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Comment Re:"Giant steps are what you take. . ." (Score 1) 18

There is a huge difference between the comment you wrote where you changed the topic completely, and the comment of mine that you linked to, that you are trying to use to accuse me of a similar offense.

What? You wrote the linked material, and are as capable of admitting a fault as you are telling the truth.

Namely, you happily jettisoned the entire discussion in the name of partisanship.

You're the one leaping from "left" to a specific party here. That would be a fact, and hence removed from consideration by you, AFAICT.

So no, I am not applying different rules.

You've never been one to acknowledge rules enough to begin applying them.

Comment Re:"what you said did not counter my point" (Score 1) 116

It is not clear that any of those words mean what you think them to.

I had 4.5 years of sea time in the Navy, not that I'm necessarily pushing a "appeal to authority". But let's just say after 3 WESPACs and a Persian Excursion, I'm semi-decent with nautical allusions.

or do you just want to keep talking about (your thoughts about) me?

We can continue exploring your resemblance to a wretched crapflooder, if you like. Or not.