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Comment: Re:Real life is complicated (Score 1) 407

Hmm, factory workers aren't really comparable to soldiers invading a foreign country, are they? The former makes useful things for people at home and the latter signed up voluntarily to go kill people who were not invading.

Look, you may not like people in the military (no clue why), but to say they deserve what they get is naive and stupid. Historically and currently, joining the military has been one of the most sure ways for intelligent, motivated people born into poor circumstances to raise themselves up the ladder of success.

Given the relative abundance of rich entrepreneurs vs rich veterans, I think a citation may be needed there.

Comment: Nobody wants them enough (Score 1) 337

Seriously. Nobody is willing to pay the necessary premium to bring this to market. Indegogo, Kickstarter, etc. provide a way to get funding, but even then you don't see keyboard phones popping up, though everybody and their brother seems excited to build another 3D printer.

What would you pay for a slider, and could you find 1000 people willing to put their money where their mouth is? Android is open(ish) so you don't even have to make your own OS. With a couple thousand people you might be able to get the cost down to $5000 a piece.

Comment: Re:Institutional hypocrisy (Score 1) 176

They could sit on their thumbs doing nothing. While this option pleases the anarchist in us, you cannot expect a lawmaker to ignore lawbreakers

What law breakers? This new "law" that was invented by the courts with zero debate is so vague that whether someone is breaking it or not is entirely debatable and thus eminently ignorable.

Comment: Re:Correct yet misleading (Score 1) 176

Then companies that routinely exclude qualified candidates because "shit some HR lady found on google" will start to suffer and die as their stupid hiring process systematically excludes 99% of all people alive?

You know what? Smart companies, like Google, do not determine who they hire by what they find on Google. But if someone has a burning need to work for a company that is not smart, they are welcome to upload lots of cool content about themselves and/or explanations about why their previous acts are no longer relevant.

Comment: Re:Or maybe you're not so good at math (Score 5, Informative) 475

My memory is a bit foggy, when was the IRA importing mass shipments of long range artillery rockets from Iran and firing them at the UK?

They never did. They got the shipments from Libya instead.

Note that these weapons included rockets propelled grenades, surface to air missiles, flamethrowers, explosives and lots of machine guns.

By the way, a big source of IRA funding and support was the USA. But everyone has conveniently forgotten that post 9/11. Given the constant US wailing over the funding of terrorism, it'd be impolite to recall the open IRA fundraising activities that occurred in places like Boston.

Comment: Invisible Pro-peace Israelis (Score 2) 475

From mainstream news, you would think this is a conflict Muslim Palestinians and Jewish Israelis. While that element exists, there are a lot of Israelis who do not support the actions of their government. There are massive demonstrations in Israel right now and a very strong contingent of JATO (Jews Against The Occuppation)

In my opinion this is a conflict between pro-peace people and pro-war people.

Comment: Re: Like China och USSR (Score 2) 475

Chinese sites remove comments themselves too. They get "guidance" from the government on what to remove. Sounds like the French situation is exactly the same: the government lays out laws saying what is and is not acceptable speech and apparently, virtually all comments on this particular conflict are unacceptable.

I think the censor here is great for revealing what's going on, but his diagnosis seems odd. He thinks there's something different about this conflict in particular that results in more comments being taken down due to their content, but simultaneously admits that it's due to laws about anti-semitism which is specific to Jewish people. Perhaps if there were laws specific to Arab people and an Arab nation started doing what Israel is doing they'd see 90% takedown rates on those stories too.

Anyway to answer your point, I'm actually struggling to see the difference between this and what happens in China. The mechanisms and underlying logic are identical. It's actually quite shocking. I had no idea moderation rates would be that high.

Comment: Re:Slippery Slope (Score 1) 176

If Google is censoring their results, they could do so no just on the basis of which version of Google receives the request, but on the basis of the requesting IP address.

Google blocks it by domain. Domain is specific to country by registrar. If someone in the UK goes to instead of, it's up to the UK to dick with their ISP and DNS results to force redirect them into the UK legal sandbox where the content is controlled.

You know, just like China.

Legally forcing a commercial entity to act as part of your own implementation of "The Great Firewall of China" is not the same thing as not being censorious dicks yourself. An unfunded mandate to force someone to do your dirty work for you does not make it any less your dirty work.

Comment: Re:what the hell are you doing on your cellphone (Score 1) 249

by tlambert (#47544473) Attached to: Verizon Now Throttling Top 'Unlimited' Subscribers On 4G LTE

"why haven't cellular data providers figured out a way to offer more than 5 GB per month at a reasonable price in the past decade".

They have. The FCC has. They need much more of the spectrum to do it which means shutting off broadcast TV which no one uses.

Funny. The way NTT solved the problem a quarter of a century ago was to increase cell density to decrease per cell load. They don't need more spectrum.

Comment: Re:what the hell are you doing on your cellphone (Score 1) 249

by tlambert (#47544463) Attached to: Verizon Now Throttling Top 'Unlimited' Subscribers On 4G LTE

With cell towers your individual bandwidth is a function of how many people are using that tower. If you aren't getting enough you add towers, simple as that. It just costs money and the cell companies find it's more profitable to throttle than upgrade their network. Throttling your internet/cellphone is free, so long as everyone does it to prevent competition.


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