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Comment: Re:Heisenberg compensator ... (Score 1) 83

I'm also hoping this whole thing "that, when unobserved, the photons exist in all possible states simultaneously" eventually goes away.

It has to be that we can't know what state it's in, not that it's actually in all of them. Can't it? Please? At some point, this quantum stuff should stop being magic.

Does it make you uncomfortable the idea that we are creating reality through our very consciousness? That sounds like woo-woo new-age shit, but one can interpret quantum mechanics in that way. The past and future do not exist except in our minds. The only time that truly exists is Now. Everything that has ever happened and ever will happen is happening now. We are choosing, through our consciousness, which part of that to experience.

Woo Woo! ;-)

Comment: Re:depressed (Score 3, Insightful) 123

by kilfarsnar (#49254053) Attached to: Mass Surveillance: Can We Blame It All On the Government? thing they're going to get rid of cash.

Oh, they're working on it. As with a lot of this stuff it is being sold as convenience. Most people don't appreciate the value and importance of cash and are happy to use Level Up or Apple Pay or whatever other payment method. I'm not saying those services are in league with NSA/CIA/etc. (though it wouldn't surprise me). But as the public gets more used to using cashless systems the idea or getting rid of cash will seem natural. Once that's done say goodbye to any anonymous transaction. There will be a record of every purchase we make, subject to review.

I use cash whenever possible, even when it isn't convenient. But I think it's only a matter of time.

Comment: Re:Blah blah blah. (Score 1) 82

by kilfarsnar (#49241281) Attached to: South African Government Issues Plans To Censor Internet

"Money" is not the same as "paper".

Sure you can print more money but if you don't back it with a loan or some other kind of security it will lose value and then you will need to spend more for everything else thus no money created, only more paper printed with no net effect of "more money".

Sure trickery can temporarily make it seem like you have more money to pay for social security or whatever but it can't in the long run.

If you want to pay for things with public funds you need a decently balanced budget or you will become Greece sooner or later.

No, you don't. Greece got into the trouble it did because it did not have control of the Euro. It was more like a State or local government in the US; it had to tax in order to spend and it ran out of money. That can't happen to the US government. Greece got to a point where it couldn't pay its debts. The US government will always be able to pay its debts because it can create its own currency.

Comment: Re:Blah blah blah. (Score 1) 82

by kilfarsnar (#49241197) Attached to: South African Government Issues Plans To Censor Internet

saying that Social Security will run out of money is incorrect. Sure, if the money supply grows too much faster than the overall economy it will lose value. But saying the Federal government doesn't have the money for something is just not the case.

But it's important to note that the Social Security Program will run out of money, and soon. By any honest accounting, it did in the 90s - there's nothing but IOUs left after that pool of funds was looted by Reagan/Bush/Clinton. It's all just fresh taxes now for outgoing payments.

And, sure, it will never run out of dollars, but so what?

"But, though we had plenty of money, there was nothing our money could buy" - Kipling, The Gods of the Copybook Headings

Those "IOU's" are treasury bonds. They are worth something. Sure, it's the government borrowing from itself. But since the government can always create dollars to pay that debt, it really doesn't matter to anyone but accountants.

Comment: Re:Rock and Roll wouldn't EXIST without "stealing" (Score 1) 386

Neither would Blues, or pretty much any major iconic genre. Depending on how this case is construed it's basically going to kill homages and the like. FUN paying tribute to 99 luftballoons with a line in the lyrics? Better get that contractually approved.

Yes, it's ridiculous. To quote the Beastie Boys, "Only 24 hours in a day, only twelve notes that a man can play". That's it; twelve notes. Really? At some point in music's long history two people came up with the same sequence? You don't say!

As a musician, I often take ideas from songs I like. Just a little phrase here and there. It's natural and it happens all the time. Like I said, there are only so many combinations of notes, and then only a subset of those are pleasant or catchy. It's too bad the music industry is more concerned about protecting what is supposedly theirs than with appreciating artistry and making what was old new again.

