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Comment Micron is an odd choice (Score 1) 53

A good chunk of Micron's chip manufacturing capacity is via IMFT, which is a joint venture with Intel (hence the Intel Micron Flash Technologies Inc.) and I really doubt the US government would let them buy Micron...

On the other hand, there are a bunch of chip manufactures in Taiwan (like TSMC or UMC) that they could buy, or even a bunch of Chinese manufacturers like SMIC that they could buy and expand.

Comment Slow install, changed all file type assignments (Score 2) 181

My experience is that I let Windows install some updates and it took an hour and a half (on a modern SSD-backed system)... and it changed all my file type assignments. Every single file type that is supported by a Microsoft program was replaced with the Microsoft program. HTML files were changed from Chrome to Edge, TXT files changed from Notepad++ to notepad.exe, PDF files changed from Acrobat to Edge, all image files changed from Photoshop to Windows Photo Viewer, and so on. I was not amused.

Comment Re:Blinders Much (Score 1) 103

I'm referring to your comment about a plug-in digital replacement for VHS tapes, not your comment about cameras. A plug-in VHS device would be subject to most of the same limitations as real VHS tapes, which is to say, the very best you could hope for is composite quality video, and in reality you'd get substantially less. The cost of such an interface, however, would be far more than the cost of just putting a composite (and/or HDMI) interface on the device to begin with. This sort of thing might make sense with cassette players in a car radio, where there are no other ways to connect to the radio, but that's not the case with a TV. Any solution you could come up with would cost more and provide lower quality than just plugging the new device directly into the TV.

In terms of the camera comments, the value is in the lenses, not the cheap semi-disposable camera bodies. You can simply buy a new digital camera body for your existing lenses. A modern APS-C DSLR will provide better image quality than 35mm film, albeit with a crop factor and reduced depth of field, and it can use your existing lenses. Possibly with adapters, depending on what type of lenses you have. They're $300-400.

Comment Can't ignore sunk cost (Score 1) 226

Skylon will supposedly be cheaper to operate than currently existing expendable multi-stage rockets or future reusable ones. The problem is that Skylon will have a massive sunk cost: estimates from more than a decade ago put the total sunk costs at $12 billion USD, a figure that is sure to be much higher in reality.

Skylon has a similar payload capacity to a Falcon 9 rocket, which costs $61.2M per launch. Skylon is predicted to have a $14.7M USD launch cost (assuming the prediction is remotely accurate). Skylon would have to launch more than 800 times just to break even compared to Falcon 9. If SpaceX or any other company is successful in bringing the cost of launch down via reusability, then Skylon could take even longer to pay off.

In short, considering the enormous costs, Skylon is unlikely to ever be cheaper than alternatives.

Comment Illegal (Score 1) 568

How is this a problem? It's illegal to call yourself an engineer if you don't have an engineering degree and belong to the order of engineers. At least that's how it works here, and apparently in many US states too. That's why Microsoft stopped using the "MCSE" term.

Comment Re:Ob (Score 1) 438

The original TOS crew that came back for TNG were a big part of why the first two seasons were so weak, and the show only became good in the third season, when all of the TOS crew had left. As such, I don't think that having that connection to the roots of the series was at all helpful. Quite the opposite.

Comment Re:Let the Public Decide (Score 2) 439

The competition with dealers is artificial anyhow, since all dealers selling cars from the same manufacturer are going to have the same base costs.

There are enough car companies for a healthy and competitive market, certainly more than four or five major manufacturers. I count at least ten major manufacturers selling vehicles in the US, and more may be enticed to enter the US market if there were less barriers to doing so.

Comment Re:About that 911 thing.... (Score 1) 284

We have a similar rule at the convention centre that I run events at. It's a huge building, there are tons of entrances, and if you call 911 yourself, you're just going to cause a big delay in the EMTs getting to the right place. Instead, you call venue security, and they will act as the first responder and call 911 and figure out the best entrance to get them to the right place.

The "don't call 911" rule is normal and needed for big facilities.

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