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Comment Re:Wrong. (Score 1) 190

"K&R C worked great, the source was available and it was available on most of the mainstream platforms and took off on PCs"
c did not take off on the PC for a while and when it did it was Turbo C that was the first really popular compiler.
Sorry but when you are specing anything a government project you really needed to have a hard spec and not one bases on a book by two guys at AT&T. Also the source to c was not open you had to pay AT&T for it. At the time Ada seemed like a great idea since the DOD had software projects in over 100 different languages. Just as most companies will have requirements to use x language for a projects and even coding standards it is logical that the DOD would do the same. The Ada requirement was limited to mission critical systems. You did not have to write every word processor or spreadsheet in Ada for the DOD. If you where writing weapons control software for a 688 class sub then yes.
BTW even today Ada meets your original requirements It is open and it is still widely used. You can get a free Ada compiler

Comment Re:WRONG! (Score 2) 58

I'd put any form of sociology or psychology down as being considerably less scientific. To be completely fair software engineering is undoubtedly the least scientific of the engineering disciplines but seems to generate the greatest amount of dunning kreuger with regard to perceived competence in the sciences.

Submission + - Idaho Law Against Recording Abuses on Factory Farms Ruled Unconstitutional

onproton writes: An Idaho law that made it illegal to record and document animal abuse or dangerous hygienic practices in agricultural facilities, often referred to as an ‘ag-gag’ law, was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge on Monday. The judge concluded that the law restricted constitutionally protected free speech, and contradicted “long-established defamation and whistleblowing statutes by punishing employees for publishing true and accurate recordings on matters of public concern.” Idaho is just one of several states to pass this type of law, which allow food production facilities to censor some unfavorable forms of speech at their convenience. Under the Idaho statute, an employee that witnessed and recorded an incident, even if it depicted true and life-threatening health or safety violations, could be faced with a year in jail and fines of up to “twice the economic loss the owner suffers.” In his ruling, the judge stated that this was “precisely the type of speech the First Amendment was designed to protect.” This decision has raised questions about the constitutionality of these types of laws in other states as well, and it’s likely that there will be more legal battles ahead.

Submission + - US approves anti-epilepsy pill manufactured with 3D printer->

Okian Warrior writes: Aprecia Pharmaceuticals announced that the FDA had approved its Spritam medication for the treatment of epilepsy.

The company said that with its ZipDose 3D printing technology, it is possible to create a detailed, porous structure which allows the pill to dissolve faster while delivering up to 1,000 mg of medication in a single dose.

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Comment Re:Fallacy of Climate Control (Score 1) 178

Sorry if you are comprehension challenged and just dislike anything that might contradict your opinion.

Here are a few things that might help you in the future.

Anecdote : an account regarded as unreliable or hearsay

Speculation: ideas or guesses about something that is not known

"The number of Unix installations has grown to 10, with more expected." -- The Unix Programmer's Manual, 2nd Edition, June, 1972