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Comment Re: APorsche Self-Drive? (Score 1) 207

A performance car. One that could be driven to it's limits by a computer. Limits far beyond human capabilities. THAT is the self driving car I want.

What? You would want a performance car, just to be a passenger in it? I guess it might be like a roller coaster or something, but I'd still rather drive it than ride in it.

Comment Re:APorsche Self-Drive? (Score 1) 207

Why would any poor benighted fool pay money for a Porsche that didn't need to be driven? The entire point of their ridiculously inflated price tags is they're a joy to drive.

This was my immediate thought. Of course Porsche isn't interested in self-driving cars. The whole point of a Porsche is driving it. Though I cannot afford a Porsche, I drive fun, sporty cars and hence have no interest in a self-driving car either.

Comment You got the point! (Score 2) 129

It is not about protecting "their" ideas, it's about brain washing people that it's okay to own an idea. This already happens today, but we sure don't hear any debate about the Government fixing patent trolls and the laws that allow abuse. In reality, that is small potatoes. Big players own all the big ideas. No need to troll is involved.

The brain washing will stop us peons from challenging the status quo.

Comment Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 1) 555

Police are not enforcing laws because they are being assaulted by the media and obnoxious part of the public. Why do your job when you're going to get prosecuted?

Am I to understand that police must commit crimes in their regular course of duty? If not, for what are they being prosecuted? Or are they being framed?

Comment Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 0) 555

All of this should make the UK a very dangerous place for pedestrians if speed limits alone were a primary driver of road fatalities, but they aren't. The UK averages 3.6 fatalities per billion kilometres driven. The US average (where limits are on average lower) is 7.1, which is effectively double. It seems much more likely that issues like car quality, driver certification, road design, car design etc are far more influential.

I would put money on the bold part. It is well known, even in America, that Americans can't drive for shit.

Comment Re:make nobeta the default (Score 1) 1818

I haven't replied to any thread on Slashdot since I last screamed "Fuck Beta" as often as I could over a year ago. I believe I logged in once when Slashdot said they had removed Beta. (It didn't look like it to me.) I'll occasionally look at a story if something looks interesting on my RSS feed. I don't come to the website except to log in. It's been a long time since I've actually visited.

Want to show a really good faith move to attract the "old farts" back? When Soylent News was formed, they took the old Slashdot code and saw it hadn't been updated in years, and was severely broken.

Open source it again. Put a nice link on the website in an easy to find location. As a matter of fact, make it a front news story once you've done it. If you think that this is a bad move because you need to keep the code close to your chest so you don't have another split off like Soylent News, then you don't understand the "old farts" and they are not your target audience.

And even after you've done that, it will still take time for the old farts to trust you. Trust is not earned with a single action nor in a short period of time.

Comment Re:Main purpose... (Score 1) 133

From TFA:

According to Infowars, which was alerted to the zine's existence by AnonSec, the hackers' main purpose in hacking Nasa was to highlight the fact that the US government is using climate engineering methods such as cloud seeding and geo-engineering to manipulate the climate and cause more rain to fall in order to combat the effects of carbon emissions.

Well...? Are they?

Given that Cloud seeding has been around for 70 years why would it it be a surprise or controversial that NASA was experimenting with it?

Because it's not reported on the evening news. And everyone knows that if it's not on the evening news it didn't happen, and anyone who thinks it might have is a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist.

Comment Re:Main purpose... (Score 1) 133

"Well...? Are they?!"

No. But I've heard they might be selling US Govn branded tin foil hats to "special" people.

How do you know? Cloud seeding has been used for decades to modify the weather. I'm not saying it is or isn't happening. But you seem very quick to dismiss such an idea when it's really not far fetched at all.

Comment FUD on top of FUD (Score 4, Informative) 697

Linux is anything but fragile. Stop blaming the OS for a shitty design in UEFI! Linux is so stable and solid that it lets you run "rm -rf /" and it will actually do what you asked it to until it can no longer figure out the machine it's on and commands needed to talk to a disk. This is a more than 45 year old design. Yes, that's right. In AT&T's original Unix you could also kill a system with "rm -rf /".

'but', 'but', 'but', oh shut up and stop spreading FUD! "rm" is the remove command, "-r" is recursive, and "-f" is force. You need to be root to run this with any success, so it's not like any old user can remove everything.

The problem is that UEFI allows an OS to write to areas which it should not be able to write to. If you open all the PROM in a system it's not just the OS that can brick a system. A malicious person can do so just as easy, and without being so obvious as running "rm -rf /"

Comment Re:ultimate intent was to replace U.S. workers (Score 1) 243

Wow, such an insightful statement contained in a mere simple declarative sentence that is nothing more than a mild ad hominem. It's not your fault, of course, that mods are stupid. Congratulations on your unearned moderation. Perhaps you could follow up your post with another that explains why AC's post is shockingly naive?

Sorry to hurt your feelings. It's quite simple, really. Management is often not very good at identifying the real performers and critical people in a department or team. They make decisions based on politics, who kisses the most ass and who is related to the boss's wife. Most people who have been around the block a few times have learned this. YMMV.

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