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Comment Re:Make IT a real profession (Score 1) 294

a) You haven't been to a hospital recently. I randomly googled lists of doctors' names: It is hard for foreign doctors to get accredited though, often they will have to take courses for US-specific stuff.
b) Many people don't like life-event specialists that aren't 'similar' to themselves. Therefore, a lot of doctors etc. will remain natives. IT professionals are considered to be the plumbers of electronics, not the doctors.

You're right though, this is very short term thinking. Even though it may save them some money short term, it will pack out to be way more expensive once anything actually needs to be done but by then the cost-cutters will be long gone or they may actually be called in again to 'fix' it.

Comment Re:What's wrong with your cell phone? (Score 1) 271

Well, in real life, most Androids get a half day of work regardless of the battery you put in it due to a number of continuous background "stuff" that happens and each app doing it's own thing ignoring any central preference. iPhone's in my experience don't have that problem. Google's suggestion (that self-admittedly don't apply to all devices) is to "force apps to shut down", iPhone apps usage of background resources is extremely limited.

Comment Re:Why not overseas .... (Score 1) 154

If the US has higher health and safety standards than other countries (and having worked with a number of American companies and seen their appallingly low standards of health and safety, I seriously doubt that is true), then surely the correct thing to do is to help other countries to raise their standards of health and safety. that way fewer people die or are injured.

Or do you actually care about people?

Submission + - IOS devices have their own Y2K problem

RockDoctor writes: The Guardian is reporting that there is a bug in some versions of IOS handling of date and time : it can hang the machines.
If you set the date back to 1 Jan 1970 — the infamous Unix year zero — many versions will then hang, requiring at least shop repair, if not actually bricking the device.

Comment Error in link (Score 1) 1

The link should be to, not the typo provided. I'm trying to figure out how it is meant to work, if you don't have a "URL/ PMID or DOI" reference for the paper you're interested in (which is something that I've never had a use for before, not having had an internet to access the last time I used a university library).

Oddly, it returns errors form Google Scholar, but in Russian.

They accept bitcoin. They claim 42 million papers.

I moved on to trying a random article and it has come up with a PDF, but NoScript isn't happy about what is perceived as a clickjacking attempt. But it works.

A second download attempt on something else brought up what I worked out to be a captcha - in Russian.

Well, that does look useful enough. A bit rough around the edges, but that's acceptable for a new project. I'll continue testing it.

Comment Re:dmbasso is a pedophile (Score 1) 256

This is not black and white, and quite the opposite.

Which part of "some jurisdictions" wasn't clear. It is possible (because I don't know American law) that in American law the obligations on a publisher are as you describe. But that does not matter. Even if "our New Overlords" are based in America (something I don't know), then if I am reading material on their website in the UK, then the libel laws of the UK apply to the people who publish that material in the UK. The text is rendered into a legible form in the UK, and that is what counts, under UK law.

It is rational for the lawyers of our New Overlords to understand the threat profile that they are exposed to. That may include deciding that I don't know UK libel law adequately - entirely possible, as there have been changes in the last few years, and I don't know if there is precedent on the changes - or it may involve geo-blocking to refuse service requests from the UK.

Even if we both agree that it is insane to have such variation in laws between nations, I really doubt that the USA is going to agree to come under the jurisdiction of international law over this matter, considering the lack of interest that the USA traditionally show to obeying international laws in other respects (e.g. torture of prisoners). (Incidentally, I think the changes I mentioned in UK libel laws were at least in part to bring the UK's laws into line with European libel laws. But IANAL, thankfully.)

Comment Re: it's (Score 0) 165

From what I understand, the diary as published wasn't written by Anne but by her father largely/loosely based on her diary. Her father subsequently published "Anne Frank's Diary" years later with the Anne part being mostly emotional marketing. It wasn't "Diary" authored by Anne Frank; it was "Anne Frank's Diary" by Otto Frank. He also re-published editions a few times as necessary to extend copyrights or refresh the market; real diaries don't have multiple editions.

Comment What's wrong with your cell phone? (Score 1) 271

Get a more reliable cell phone (either a simple feature-phone or iPhone), a car and extra desk chargers. You should only need those extra chargers if you're like me and you forget to charge your phone 2-3 days in a row or you're actually continuously (10h+) dialed in on the phone. There is also a low power mode on iOS which can be manually turned on and disables all non-essential features.

Not sure how you manage to have a phone with less than a half day of life. Paying for a pager and having your customers learn how to use it is ludicrous, even if it's a voicemail, most people will refuse to 'talk to a machine' regardless.

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