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Comment It's never *just* RAM, Video Card Biases Results (Score 1) 350

It's a bit senseless to test whether there's a big difference between regular desktop use is affected by the jump from 4GB to 8GB when you have a a Geforce GTX 980 -- a card that has 4GB of its OWN RAM and costs as much as most people's workstations or home PCs.

Anyone who is running a recently purchased system (within the last 2 years) with only 4GB of RAM is very likely using on-board video as well. Who uses these computers? Rank and file office workers and home users who don't know better.

Getting just about any modern, budget video card will offload graphics work, un-share RAM, and reduce the use of virtual memory. It will make the 4GB stretch a lot farther and 8GB will be plenty for most people. But without that video card, there's just never enough RAM.

So, ya, if you want to say that going from 4GB to 8GB doesn't make a big difference, try making that change without your $500 video card.

Comment Re:It's Not About Porn (Score 1) 231

(1) I wish I could mod you up because that's a well argued AC post and I think good AC posts don't get the credit they deserve. Unfortunately, I've already commented in this thread (obviously) and thus cannot use my points.

(2) While porno is everywhere and easily accessible, anyone found with porno, or publicly admitting to watching/reading/etc. porno is going to be shamed. And that's what I mean by it being pervasive in society but still publicly taboo. If it was in no way publicly taboo, then where's the UK porno-lovers group standing up for porno rights?

Comment Re:It's Not About Porn (Score 4, Interesting) 231

I'm going to disagree here. There is no significant revenue that can come from the ISPs locking down porn access and people getting for accessing it in other ways. If the UK government wanted more money, it could spend a lot less to get a lot more.

This is about conservative social values and the political power of "think of the children". Since pornography is pervasive but still taboo in Western society, it's an easy political stranglehold because there simply aren't enough people willing to stand up and say, "It's my right to was two consenting adults go at it online." It's too publicly shameful. "Oh, look at him! He's probably a paedo! I would never look at that filth! Shame him! SHAME HIM!"

Since no one can publicly admit to it without such extreme shaming, no one's going to stand up and protect it. Thus someone supporting said conservative values will get the support of nearly everyone because "If you don't support it, then you likely should be shamed because you, too, are probably a paedo!"

This is completely a social and political tactic. Not financial.

Comment Re:Migh as well get on it (Score 1) 663

You don't even have to put in THAT much effort to see a significant change (depending on starting mass). Try the calorie calculator here. ( I went from 245 to 220lbs without much drama just by making small changes and integrating physical movement better into my life.

If you are eating a 4000-kcal daily diet regularly, cutting your intake in half isn't going to help you lose weight... it's going to help you quit dieting because dropping half your intake is extremely difficult. You can't tell your stretched out stomach, "Hey, so please stop telling me you're hungry."

Cut out one bad thing a week. If you're a total red-meat head and think that no meal is a meal without fried beef, then that may be a problem. Make the switch from red meat to chicken, pork, and fish. If you're a fried-food maniac, cut out fried meats and potatoes. If you're eating fast food for more than 4 meals a week (schedules are a pain, I know), choose a better fast food option. Subway is not a bastion of extreme healthiness, but a footlong turkey on wheat will do significantly less damage than a burger and fries from Five Guys.

And cut out the soda. All of it. Iced tea, water-- almost anything else. But start weening yourself off of it. Still want the fizz? Buy 2-liters of club soda, juice a lime, a lemon, an orange, or a grapefruit at home, throw the juice on ice and top off wit the club soda. BAM-- a non-ultra sweet soda.

If you want to lose weight and stick to a better diet (but not go on "a diet"), you have to make small changes. You have to create a new normal. Do too much at once, and you're dooming yourself to failure.

Comment Good! I want to see if it leads to failure. (Score 1) 361

Hi there. I'm a big-time sustainability nerd. In fact, it's literally part of my job description. I have friends throughout the industry-- energy, transportation, water, land use, etc. I have a couple friends in the food sustainability area and they're vehemently divided on the viability of non-GM crops in the modern world. Me? I can't be bothered to care too much. I don't have the time in the day to figure out how to best grow free-range battery chargers for solar chickens. I need to leave that to someone else. I'm happy that someone has volunteered to be the test bed for this experiment.

