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Comment: Re:Cheaters never win? (Score 1) 233

I'm not asking you to accept anything. I'm TELLING you that there are Americans who can do the job. I'm TELLING you that if you DO institute a training program, it will pay off in the long run. I'm TELLING you that you will have a healthier work environment if you hire the best Americans you can find, and at the same time start an apprentice program with which to train your FUTURE programmers.

Right now, you are putting yourself at the mercy of foreign schools. You think that those schools will continue to cater to your needs far into the future, but there is no reason to believe that they will.

Just as you are now cooperating to cripple America's work force, one day you will find that you are crippled by foreign interests who see no good reason to supply you with a workforce.

Or, in more common street language, what goes around comes around.

Of course, I understand that you, and all of "management" in America tend to look at short term benefits and profits. There is only a very small handful of managers left who can take a long term approach. Yes, training your own apprentices is a long term investment, but it pays, and it keeps on paying, far, far, far into the future.

Comment: Re:Cheaters never win? (Score 1) 233

No, Sir, I won't tell you that you should train the American - but you really should.

I will tell you that there are Americans with the background, the knowledge, the education to do what you need. They may not have some very specific set of classes that you've cherrypicked as a "required curriculum". There are any number of individuals in this nation who have experience with anything you care to mention - but you won't consider them for an "entry level" position.

Comment: Re:Cheaters never win? (Score 1) 233

I'm a little curious about your age. You learned that bit about the steel industry in school, right?

I grew up surrounded by the steel and iron industries. My little region of the world was a major coal producer, and the steel mills located close to the coal supply when THEY were established. I witnessed the stupidity, sometimes, up close and personal.

The EPA nonsense was tangential and contributory at best. The real issue was labor.

Youngstown Sheet and Tube is a very good example. The union had a TERRIFIC contract. Virtually everyone in the area wanted a job there, unless they were willing to relocate to Pittsburgh for an even better job. Or Detroit. The contracts effectively made modestly wealthy people of broom pushers.

YS&T bargained for a contract, and the union INSISTED on a raise. Like the rest of the steel mills, YS&T informed the union that the company was already losing money, and that there could be no raise. If they couldn't avoid raises, they would shut the doors, and relocate.

Union workers told the company that no one in the world could make iron and steel like American workers - they couldn't relocate outside the country.

A year and a half later, steel was being produced in Belgium, and soon after, iron and steel were being produced in India. China is something of a late comer to the game, but today they produce a lot of iron and steel. Most of it is junk, but I suppose that given time, the Chinese can learn to make the same quality that Belgium and India are already making.

Unions vs the redistribution of wealth is the whole story behind the steel industry off-shoring. The EPA is merely an addendum at the back of the book.

Comment: Re:Cheaters never win? (Score 1) 233

I am seriously suggesting that a cheater who finds that he is incompetent has little reason to return to wherever he came from. He is HERE - he isn't going to willingly return to where he came from.

I also seriously suggest that these H1B's are NOT any more qualified to perform any given job than crowds of US citizens. The ONLY thing that makes a US citizen unattractive to the H1B employers is, a citizen knows his rights, and will often times insist that his rights be respected. The guy flown in from Buggeristan isn't so likely to insist that any rights are respected.

Comment: Re:People who are offended (Score 1) 756

This, and your other, previous post, are worthy of though. I think our sick society is creating sick people. And, I personally don't have time to waste on them. They should be dismissed, and sent back to their playgrounds around the nation.

In effect, overly protective laws help to prevent people from just growing up. They shouldn't be in court flaunting their immaturity.

Comment: Re:People who are offended (Score 1) 756

"Even after being reported on Slashdot, I'm not going to visit that project."

Yes, this. Sometimes, being reported has the Streisand effect. For instance, I watched 'India's Daughter' only because I wanted to see what the government of India wanted to repress/censor. But, THIS? Some juvies are openly joking about the male anatomy? My take on the TFS is the project really has no purpose beyond the merriment. The fun is the point. Do I need to look? Naahhhhh - I'll pass. Even if I were interested, 80% of their material has probably been recycled from the boy's locker room, and I heard it more than 40 years ago.

