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Comment Re:IoT (Score 1) 59

That's just a little bit on the silly side. You install the HOSTS file on the router, not every machine in the neighborhood. Tomato and DDWRT both have the capability, depending on precisely which version you've installed.

DO NOT expect any commercial offerings with such configurability - certainly not consumer grade products.

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 2) 59

High efficiency clothes washer. I've watched, and I can't find where it attempts to connect to anything. The price was right, the savings in water and electricity are great, so I put up with it. The wife is happy with it. As I say, I've watched carefully, and it has never made an appearance on the network. I HOPE it's alright.

If/when it breaks down, I may or may not be able to repair it.

Comment Re:So not because no crime was committed? (Score 1) 572

Yeah, a little evidence is needed. You can tell me that my server has been pwned - anyone can make that claim. I'll have to see some evidence before I believe it. At least a minimum of evidence. Got any logs from Shrillary's server? Got any idea when to focus on? Something, anything. Otherwise, it's pure speculation that her server was hacked.

Comment Re:So not because no crime was committed? (Score 1) 572

"I assume she was owned by every single country on earth."

I'll have to disagree with you. She was owned by persons who could wave million dollar donations under her nose. Individuals, corporations, countries, or even ET. A million dollar donation to the Clinton Foundation was all that was required to get any secret Hillary had access to. I've seen speculation, but no evidence, that her server was pwned by outside interests. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't, but I've not seen the evidence to support the claim.

Comment Re:So not because no crime was committed? (Score 1) 572

If you're going to make excuses for Clinton - please make them rational. Not even you understands what you have typed here - it's senseless, and pointless.

Let's say that I have access to classified documents, detailing how to build nuclear weapons. I take out a note pad, and copy the shit off the documents, carry the notepad home, then type all that data into an editor, or into email.

You're going to say that they data is NOT classified, because it isn't MARKED "classified"?

That is the equivalent of Shrillary's actions.

Comment Re: What a load of BS (Score 2) 572

None of your comment is relevant to the issue. There are procedures for having material declassified. Until those materials ARE declassified, they remain classified.

People go to prison for mishandling classified materials. They don't have to be leaked. There need not be any detrimental consequences of the mishandling. Failure to observe protocol is sufficient to be tried and convicted.

And, the woman who lived in the White House for 8 years knows all of this. Only a vegetative idiot could possibly live in the White House for 8 years, and fail to understand how classifications work. The bitch needs to reside in the deepest dungeons of a federal prison for a few years.

Comment You seem to be rather dense, Sir. (Score 1) 572

Trump's hair is an insult to "straight white Christian males". His overall appearance is an insult. Every time I look at the clown, I want to either puke, or laugh. He doesn't have to say a damned word to insult me - he exists, and that is insult enough.

All the same, his blathering makes more sense than that of any other nominee.

Comment Re: What a load of BS (Score 1) 572

Doesn't matter what was "leaked". Mishandling classified documents is punishable by imprisonment. The bitch knew that from the very start. She was breifed on proper handling of classified documents. She just ASSumed that due to her title, she was above the law.

Fuck, man, she lived in the White House for 8 years. Just how stupid can she be, to not understand? She KNEW!

Comment Re: What a load of BS (Score 1) 572

The woman has so much baggage, I don't see how anyone could consider voting for her. Among all the reporting on Hillary, I'm amused that women my age generally want to vote for her, but younger women are not. They resent the fact that they are expected to vote for a vagina.

Personally, I don't much care about voting for a woman. I neither like nor dislike the idea. What I demand is, that they find a woman who is QAULIFIED to be president. That may be an unreasonable demand though - it's been years since we've had a man who was qualified.

I will insist, however, that most small towns and every large city in American has at least one female resident who is more qualified than Hillary to be president. The very big cities can probably claim several dozen women each who are more qualified.

Comment Re:Tracking drivers doesn't seem progressive (Score 1) 85

"since obviously people who commit driving-related crimes are a higher risk."

That might less obvious than you think. Drunk drivers are a class of their own, I don't want to talk about them. But, people with a lot of tickets aren't necessarily any more dangerous than you, or your Grandma, or the idiot who drives ten mile below the speed limit all the time, or any number of other fools.

Comment Re:Warmer. (Score 1) 138

You start off with absurdities, but you finish with good questions. I'll answer those latter with, "Well, maybe this time around, we can build sensibly!" Take Philadelphia, for instance. Or, Chicago. The nation's infrastructure stipulates that streets should be accessible to over-the-road trucks, about 72 feet long, about 10' 6" wide, and 13' 6" high. And, the streets should support those trucks weighing 80,000 pounds. However, both of the cities I've named have huge amounts of places where such trucks cannot go.

Maybe if we scrapped some of those ancient cities and towns, we could actually plan the new cities. Plans that not only accomodate those trucks that are required to navigate the cities, but plan in a lot of green spaces. Playgrounds, parks, nice wide boulevards, etc. Maybe we could have cities in which all structures are built to modern codes. Face it, 100 to 200 years ago, a lot of homes were little more than hovels. Those ancient homes are often times "valuable" today, simply because they have survived, and there are so many people needing homes.

How many structures in your favorite town are still wired with "widow maker" bare wires running through the attic, or behind the walls? How many should be condemned for the lead in the piping? How many have absolutely no fire safety built into them?

Maybe I shouldn't say that some of our cities NEED TO DIE, but there would be some pretty big benefits to be reaped from just starting over.

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