Comment Re:Reddit is a Business with Business Needs (Score 1) 581

Your argument works with "fat" people because the courts do not recognize having X lbs. of fat as a suspect class. But when you have sub-forums specifically formed to be a place to discuss racist/sexist/prejudicial/discriminatory/etc. topics, the community leaves itself open to allegations of supporting, facilitating, or giving shelter to hate speech. And, unfortunately, even if you have a rock-solid liability waiver, defending one's self in court will cost money and reputation. Note that I'm not saying that either having such forums or getting rid of such forums is a good or bad thing, but simply that this is the course of evolution of a community. Gather people, get popular, need funding and thus compromise principles, need more people to get more funding and thus further compromise principles. Clubs, online forums, governments, etc. Everything develops away from highly-held ideals towards "the highest held ideals that angers the fewest number of people".

Comment Reddit is a Business with Business Needs (Score 5, Interesting) 581

I hate the idea of major sites like Reddit, Fark, etc. giving up what made them popular: being a sanctuary for people to communicate things as they see fit. But I also accept that once an online community becomes sufficiently large, they will need to:

(1) Bring in revenue to support the people maintaining the site and to pay for the hardware/bandwidth required to actually have a site to support.
(2) Those who provide revenue will impose requirements upon the site that will erode what previously defined the community.
(3) When a community gets sufficiently large, they attract people who weren't part of the original concept and they will demand to be catered to. This will require further erosion of the community's core principles to facilitate because, since revenue's needed, those managing the community must make everyone feel welcomed.
(4) Be ready for lawsuits from people who do not accept the original principles, but want to be part of the community regardless.

This happens with ALL communities and this looks to be Reddit's semi-collapse. Reddit won't die-- not by a long shot. But many will leave and what made Reddit most distinctive from other sites will be watered down. That's called death by success.

Comment Good - Target Offenders, Not the Stereotype (Score 3, Insightful) 331

My only annoyance with the whole internet abuse counter-attack (Gamergate, etc.) is that those who were targeted by the abuse went and painted the entirety of the population of male gamers as sociopathic misogynists and giggled while the innocent were lumped in with that horrible stereotype.

Just like pre-internet days, the nerds get abused for being nerds.

This case is exactly what needs to be the standard response. (1) Someone reports abuse. (2) Investigation. (3) Abuser found. (4) Abuser tried and convicted. The end. No making a career based on accusing all male gamers or the entire video game industry or the entirety of "science" for the abuse of a few people perpetrated. Just report, investigate, find, convict, close the book.

We don't need social martyrs, we need good police work and good courts.

Comment I never sleep in (Score 1) 159

I sleep (typically) from 9:30pm to 6:00am when I have work the next day. I also bike commute and don't eat breakfast, so I need the sleep when I'm not eating before the ride.

On Friday and Saturday nights, though, I tend to go to sleep around 10:00pm and wake up around 4:30am or 5:00am. Weird, I know, but for some reason, I wake up with the thought in my mind, "This is my time! I'm not sleeping through it!"

Comment Re:China, the yellow scourge (Score 1) 86

"Worse" is a relative term. Bribery and what the West considers fraudulent or corrupt don't have the same weight or value in China. Talk to anyone who does business in China. Bribery is expected. It's part of business. The West's influence is trying to make Chinese business more like the West's (and thus more predictable) and thus we're seeing Chinese business practices through the Western lens. India's not that different. Nor many Latin American countries. Come to think of it, bribes are a part of business life for the majority of the population of the world. So there's that.

Comment Re:Male-ness is a Secondary Characteristic (Score 1) 166

Speaking of the "heavy lifting" requirement, nothing would make me happier than seeing better female representation in heavy/hard labor industries. There have been some highly visible construction industry cases wherein females in the industry were treated inappropriately. But those women were setting the groundwork.

Then there's plumbing, sewage, heavy machinery, roadwork, waste management, etc.

Those are the high visibility and hard working positions that, if females started competing for, males would take notice and give proper respect.

I would be proud as all hell if my future daughter did roadwork.

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