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Comment Re:the new slow dummies in the left lane (Score 1) 748

Just because you run into a slower moving car doesn't mean you are driving too fast, there can be all sorts of reasons. Meanwhile, unusually low speed limits create speed differentials that are unsafe.

It's funny how so many people's logic on this topic, when carried to its natural conclusion, would result in a speed limit of 0.

Comment Re:the new slow dummies in the left lane (Score 1) 748

You are wrong. Drivers naturally determine appropriate speeds for conditions and will drive those speeds. When speed limits are consistent with what the road allows, drivers do not naturally speed. In the US, speed limits are set unreasonably low to create a steady pool of speeders to draw from. That is not the case in other countries.

Comment Re:GOOD GRIEF! (Score 1) 570

HFCS tastes like sugar, only morons would claim it "tastes like ass". It is also engineered to have a balance of fructose to glucose similar to sucrose specifically so it would taste the same.

Apparently people can quote articles but can't comprehend their contents.

The key in the article is the evidence that fructose is unhealthier than glucose. That's not proof that HFCS is worse than cane sugar but it suggests that fruit juices are worse than sodas.

Comment Re:Why x86? (Score 4, Interesting) 87

"The x86 architecture is very old..."

In addition to all the stupid stuff that others have already responded to, I'll point out that ARM is also very old. It clearly upsets you that x86 competes successfully on a level playing field...but the news gets worse, your fresh architectural savior in ARM is a dinosaur as well.

Comment Re:Ooops, misread the headline (Score 1) 457

"I feel the same way about DEC, who flushed thirty years of Alpha architectural superiority down the drain..."

What 30 years is that? Alpha lasted 12 years, not all of it (if any) with "architectural superiority". Loved their integer divide...or total lack of one. ;) It's not so hard to design a processor to be fast at doing very little. Power consumption was absurd as well. The Alpha failed for well deserved reasons, not the least of which was lack of a value proposition.

Comment Re:Drunk driving is still a problem (Score 1) 178

"Umm, what gives you the idea that drunk driving is no longer a problem?"

Umm, what makes you think making "drunk driving is no longer a problem" was their "original" objective? It is their recruitment phrase, nothing more.

MADD's ideal achievement would be prohibition. They support preposterous minimum drinking ages and absurdly low definitions of "drunkenness". They want mandatory ignition interlocks on all cars. They feel entitled to insert themselves into law enforcement practices. MADD is a problem, not a solution, and they should be opposed.

Comment Re:Jesus (Score 1) 111

"To me that would suggest that there's some long-term survival advantage."

It does not suggest any such thing, though "to you" it might.

"I don't see a problem with religion attempting to give people a method to approach those questions."

If you sincerely thought about it you would.

"But to throw out the baby with the bathwater by flat-out criticizing faith is overstepping pretty far."

It's not stepping far enough.

Comment Re:I call BS (Score 2) 184

"Reads are satisfied as soon as either drive returns the data. And if the raid controller has a battery or supercap so it can cache writes, you'll almost never notice the difference."

RAID controllers do not launch reads on all involved drives. That would be stupid.

Implementing battery backed write back cache on an array that uses SSD would be similarly stupid.

RAID 1 with mixed SSD/HDD is the worst of both worlds further complicated by people who don't understand it.

Comment Re:Why stop there? (Score 1) 137

This is wrong, of course.

Humans have 3 unique cones. Less than 3 means some form of color blindness.

Women, by virtue of having 2 X chromosomes, have two slightly different codings for one of the 3 cones. Most of the time one is switched off but occasionally a woman may have both versions of that cone resulting in a 4th unique receptor. The difference is very minor and there is no evidence that this leads to superior color sensitivity or that their brain even realizes it has some additional information. The claim that women have better color vision is complete BS.

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