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Comment: Re:An aid or a barrier? (Score 1) 71

The problem is that too many IT departments think their primary task is to control the network and IT resources without much regard paid to what other departments are trying to accomplish with those resources.

That's what the fuckups always say. I worked for a web design/hosting startup as the network manager. The boss' buddy set up an FTP server and it immediately got owned and we became a warez site. We don't want control of this stuff because we're control freaks. We want control of this stuff so that someone else doesn't get it horribly wrong.

Comment: Re:negativity (Score 1) 148

by drinkypoo (#49788535) Attached to: In a 5-star rating scheme, the new Mad Max film ...

It sounds like you may be a little fragile for comment boards on the open internet that don't have specific rules against being mean to people. Such things exist, and they might be a healthier place for you to hang out until/unless you develop a thicker skin.

Slashdot is great because I can say precisely what I want to say, when I manage it anyhow.

What the GP said wasn't even close to the most negative thing I've seen in this discussion, let alone on Slashdot today. You must be new here.

Comment: Re:Computers Kill Trees (Score 2) 100

by drinkypoo (#49788523) Attached to: Computer Chips Made of Wood Promise Greener Electronics

Not actually true. As part owner of a tree farm we've looked into carbon credits, etc. CO2 sequestration is highest in the first few years of growth and then gradually tapers off.

What? This is an outright lie. I just covered this here recently, and the precise opposite is true. Mature trees fix more CO2 than young trees. Mature forest fixes more CO2 than young forest. I first found that this was true for Sequoia Sempervirens, but I dug around and found that this was true for the vast majority of trees. You can read the majority of my comments on this subject in the discussion reakthrough In Artificial Photosynthesis Captures CO2 In Acetate. As I recall, there was another discussion which followed soon after in which I provided additional citations.

Now, are you telling lies deliberately, or simply repeating lies in ignorance because you were too lazy to go do the research?

Comment: Re:suckers (Score 0, Flamebait) 67

by drinkypoo (#49788511) Attached to: Thanks To the Montreal Protocol, We Avoided Severe Ozone Depletion

I'm not in love with the fossil fuel industry, but for all their problems it's also dangerous to assume that installing wind farms on every decent hillside won't have climatic effects.

No. You are being an asshole or an idiot. I and others have covered this material exhaustively here repeatedly in the past, and I thought we were past this. This has been studied and the result was that there is a localized heating effect in a small area immediately downwind of the wind turbine which is rapidly lost in the noise of the already-chaotic system in precisely the same way that the butterfly effect is bullshit — if an entertaining thought exercise.

Now, are you trolling, or just talking ignorant shit so that you have something to say? There's no third option.

Comment: Re:$70000 is poorest? (Score 1) 193

That's very untrue. Show some studies to back yourself up.

It's obviously true, because if it weren't, the poor wouldn't be poor. The rich have virtually all of the money, so they're the only ones who can help. And the wealthy have access to tax dodges that the poor can't use, and aren't we always having to hear on slashdot about how entitlements are where the taxes go and how the rich fly from point a to point b and don't use the roads, blah blah blah?

Comment: Re:How do the "poorest residents" own homes (Score 0) 193

You made a claim, I asked for a source, you provided it.

It's ridiculous that you don't already know this, and it's even more ridiculous that you asked me instead of google for a citation. As I like to say, if you actually cared you'd already know, because this information is everywhere. But further, I'm obviously not going to provide you as much information as Google is. Learn to ask google.

No need to get snippy there, sparky.

Learn to internet, kid.

Comment: Re:Pist frost (Score 1) 52

I was mainly talking about the dash space they use. Many manufacturers no longer use the DIN standard.

Yeah, that includes my 1997 Audi. They billed it as an anti-theft feature, ha ha ha. The radio is coded anyway. But I'm not replacing the head unit, just hacking in an aux input. It's an 11-or-so speaker Bose so why would I dick with it?

Comment: Re:Pist frost (Score 1) 52

I accept 1, but 2 is debatable, we need to encourage people to NOT fuck around with gadgets in the car at all.

Not gonna happen.

I cant imagine how bad my current car, a 2002 Nissan Silvia would be if I couldn't swap out the stereo with something that knew what an MP3 was.

That depends on whether it has a changer interface, and whether you have a changer. I have a 1997 Audi A8 with a Bose stereo with no aux input, but I can get one by slicing into the CD changer wiring and using a switch and/or relays (I have the 12V audio signal relays already, have been too busy to make the mod though) to insert my own audio source in between. Or an el cheapo (~$10) panel-mount mp3 player/bluetooth receiver from dealextreme has a line input, so it's just a matter of finding some connectors which fit the board or soldering on some leads, and making a quick splice. Got a voltage regulator so it can run on 5-32V or something ridiculous like that. I might just go that route because there will be no relays to go bad ever. If the thing goes tits up it'll be easy to splice it away.

Comment: Re:$70000 is poorest? (Score 2) 193

As a Californian making $10-$15K/year, excuse me if I don't think we need to donate charity handouts to people making $70K, which by the way is well above the median income.

As a Californian making $10-15k/year, you will be paying fuck-all in taxes. Depending on where you live, you may well be receiving back services whose cost is well in excess of what you're paying in.

Comment: Re:Leaders (Score 0) 71

If they don't know what they are doing, then why are they the leaders?

Because they have access to the biggest club. They claim Earth's resources as their own, and can back that claim with (outsourced) violence, so everyone else either obeys or starves. Actual competence in using those resources is irrelevant.

Besides, it's not like they're actually in charge - market logic or the "Invisible Hand" is. They have some leeway in interpreting its will, and particularly competent ones can sometimes even suggest a course of action, but ultimately they are just pampered slaves.

An executive's job is a purely ritualistic one: they're posing for the public while interpreting orders from high. The only real difference between them and, say, an Aztec high priest is that the Invisible Hand wants its victims starved rather than TempleofDoomed, which is less messy. Well, currently they victims are mostly just made destitute rather than outright killed, but born-again InvisibleHanders are working hard to change that.

Of course, the real problem with this scenario is that the Invisible Hand is not self-aware and can't think ahead, so the end result is that no one is in charge. Explains a lot, eh?

Comment: Re: Just another arrogant CEO (Score 1) 41

by drinkypoo (#49787937) Attached to: Red Hat CEO Publishes Open Source Management Memoir

There's a surprise - you don't consider anything worthwhile unless it's a closed source piece of shit. Some standard.

No, I don't consider it worthy of note unless a lot of people give a shit.

Oh - right, you have a Windows phone (because it's closed source which is better) and it doesn't have pulseaudio - so other than Skype, nothing of importance uses pulseaudio.

I have a Titan running SOKP.

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