -- Mark Twain