Comment: Re:Define "Threatened" and "Unwelcome" (Score 5, Insightful) 756

Please, it isn't "women". It's a professional elite that gets "offended". People who consider themselves to be "leaders" and "moral guardians" and other such happy horse shit. People who are somehow "better" than all of us barbaric heathens. The dreamers and lotus eaters of society. It's their JOB to be offended. Some of those persons are female, to be sure, but there are a a couple billion normal women in this world who can find this crap slightly humorous, and/or just ignore it. A large number of women just groan over the stupidity, and move on with something important. Mostly, they don't really CARE about men's juvenile conduct, any more than WE CARE about their silly cosmetics, feminine hygiene, and shiny baubles.

Comment: People who are offended (Score 4, Insightful) 756

People who are offended by the project can just ignore it. Don't use it if/when it becomes a finished product, either. You're free to boycott, after all. You are even free to ask other people to boycott the project. You are NOT free to try to bully these juvenile delinquents into bahaving as you believe they should behave.

Hey, ladies and germs - you can't have it both ways. Just because you are offended doesn't justify cyber bullying, or any other kind of bullying.

In short, just grow the fuck up, alright?

Comment: Re:Cheaters never win? (Score 1) 233

"just plain ignorant"

You DO realize that ignorance can be corrected. Unfortunately, stupidity cannot be corrected.

That said, I'm not sure that I believe your assessment. We are talking about a nation with some very backward views and attitudes. Have you watched the movie, "India's Daughter"? I'm not a movie watcher, and I probably wouldn't have watched this one, but the Streisand Effect kicked in when India's government tried to kill the movie. Of course, I don't base my assessment on just the movie - there have been a large number of high profile rapes in India over the past - ohhhh - five years I suppose. Key words, "high profile" - the rapes have always been there.

You can imagine that a rational person might suspect that a nation that harbors this rape culture might also harbor an ingrained cheat culture as well.

In a nation where court cases for traffic cases, murders, and tax assessments routinely took longer than a natural lifetime, cheating might be viewed in a different manner than in most of the industrialized world.

Comment: Re:Cheaters never win? (Score 1) 233

Oh, really? Well, instead of calling names and passing out insults, you might have told us exactly where H1B candidates come from. You might even have supplied some source which helps to verify the integrity of those sources. To me - it sounds like YOU are spouting bullshit like a dumbass. "Cheating is not common" probably means that cheating is less flagrant than the instance being reported here.

Comment: Re:Cheaters never win? (Score 1) 233

Perhaps you haven't noticed that DHS/ICE or whatever they call themselves these days are about 25 million cases BEHIND on deportations. They are actively lobbying to legalize all the illegal alien residents so that they don't HAVE TO deport anyone.

If you care to quibble numbers, you may cite the administration's figure of five million, or you may cite the previous administration's figure of twelve million, or you may cite various other sources. No matter how you slice it, the government is millions of cases behind, and they will never catch up.

Whether you're form India, Pakistan, or Mars, if you fail to meet the terms of your entry into the US, you have little to worry about regarding deportation. Just don't break any major laws to get put into the "legal" system, and you'll be fine.

Or, did you think that the cheaters were ignorant of the current state of affairs?

Comment: Re:Cheaters never win? (Score 1) 233

I'm not as optimistic as you are. The steel industry has been mostly offshored from the US since the '70's. The construction industry has been taken over by illegal aliens. Ever more of our industrial capacity is being sold off and/or offshored. The education system is designed to churn out mindless burger flippers and warehouse workers, instead of engineers, philosophers, authors, doctors, or much of anything else.

A lot of people have already been hurt, but those who haven't been hurt YET simply don't care. They believe themselves to be above the common masses, and immune to the New World Order. They want to believe that they are so important, that THEIR portion of the wealth won't be redistributed around the world.

About the time that starvation becomes almost common in the United States, then people might stand up to reclaim their heritage. Of course, it may be to late then. China is forging ahead to become the next world leader, and China will have little incentive to improve conditions in the US.

Comment: Re:Cheaters never win? (Score 3, Insightful) 233

And, that means what? You've already lost your job, the H1B is filling your position, and even IF he is fired, he'll still be here in the US, applying for jobs where HR files YOUR application in the circular file. Because he was a successful cheater, he got to America, and you lost your job. You're going to feel better somehow, because he got fired from your job? You ain't getting it back!

The perversity of nature is nowhere better demonstrated by the fact that, when exposed to the same atmosphere, bread becomes hard while crackers become soft.