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Comment: Re:A few things here... (Score 1) 169

by Lumpy (#49787033) Attached to: California Is Giving Away Free Solar Panels To Its Poorest Residents

"Can people afford to put a solar array on their house with $70k income? No"

No? only a doofus thinks that. I put one on my home when I made only $40K It's not expensive if you don't use the overpriced made in america solar panels.

I bought China 200 watt panels for less than $1.50 a watt. then installed a syncing inverter and use the grid as my battery. I actually run the meter backwards.

If you make $70K and cant afford solar, then you are either a fool, or someone that can't budget money very well.

Comment: Dear Clinton foundation... (Score 1) 182

by Lumpy (#49782671) Attached to: Clinton Foundation: Kids' Lack of CS Savvy Threatens the US Economy

It's because the USA schools SUCK. utterly SUCK. Most schools do not teach a lick of CS, and MOSt of the money the school has is not put into sciences and math, but the worthless sports programs.

American kids will graduate as scientifically illiterate dum dum's until this is changed.

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