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Comment Fact is (Score 1) 101

The Army Corps of Engineers did in fact plead and whine and cry for years to be permitted to upgrade the flood system. And, the Sierra Club was instrumental in blocking the Corps' plans.

BTW - the canal that caused most of the flooding? Blame that on the New Orleans public works department. Some years prior to Katrina, they REMOVED some of those steel panels in the canal, to install some pumps or something. When finished, they put the very same panels, into the very same disturbed soil, without re-stabilizing the earth.

They SHOULD HAVE replaced the disturbed earth, compacting the dirt as it was put in the hold, THEN they should have jack hammered NEW PANELS, 4 feet longer than the panels they removed.

The canal didn't fail - that loosened earth washed out from under the canal.

Get your facts straight.

Comment Re:Lying scum (Score 5, Insightful) 303

That is irrelevant. The disgusting sack of shite had paid advisors and consultants to take care of this stuff. There are procedures in place. Obviously, Clinton decided that she was going to do things HER WAY - and in the process broke a metric shit-ton of laws.

Her understanding of technology is totally irrelevant to the investigation.

That said - I strongly suspect that she understands a lot more tech than you are giving her credit for. Who set up that server? Who administered the server? How did she access the server? Who decided what to turn over to the state department? Who made the decision that she would have her own private server, under her own control?

The unsophisticated old coots down at the community center certainly don't have their own servers.

Comment Re:Fallacy fallacy [Re: Lovely summary.' (Score 2) 1030

But - flipping your light switch DOES NOT cause your light to come on. Flipping the light switch actually makes an electrical contact possible, through which electricity can flow through some wires to the bulb, which may or may not light up when you flip the switch. If the bulb is burnt out, the breaker is tripped, or power lines are down, it WON'T light up, no matter how many times you flip the switch.

So, you can see that your statement is a logical fallacy, no matter that the statement is mostly true. You can flip the switch a thousand times, and get the results you expect. That thousand and first time, the lights don't come on, and disproves the statement that flipping the switch causes the lights to come on.

It is more accurate to say that completing an electrical circuit will cause the bulb to emit light. And, THAT is what flipping the switch does - in most cases.

Comment Re:Fans' Vote Was No Award (Score 0) 1030

If I were only slightly closer to the drama, I might have paid $40 for the opportunity to vote "no award". I'm quite tired of the SJW's just walking in and taking things over. What would I have gained? Only the satisfaction of having slapped the SJW's in the face. The opportunity to insult the sorry sons of bitches, and to tell them that I reject their asinine nonsense. Yes, that would have been worth $40.

Comment Re:3D printing (Score 3, Insightful) 149

You CAN get "to good" at the painting. Do you really want your engine to be a plain, dull, flat black (or shiny black) or do you want some realism? I was more into ships and planes, and after awhile, I got hold of the idea of "weathering" my models. Imperfections in the paint job were good - after the painting was finished, I would go back and add rust streaks beneath the anchors and the scuppers. Fade the masts a little bit. Paint on the non-skid decks, but leave a splotch of red-lead showing through.

I'd have to study trains a little bit to come up with good ideas, but I've never seen a train that looked "new". Well - for starters, scratch out some grafitti on some of the boxcars. That's essential - I try to read the grafitti when I'm waiting for a train! How 'bout a Banksy train? That would be pretty cool!

Comment Re:I remember ..... (Score 1) 282

Is it the WIn95 UI, or the WinNT UI? Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

At the time Win 95 and Win 98 came out, I had a house full of rugrats, and empty bank accounts. I looked, but couldn't touch. When I finally got my hands on Win98SE, I was impressed. Then, the kids wanted to play games, and I learned quickly that WinNT was a much better system. Remember, there was no security model on Win9.x - none at all. WinNT, however, always did have one. It was serious competition for the various Unixes for quite awhile.

Comment Re:Linux and Bloat (Score 2) 108

AC posted just above - your kernel and my kernel may not have much in common. Simply compiling with the native CFLAG reduces the size by quite a bit. When I compile, I sometimes watch the screen scroll along, and one of the more common words I see is "stripping". I realize that optimizing the kernel doesn't make my computer 50x faster - but there are times when a native compiled system does seem a little faster.

The features that you deem essential, can be stripped out by those who don't need or want them. That's one of the great things about Linux - you can do what you want with it.

I've not fooled with compression. Maybe that will be my next fun project, to see just how small I can make my running kernel.

Comment Confessed? (Score 4, Insightful) 244

NEVER confess to anything! All they've done is to hang themselves. Gubbermint says, "We don't like what you're doing." Your response? Are you really going to tell gubbermint, "Oh, I'm so sorry - please, just lock me away for a few decades!"

The better response is, "Prove your case, assholes!"

Comment Re:It's never *just* RAM, Video Card Biases Result (Score 1) 350

Good point. No, excellent point. My video isn't a state-of-the-art card, but it has 2 gig of memory, AND the GPU's are faster than my CPU's. So, yeah, my monster machine would probably be more of a dog without that video card installed. The onboard video is by definition a POS.

Comment Re:Can get by with around 4GB (Score 1) 350

Virtual machines are precisely the reason I bought this huge extended ATX board, with 16 slots for memory. I only have 24 gig of memory installed, but there's room for - uhhhh - 128 gig. What I have allows me to run up to four VM's at a time, as well as putting all my /tmp files and caches into ram.

Comment Re:Why is this on SlashDot? (Score 1) 350

This article is a joke. What is a "regular user" and why would slashdot care, when none of us are "regular users" ?

Many of us have family. Wives, kids, in-laws, or in some cases, Mom upstairs. Most of those family members come to us for support. Having some idea what a "regular user" does with his/her machine enables us to give decent advice.

Some people on slashdot actually offer that kind of advice professionally. They probably need to know who and what those "regular users" are.

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