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Comment: Re:Who Cares? (Score 1) 476

by jodio (#46162793) Attached to: Tesla's Having Issues Charging In the Cold

1) If it's that cold out, why wouldn't the condensation freeze in the tank? I've never seen a heated gas tank...

It probably does and won't cause a problem in that case.

2) Most of the really cold places I've seen put 10% ethanol in the gas... this should help dissolve any condensation nicely into the fuel, letting it just run through the system without freezing up.

Not always.
3) Really Cold also means Really Dry, which should mean little to no condensation. The condensation happens when warm, moist air hits really cold things or air. Unless someone's making out with their gas tank, there shouldn't be much opportunity for warm, moist air to enter.

I Should have been clearer here. I have had it happen to me when the temperature went from -5C to -20C (approx). Plenty of opportunity for condensation to occur.

4) Anyone who has a major problem with condensation should consider using additives (methanol/ethanol) to take care of the problem. These are plentiful and cheap - I believe last time I bought the Walmart version I paid $0.50/pint (clearance after winter last year).

Doesn't refute my point that it can occur and when it happened to me it was a rental car

Comment: Re:Who Cares? (Score 1) 476

by jodio (#46098981) Attached to: Tesla's Having Issues Charging In the Cold

Gas lines can freeze when it gets colder (-20C or colder) not because the gasoline freezes but because of condensation in the gas tank. The small amount of water will freeze when it comes in contact with the cold gas line restricting the flow of fuel. This can be avoided by keeping your gas tank full, limiting the amount of condensation.

Comment: Re:So true (Score 1) 366

by jodio (#35270360) Attached to: The Death of BCC

I use it keep from filling up my boss's inbox. When troubleshooting problems, there is often a lengthy back and forth email session involving several people. I will Bcc: my boss occasionally, so that he gets updated, but doesn't have to deal with every reply to all.

Comment: Re:Bad GUI and no CLI: way too common (Score 1) 617

by jodio (#33793894) Attached to: Take This GUI and Shove It

SMIT (System Management Interface Tool) on AIX has been automatically creating a script for all of the tasks you do within the GUI. There is even a button to push that will display the command you are about to run with the approriate flags and parameters. This functionality has been there since last millenium. HP-UX's SAM has something similar as well. Don't know about Solaris as I only use the CLI on that OS.

Comment: Re:New Complexities in Cars (Score 1) 207

by jodio (#33784578) Attached to: Rube Goldberg and the Electrification of America

You are full of it when it comes to threshhold braking and ABS. Show me a study where a professional driver can stop in a shorter distance with the ABS off (Aside from heavy snow where lock-up provides greater stopping power). You won't find one. Even more so when the road surface is irregular or partially ice covered.

Comment: Re:This is why egalitarianism is the enemy of free (Score 2, Informative) 274

by jodio (#33274940) Attached to: Legislation To Make Web Devices Accessible To Disabled Users

Kurt Vonnegut wrote an excellent short story, "Harrison Bergeron", where this sort of legislation has been taken to an extreme. It can be found in his short story collection "Welcome to the Monkey House". Well worth the read, like most of Vonnegut's work.

Comment: Re:welp. (Score 1) 911

by ravenscar (#32113920) Attached to: iPad Is Destroying Netbook Sales

Does one million sales = success? Maybe it does, but I'm not so sure. I think we will need to see strong sales for several months before we can declare the ipad more than a toy for members of the early adoption crowd.

For sake of comparison, over 15 million Windows Mobile handsets were sold in 2010 ( That's over one million handsets per month yet we all consider WinMo 6.5 a dead OS.

I know that handsets and tablets are apples and oranges, and that the ipad is performing well in a market that is far smaller than the smartphone market. Still, I think the comparison shows that one million devices isn't all that many in the scheme of things.

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