Comment: Re:Niggers run the country and now they are marxis (Score 1) 82

by kilfarsnar (#49233431) Attached to: South African Government Issues Plans To Censor Internet

Mandela was a ... MARXIST ...

According Wikipedia, South Africa's post-apartheid economy was mostly shaped by the World Bank's trickle-down theories:

The early ANC envisioned a more socialist South Africa, but this was unpopular with businessmen, foreign politicians, and the established media. For example, Mandela strongly supported nationalizing banking, mining, and monopolies, but was forced to change this goal due to pressures from stock traders and international economic entities like the World Bank. The World Bank encouraged the new South African government to promote the growth of the private sector, which trickle-down economics theory proposes will create jobs that will alleviate poverty.

John Perkins was right.

Comment: Re:Blah blah blah. (Score 1) 82

by kilfarsnar (#49233413) Attached to: South African Government Issues Plans To Censor Internet

Social security seems to be set in stone even though everyone knows it's broken and going to run out of money. These govt programs seem to gain entropy and never stop or get fixed.

The US government can print as much money as it wants. It literally cannot run out of money. So saying that Social Security will run out of money is incorrect. Sure, if the money supply grows too much faster than the overall economy it will lose value. But saying the Federal government doesn't have the money for something is just not the case.

It's always amusing to me to see how money is discussed at the Federal level; we can't afford this, there's no money for that. It's a joke. The US government will always have money to do what it wants. It's always a political choice, not a monetary one.

Comment: Re:Is this a Bears Sh1t in the Woods story? (Score 2) 119

by kilfarsnar (#49227273) Attached to: CIA Tried To Crack Security of Apple Devices

Sending political prisoners to asylums on a regular basis?

We still have the Guantanamo Bay prison open. Not really political prisoners, but a number are innocent yet still stuck there. The government does go after people who try to act politically. They just don't send them to asylums (usually). But they do try to intimidate them, interfere with their plans and try to discredit them publicly.

Shooting people who try and leave your country?

Yeah, we don't do that, thankfully.

Covering up gigantic nuclear power plant meltdowns until there's so much radiation that denying it ceases to have a point?

Remember when the EPA said it was safe for people to return to lower Manhattan after 9/11/01? It wasn't, and they knew it.

So here's me saying that I don't really agree with you on your assertion.

I don't completely agree with it either. But the US has dropped a few notches over the past 15 years when it comes to political and human rights. These abuses aren't so much about any political or social ideology anyway. They are about power maintaining power and can happen in any country given the right circumstances.

Comment: Re:NOT a joking matter: Moths in your pocketbook. (Score 1) 274

by kilfarsnar (#49199879) Attached to: Laser Takes Out Truck Engine From a Mile Away

The government gives big corporations tax dollars to kill people and destroy their property. Since it is done with secrecy, citizens can't have any control. Killing people is the most profitable business in the United States. And... Many of the citizens joke about the killing. Don't they realize that killing people is theft from their pocketbooks?

No, of course they don't. The American people, on average, don't know much. See my sig for further insight.

Comment: Re:File extensions? (Score 1) 564

by kilfarsnar (#49172661) Attached to: Why We Should Stop Hiding File-Name Extensions

What the fuck year is this? Do you still name your files using the 8.3 format? The filetype is now contained in the icon. With long file names that are abbreviated it's not like I can see what the extension is anyway. When I need to know the extension I'll right click thanks.

What? The icon is arbitrary. I can give a file any icon I want. If I change the extension of a file, it affects how the file is handled by the OS. The icon, no so much.

Comment: Re:*sighs* (Score 0) 150

by kilfarsnar (#49164389) Attached to: AVG Announces Invisibility Glasses

Combine these emitter glasses with a tin foil hat for improve results.

Right! It's funny because all of these people are wacky and paranoid to think that government or private industry would surveil and track people for their own purposes regardless of the benefit or harm to the individual. Silly people, why would anyone think that?

"I may kid around about drugs, but really, I take them seriously." - Doctor Graper