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Comment: Re:Oh there's plenty of bias (Score 1) 23

Do you see the contradiction? You claim that

The institutional party is still running the circus

and then follow immediately with

It is the voters' responsibility to oversee their politicians and vote them out when they screw up.

Are you arguing that this government is a closed loop, or that it is not a closed loop?
My contention is that it is a "mostly closed" loop, and that recycling all of the bums, while insufficient, is a useful component of an overall solution.
People cash out of real involvement because they feel government is a closed loop. You go swapping out the bastards more frequently, and two things are likely to occur:
* Greater involvement in voting, and
* Less systemic lock, as the big grabs (PATRIOT Act, ObamaCare) get harder to go after.

Comment: Re:Favorite? By what metric? (Score 1) 11

by smitty_one_each (#49547681) Attached to: Slashdot's Favorite Governor Rides Again

You don't sell Cheetos in a box that says Corn Flakes.

Now, if we get a fat government loan and pay the DNC kickback, we can Cheeto the system at the expense of the Corny Flakes who think this country is still a representative democracy. You don't need real products in The Age of Connections.

"I have just one word for you, my boy...plastics." - from "The Graduate"