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Comment: Re:World's best? (Score 1) 70

And it is not as if Bluff is the best ranking place either. Most of the names there I've never even heard of. The Magician isn't even listed on page 1 (top 50), yet in a single tournament he won 4 times what Polk has won over an entire career. Phil Ivey & Huck Seed are also missing from page one, in part because they are big cash game players.

I imagine Polk is some very average player who got roped into this project and so, to give the project credibility, they trump him up into the stratosphere.

Comment: Re:Is it the phone or the stupid stuff installed o (Score 1) 429

by justthinkit (#49552719) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Most Stable Smartphones These Days?
Your vote and your actions don't line up. You blame "stuff" but don't play games (and likely don't randomly install new stuff every few days).

Isn't this obviously a memory mgmt/memory leak issue?

I see tons of this on desktops/laptops -- Chrome, you are currently #1 on the hit list. Why can't it be even more prevalent on the newer platform of smartphones? That don't make it easy to bring up a Task Manager and study the memory usage of applications.

Comment: Re:I will never understand (Score 5, Interesting) 94

by justthinkit (#49551593) Attached to: Vizio, Destroyer of Patent Trolls
Simple way to level things -- make the compensatory stakes (not counting fines) the smaller of the two sets of legal fees. That way the small person has nothing to lose if they are in the right, and an acceptable cost if they are not. Similarly, the big corp. has nothing to lose from frivolous lawsuits, and loses its mightily intimidating club when it is in the wrong.

Comment: Re:It's not surprising (Score 1) 129

by justthinkit (#49526297) Attached to: YouTube Going Dark On Older Devices
There is also the volume a DVD drive takes up. And it is powered. With a cable that takes up space and might be needed for a different device (like an SSD).

All of these are factors on desktops as well. Lately, when I open up a machine I disconnect and remove the DVD drive. Better air flow, less power draw and less phantom drive openings (happens on two of my machines).

Comment: Re:Why? (Score 1) 355

It simply makes no sense to present most information the same way in browser running on a desktop machine with a panoramic screen the same way it is on a phone screen the user is holding in a portrait orientation.

Especially when the smartphone has a 4K display. Such smartphones could display two or three times as much information as my desktop. So no wonder the new "designed for smartphones" spec. insists on making fonts several times larger to earn the "approved for mobile" rating. Wait, what?

Comment: Re:Rainwater collection from homes (or roads) (Score 1) 670

To properly handle something like rainwater takes upfront design. Some kind of roof tank that can gravity-feed all house toilets, and outdoor hoses would be nice.

As to crops, why don't they put down thick black plastic over the entire field. Then capture that water to a swimming pool sized holding tank, and pump it back out via drip/sprinkler systems to water their plants as needed.

As to thinking the consumer should pay for water recycling costs, I'm not suggesting that. But water use reduction and recycling does have to be forced, one way or another -- whether that is a cost per gallon causing prudent use, or even/odd watering days, or "no lawns allowed in AZ". So you offer incentives to those who capture...much like the solar energy people are doing today. The point is we all pay, whether the cost is direct or indirect.

As to road water usage, I found my error -- 68B gallons is the amount used daily, road water amount was for the year. Mea culpa.

Comment: Re:Rainwater collection from homes (or roads) (Score 1) 670

The Colorado river is almost totally used by man. Google says the Colorado flow rate is 17,660 cubic feet per second. This works out to about 4 trillion gallons a year...entirely controlled by man. That works out to over 60 times the amount of water that lands on California roads each year. So if road water harvesting is a Dune, the Colorado river system alone is 60 Dunes. We seem to be surviving...

Also, if you recycled roof or road water, the cheapest way to use it -- i.e. zero processing required -- would be to water things. So the same water would end up back in the environment. There is no bank account accumulating funds here.

Comment: Rainwater collection from homes (or roads) (Score 1) 670

Average SF home is over 2,000 sq. ft. Assume a roof size, conservatively, of 1,000 sq. ft.

10 inches of rain on 1,000 sq. ft. is around 6,000 gallons available per household per year.

Coastal usage per person is around 145 gallons per day.

You could provide for 12% of residential water needs just by people not sending their roof water to the sewer system.

Imagine if we reused the water that lands on roadways...172,000 miles of highway, average width of ~10 feet...68 billion gallons of water wasted each year...almost what the entire state uses in a year.

Comment: Rainwater collection (Score 2) 670

You are one of the few mentioning rainwater collection. Well done.

Average rainfall is California is around 10 inches per year. Google says California has 163,696 square miles of area.

1 furlong per fortnight = 0.000166309524 m/s. Carry the naught. [This is to appease Europeans, and hillbillies, alike]

3,800,000,000,000 cubic feet of water fall on California each year. 7.5 US gallons per cubic foot. 28 trillion gallons in total.

Total water usage, average to a per capita is around 2,000 gallons per person.

California population is around 37M.

28 T / (37M * 2K) = 425.

One year's California rainfall could service the entire state's water needs for 425 years.
Recovering one-quarter of one percent of the rain that falls on the state each year would provide enough water for everyone for the entire year.

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