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Comment: F1 (Score 1) 25

by justthinkit (#47565259) Attached to: University of Michigan Solar Car Wins Fifth Straight National Title
The new F1 regs are about a lot more than "slowing things down". They have gone from a 750 hp engine to a 600 hp one PLUS "Energy Recovery System". This is exactly the kind of innovation that makes sense.

The latest high-end sports cars use exactly this sort of hybrid setup, so it is completely logical that the traditional racetrack-consumer synergy be continued with this change.

In this sense, F1 is adapting and remaining meaningful (to high end cars), where the electric plywood-on-wheels cars are increasingly meaningless.

Comment: Then change the design yearly (Score 2) 25

by justthinkit (#47564751) Attached to: University of Michigan Solar Car Wins Fifth Straight National Title
Then change the design yearly. Each year have a useful new goal -- motors can only weigh so much, vehicle must be able to seat 4 upright, bonus points for gizmos.

These solar cars have been "a piece of wood with 4 tiny wheels" for a decade or more.

Have them tow a trailer one year, or hill climb, or drive through mud (run the race through the south). Speaking of hill climb -- have a Pike's Peak race.

Comment: Re:There have been attempts before (Score 1) 40

by justthinkit (#47548649) Attached to: How Bird Flocks Resemble Liquid Helium
a simple "Try and keep a constant distance from my neighbors" algorithm

Probably the same algorithm birds use when they fly into a tree -- "try to keep away from branches". They just do it ten or one hundred times faster than we can, so it be black magic to us. A tight loop, run with highly priority, and featuring a few key bits of inline code.

Comment: It's broke, Jim (Score 1) 226

by justthinkit (#47534925) Attached to: Black Holes Not Black After All, Theorize Physicists
(1) the math doesn't break down, the theory does. If the math broke down as well, we wouldn't know the theory had broken down.

(2) an analogous discontinuity of the Earth would be "falling off the edge of the Earth", as some used to believe. That broken theory got changed centuries ago.

(3) I know of no one that thinks of subatomic particles as points but I do know of theories whose flaw comes from them being based on point particles.

Disclaimer: Mr. Thornley and I have a history

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by justthinkit (#47529619) Attached to: Laser Eye Surgery, Revisited 10 Years Later
I could. But then safety goggles don't work well on top of glasses -- fog up, push glasses into face, etc.

I feel old when it comes to worrying about wearing safety glasses vs regular glasses -- as in, I'm not worried about it. Just as I rode my bike(s) for years before I had to wear a helmet.

Today we are super worried about, for example, bike helmets, safety goggles & hard hats. But then we buy ourselves seasons tickets to NFL football and lose our hearing instead. Has anyone ever seen anyone wearing ear protection at a sporting event?

By the way, still no helmet required when one goes to a public ice skating session. That ice is like concrete and, last I checked, falling is an every minute thing for some people.

Then there's tennis. I ruined my knees playing tennis. Chasing after every ball stretched everything in my knees. Decades later I met others who had the same experience. But how many people wear knee supports playing tennis? Only those injured already.

Safety regulations cause us to become fanatical...about some things. While remaining blissfully ignorant of other potential threats.

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by justthinkit (#47524753) Attached to: Laser Eye Surgery, Revisited 10 Years Later
I agree with your points, with the exception that I especially like wearing my glasses outside. Walking down an overgrown trail, I have less concern that a bush will whip into my eye.

Also, whenever I am using a hammer or skill saw, I have more eye protection that someone not wearing glasses. No, they are not a full replacement, but then again I am only referring to "around the home" situations.

Comment: More hosts than that... (Score 4, Informative) 194

by justthinkit (#47506817) Attached to: A New Form of Online Tracking: Canvas Fingerprinting
There are a number of other sites that are hosting the code. Check the summary link to see what they are.

Since the sites using this exploit are sorted by Alexa rank, I gave up looking after a while, but here are "the biggies":

Not sure how serious this would break things, but some are hosting the exploit on Amazon's cloud:

You will lose an important disk file.