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Comment: Something broke! (Score 1) 293

by s.petry (#49357765) Attached to: Modern Cockpits: Harder To Invade But Easier To Lock Up

According to this, the doors are supposed to have an override which is easily accessed. I have not investigated the source enough to trust their opinion fully, and think it more likely that the override code is not being properly shared with the crew. Still, I don't think this is an event that needs something "new" outside of procedural. Unless of course the documentation on the Jet is wrong and no override panel exists. I'm not a pilot and don't fly enough to check so perhaps someone working in the industry can validate the claim.

Further, we don't have proof that this was a suicide with lots of additional casualties. The original claim was that the pilot may had some type of medical issue causing the plane to crash and I still believe this over a suicide. The overwhelming majority of suicides are done in isolation without taking other people with you. The obvious exception are Religious suicides, where the people pray while performing their act. Nothing is heard on the recording to indicate this was a religious suicide, in fact the co-pilot is only heard to be breathing (not an indication of consciousness).

Lots of things in this story simply don't add up. Jumping to a suicide claim without definitive proof is unhealthy for everyone.

Comment: Fully agree (Score 2) 218

by s.petry (#49355009) Attached to: How Professional Russian Trolls Operate

I find that most people I talk to don't trust US media. They don't do anything about it, but they don't believe what they are told any longer. Apathy works for a while, but historically this can not last. Corruption and abuse will get to a point where there has to be some form of revolution (not always bloody) and then the cycle will start over again.

To be in line with TFA's point, sure the Russian's have paid shills and trolls. Their play books are the same as our own Government's. Whistle blowers have demonstrated that most large US companies have paid shills and trolls, the US Government pays shills and trolls, as does just every "Western" Government including the UK and Canada. Snowden's leaks give us a nice powerpoint view of the play book, no need for anecdote and hearsay trying to vilify "those other guys". Nobody likes a hypocrite..

Comment: Re:Perhaps you are not entitled? (Score 1) 360

by s.petry (#49354829) Attached to: Millennial Tech Workers Losing Ground In US

Actually it's 4 employers in the last 5 years. More than I like personally, but with the high rate of Contract/Temp work in the bay area 6month contracts worked for a while. None of those would have ended up with me working there even if I was offered, but all of them were opportunities to improve my resume. I honed my interviewing and negotiating skills as well, so win-win for me.

If you see yourself as a commodity so will employers, assuming you can back your assertions and ego that is. A whole lot of people believe that knowledge of X is all you need to land a great job, and that is extremely far from being true. Long long ago my knowledge of MVS, or HP-UX, or AIX was enough but that changed about 15 years ago. Today you need exceptional base knowledge, an ability to find what you need, an ability to share knowledge, and an ability to simplify complex problems. Most of those require a good amount of communication/logic/rhetoric skills.

Comment: Re:Perhaps you are not entitled? (Score 1) 360

by s.petry (#49354719) Attached to: Millennial Tech Workers Losing Ground In US

I am pretty sure I agree with the message for the most part, just not the style in which it was communicated. "Employers should provide employees with" reads a whole lot differently than "give me" or "give us". There are countless stories and articles being published with a slant for entitlement based on any number of factors. We can have a rational discussion without degrading the conversation to that level.

Two bits of advice for yourself. First, don't assume everyone else lacks experience. Second, learn not to use straw man arguments. I never claimed that people owe a company business, in fact read my post again and you will see clearly that I have no issue harming a business that behaves immorally and even provided a personal experience.

Comment: Re:Boo, you fad killer! (Score 1) 109

by s.petry (#49354557) Attached to: The One Thousand Genes You Could Live Without

Your troll was this comment "It's not some godlike entity which designed humans with a goal in mind", though you probably know it and are just denying. Nuh uh in this post does not address or argue any of my points, which clearly demonstrate that it's not an issue of my ability or desire to debate. The issue is yours.

Comment: Sensative much? (Score 2) 360

by s.petry (#49352259) Attached to: Millennial Tech Workers Losing Ground In US

Sarcasm is not "dumping" on someone. I'll go further and point out that correcting someone is not "dumping" on them, punishing people for violating the rules is not "dumping" on them, offering advice is not "dumping" on them. Study after study has shown that children require enforced rules and guidelines for proper development, as well as positive reinforcement.

Yeah, I agree with you that we should not be a culture of disposable humans. At the same time if you never see any humor in anything life has to be terribly miserable.

Comment: Perhaps you are not entitled? (Score 0, Flamebait) 360

by s.petry (#49352233) Attached to: Millennial Tech Workers Losing Ground In US

Perhaps it's just your communication style, but I read way too much "gimme, gimme" in your post. "Pay us well" How about making fair market value for your expertise, abilities, and productivity? "Treat us well?" How about being treated like everyone else in said company? "Give us job security"? How about making sure that you are valuable enough that a company want's to hire/keep you? I am well over 40 and have no idea what people are talking about claiming they can't get a job. I have a constant stream of offers, and I'm not even looking to change jobs. Are you over 40 and still refuse to work on anything but the VAX? Can you not act as a Lead anything? Are you still claiming Q-Basic can solve all problems? Humor aside if you have trouble finding work over age 40 I'd take a long hard look at your resume and skill set, because the issue is probably not your age.

