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Comment: Fokking IDIOTS (Score 1) 165 165

All you need are a couple pistons fitted into a block, so that you can run some fuel to the pistons, to turn a shaft, which spins your transmission, which then turns the wheels. I manage just fine with two wheels, and a set of handlebars, powered by an engine produce back in 1982. No automagic turn signal canceling, no power windows, no air conditioning, no heater - although I am somewhat of a sissy, in that I insist on a windshield.

Cars. I want very little more in a car than I have on my motorcycle. I don't WANT the damned car to do tricks. If I really want any tricks out of the car, I'll invest a few thousands under the hood, and in the transmission. Thank you very much - just a simple engine, tranny, and some wheels will be enough.

Comment: Re:RAID and automated backups (Score 1) 297 297


I've never owned a real RAID controller. I learned that the fake-RAID controllers common on motherboards are more fake than they are RAID. You can't recover them, unless you can find exactly the same controller. I've learned to trust Linux software RAID - it just works, I've never had a RAID failure. Disk drive fails, no big deal, swap it out and rebuild the RAID. The RAID itself has never failed me though.

Comment: Re:Wrong question. (Score 2) 297 297

Maybe, on the other hand, you're doing something right. I have a minimum of stuff that I even bother to back up. If you were to ask the wife, she has terabytes of shit that need backed up. Just stupid movies, that she can torrent again anytime she wants. Me? Very nearly nothing. Everything I consider worthy of worry will fit on a single hard drive. 250 gig should suffice. Hmmmmmmm - my local backup is on a 320 gig drive, and there's a lot of redundant crap in there that I need to delete. Sifting through it . . . . looks like MAYBE 100 gig is actually important to me. Backups for the sake of backups, again and again - most of it is just junk, really.

Being a LInux distro hopper, I nuke and reinstall pretty frequently anyway. Install to the SSD, browse my backup drive, move over the stuff I need or want, such as my Mozilla profile, and I'm up and running. Passwords and keys are stored in a couple of places, just in case. Phhht.

Comment: Re: What would Monderman say? (Score 2) 203 203

The better question is, why should all citizens subsidize a business whose model it is to use public facilities to turn a profit?

Perhaps you didn't really comprehend GP's post. Those parking spaces are being monetized by a private corporation. Said corporation throws some chump change at the city government. And, taxpayers are still paying for all that paved area, the corporation has not assumed any responsibilities in providing parking spaces.

Taxpayers are ENTITLED to park on the city streets, because they PAID FOR those streets.

Comment: Smaller streets? (Score 1) 203 203

What I read in a related study, is that there is a "sweet spot" for the correctly sized lanes. 10 to 10 1/2 feet in width makes for safer driving. Reducing below 10 feet in width and increasing over 10 1/2 feet both make driving less safe. Those skinny little streets with 8, or even 7 foot wide lanes are definitely UNSAFE.

Comment: Re:Equality (Score 0) 490 490

Farming? That's a lot closer to 50/50 than most city or urban people might think. I'm not saying it is exactly 50/50, just a lot closer than non-farmers would believe. The work has to be done, after all, and the whole family pitches in, and does the work.

In fact, in ancient societies, the women WERE the farmes, and the men only deigned to perform tasks that the women found impossible to do.

Comment: Once again: FFS! (Score 1) 490 490

Girls and boys are different. Men and women are different. Despite all the gay-wad bullshit with cross-gendered people, the vast majority of men are men, and women are women.

You want female engineers? Give them a fucking REASON to want to be engineers! If that means gender focused toys, tools, or whatever, GIVE IT TO THEM!

There simply are not any women who find all of my activities appealing. That's because they aren't men. The most masculine women in the world thinks that guys are a pain in the ass, and stupid, for all the crap we do.


The ladies have some legitimate complaints about us guys, but you can't turn men into women, either. Sometimes, we're going to get under each other's skins. It happens. Hell, even MEN get under my skin sometimes, and I ARE ONE!

So - ladies, come on in, join the crowd. And, if the odd guy gets to damned obnoxious, just kick him in the nuts. It's doubtful you'll have to repeat it. Word gets around. "That woman ain't going to put up with no shit! Cool it!"

Comment: Puffery? LOL (Score 2) 31 31

"DPS puffs up its stats the way Donald Trump puffs his hair."

Face it, cops are cops. They get off on the adrenaline rush when the make a bust, and then they get off on bragging about it afterwards. And, of course the bragging gets inflated.

Except, in this case, they never even made a bust!

Comment: Problem is (Score 4, Informative) 368 368

The problem is, the music isn't the artist's property. The labels claim all the rights. The artists theoretical royalties invariably end up being a shit sandwich, without much bread. The labels signed the deal with Apple, because they know that the artists have signed away all their rights already.

Comment: political speech (Score 0) 233 233

Political speech was the primary form of speech on the founding father's minds. Religious speech would have been secondary. All other forms of speech are included, of course, but political and religious enemies are the most dangerous.

The comment in question falls under political speech. The commenter is commenting on a political candidate, after all. Calling a candidate a pedophile hardly differs from the bipartisan mudslinging that takes place in most elections anyway.

IMO, the Supreme Court has exceeded it's authority in this case.

Comment: Your router (Score 2) 127 127

Whatever you use for a router can do it. I have a Netgear open source router. Flashed it with Tomato firmware, then installed the MVPS Hosts file on it. A startup script updates the Hosts file at boot, and then every four days after booting. Of course, the concept isn't exclusive to Netgear, or to commercial routers. Install it on your gateway, whatever that gateway may be.

I would be interested to hear how much bandwidth you save by blocking advertising for a company. I'd also be interested in learning how much your internet improves in terms of responsiveness. It made a big difference for me, but I don't administer hundreds or thousands of computers.

Comment: Re:It's not the adverts in themselves (Score 3, Insightful) 127 127

Yes, of course it is. If I'm browsing YOUR site, then I've implied that I have some trust in YOUR site. Cross site scripting demands that I also trust those other ten, twenty, fifty, or maybe even thousand other sites. If you demand that kind of trust, then I don't need your site. Drive-by installation of malware is far to common for us to trust all those unidentified sites.

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