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Comment: Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 17 17

Somebody gave me "flamebait", carelessly ignoring the carbon footprint of the label.

But go ahead, tell us how this site is all overrun by "leftist fascists". Tell me enough times and I might even tell you where the next reptoid meeting is.

Possibly you could explain how you thought the scope of my verses was limited to /.
I very much had the Agenda 21 Aristocracy in mind while considering the rhymes.

Comment: Preening Progressive Prius Pricks (Score 2, Insightful) 507 507

Preening Progressive Prius pricks
Verbally hurl stones & sticks
But my old diesel's paid & plucky
Does the job while economy sucky

Guess they'll have to pass a law
Prying key from cold, dead paw
Don't need green overlords smug
Bossing about as the fascist thug

"Oh my! An `inflammatory attitude' in alt.flame? Never heard of such a thing..." -- Allen Gwinn, allen@sulaco.Sigma.COM