Sure, there is something to be said for abusive employers. I have worked IT for over 3 decades, before that I managed restaurants to put myself through College, served in the US Army, and worked full time during my junior and senior year in High School so that I could have a car and niceties (that last one is not legal any longer, but..). I have seen abusive employers, and I work elsewhere. Hell, I moved over 3,500 miles to have better prospects 5 years ago. The company I worked at was shit, and all but a couple people I knew left. After a few years of being forced to hire shitty temps and losing contracts the board finally got wise and canned the management (we were smart and told other people not to work there!). I wasn't there, and doubt I'd ever go back. Point here is that nobody can force you to stay in crappy situations, but you have to be willing to make changes.

A big part of the culture coming out of College, especially the younger grads, have this idea that they should be making 6 figures because they got a degree. They don't have experience, and most have no respect for experience. Professors tell all students they are gifted, and some of these people actually believe them and wear it on their collar. Generally the younger graduates lack communication skills and professionalism, which in my opinion relates largely to the lack of experience. A thirty something that changed careers and has a new shiny degree is not the same thing as the 20 something.. I'll take a 30 something any day.

Anyway, enough rambling and back on point. Yes, there are crappy places to work. If you have to work at one for some duration use that time to build your resume. Everyone I know has run into "one of those" sometime in their career. Consider them a long rung on a ladder, and move out when you can. If you are shit to a shitty business, it's going to be hard to build the resume to move on. If you are professional in the worst circumstances people will recognize that, and know that you can be professional in better circumstances. As I started with, perhaps you don't have a sense of entitlement and just communicated your point poorly. Consider that last point if you really are forty-something and can't find good work.

Comment: Re:Boo, you fad killer! (Score 1) 109

by s.petry (#49349737) Attached to: The One Thousand Genes You Could Live Without
Complete nonsense! If you wish to draw an analogy, convince me that a Prosecuting attorney can not grasp a legal point that a defense attorney addresses. Claiming that you have to know a specialty knowledge to hold an educated stand or opinion on a subject is propositional fallacy at best, outright lie at worst.

Comment: Re:Boo, you fad killer! (Score 0) 109

by s.petry (#49342403) Attached to: The One Thousand Genes You Could Live Without

I'll avoid the troll because you would lose that debate in a fair platform but alas, Slashdot is not such a platform... I will however address your insinuation that we know enough to be superior to nature. Science today is run by profits, not by philosophical standards. Ethics and Morality are not being questioned, only the outcome which yields the best profits receives funding and publication.

Long time anti-GMO scientist Bill Nye is a great example, who after spending a month with Monsanto suddenly says "Hey, it's all great stuff and no harm can ever be caused by a GMO!". Buffoons believe this shit, but anyone with a half a wit and understanding of currency should be able to see through the ruse. Even though there are plenty of scientific studies that don't yield positive results for anyone except for giant seed companies money somehow changes the "science".

Oh, I know.. hybrids must be exactly the same thing as splicing fungus genes into corn right? Further, every GMO food is exactly the same so if we question one we question them all, or contrarily if we claim one is safe they must all be safe right? Hopefully I preempted the normal bullshit covering up any scientific dialogue on the subject, but lets see if you grasp the point I was making.

After reading not less than 30 studies in the last 20 years regarding how vitamins are healthy, then useless, then healthy, then harmful, then healthy again (you get the point) it should become obvious that we don't know nearly as much about genetics as some people wish to believe. And remember, fats are bad and will cause premature death, but you need them too so they are good and you die without them, and they are carcinogens but needed to fight cancer too (another long series of science, just in case you are lost).

Claiming that "humans can do it better" is simply a delusion which ignores human nature. Yeah, the worst fucks you can imagine end up rich and funding "science" for their own benefit. If do not realize this, you had best start brushing up on history.

Comment: Boo, you fad killer! (Score 4, Insightful) 109

by s.petry (#49341821) Attached to: The One Thousand Genes You Could Live Without

Today's fad is to try and come up with the "perfect" human. Always happy, 200 IQ, and the personality of a turnip as to not be offensive to anyone at any time. Of course they must be orange skinned, no hair, and no gender features (I hope you saw the South Park episode) because if anything visible marked one of them as "different" the project would be a failure. Perfect is quoted, because this perfection is severely subjective and the person who's ideal you are going to meet probably does not match your own.

As you point out, there is no way to know what these apparently unused genes do until we start making modifications. These are pretty dangerous times we live in for many reasons. People believing they are smarter than billions of years of evolution gives me no assurance that these people have a clue, let alone care about modifying people.

Comment: Re:Heisenberg compensator ... (Score 1) 83

I'm also hoping this whole thing "that, when unobserved, the photons exist in all possible states simultaneously" eventually goes away.

It has to be that we can't know what state it's in, not that it's actually in all of them. Can't it? Please? At some point, this quantum stuff should stop being magic.

Does it make you uncomfortable the idea that we are creating reality through our very consciousness? That sounds like woo-woo new-age shit, but one can interpret quantum mechanics in that way. The past and future do not exist except in our minds. The only time that truly exists is Now. Everything that has ever happened and ever will happen is happening now. We are choosing, through our consciousness, which part of that to experience.

Woo Woo! ;-)

"Be *excellent* to each other." -- Bill, or Ted, in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure