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Comment Re: Fallacy fallacy [Re: Lovely summary.' (Score 1) 1034

Money and wisdom are mutually exclusive goals . You can spend your time gaining one or the other but you cannot spend the same time seeking both.
How much time you devote to which is one the most important prioritization decisions a human ever makes.

Comment Re:Lovely summary. (Score 1) 1034

The former two subgroups are, unfortunately, in such a tiny minority as to be effectively non-existent and have about as much actual influence over the MRA movement as Albert Speer had over the holocaust (in other words, they go along with the party-line until they get called on it and then suddenly speak out against the insane parts) and yes I know I just Godwinned myself but he was just too perfect an analogy not to.

As one of prominent feminist put it: There are quite a number of MRA concerns that are legitimate issues of gender equality which deserves to have somebody doing something about them - unfortunately, that is not what the MRA movement is doing.

Comment Re:Fallacy fallacy [Re: Lovely summary.' (Score 1) 1034

Cows eat grass.
Grass is green.
Therefore the sky is blue.

That's a fallacious argument. Nevertheless the conclusion is entirely true.

You can't accept OR reject a conclusion based on a fallacy - or you are committing a fallacy yourself. The correct response is to denounce the argument, and demand the person provide an alternative argument or evidence for their conclusion.
Note also how every statement in the above is true, it's a deductive reasoning argument, where every premise as well as the conclusion are provably true yet it is nonetheless not a valid argument (it violates one of the laws of logic in that the conclusion does not follow from the premises).

Comment Re: Lovely summary. (Score 1) 1034

He did not have 20k people at the announcement. He had less than 100. And some of those were paid actors.
I never claimed he did augment rally audiences the same way. I merely speculated that this is possible.

Your reading comprehension failures do not constitute a claim on my part.

Comment Re:Fallacy fallacy [Re: Lovely summary.' (Score 1) 1034

Of course, what makes it worse, is that they usually don't understand how fallacies work - especially ad hominem.

It seriously looks as if the vast majority of people thing an ad hominem means "you insulted me". No, it doesn't, an argument could contain an insult on every line and STILL not be an ad hominem fallacy. The ad hominem fallacy is attacking the arguer instead of the argument. It is not a fallacy to attack the arguer AS WELL as the argument. Insulting somebody doesn't make your response invalid, failing to actually address his arguments do.

It gets worse. I was in a discussion online not long ago where the following happened:
Me: well reasoned argument.
Idiot: You are a *list of insults*
Me: You have nothing to offer but a long ad hominem, that kind of makes you an idiot. Proceeds with a solid, logical argument supported by significant physical and documentary evidence.
Idiot: You accuse me of ad hominem, then call me an idiot. Irony much ?

Seriously, this person couldn't figure out that sentence one was ad hominem but my response was not - I didn't play the man instead of the ball. I played the man who had no ball, he hadn't made any argument at all - and then continued playing my ball.

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