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Comment Re:A silly test (Score 2) 166

When they say shoot back maybe they're talking about a serious anti aircraft missile... okay. But why are you doing close support in that kind of environment in the first place? US doctrine says you get air superiority before you advance your ground forces. Which includes pacifying ground based AA.

Unfortunately, you might well need air support before you can find every asshole hiding in a crack between two rocks with a truck-mounted SAM.

Comment Re:Small correction (Score 1) 117

Thank you for providing an example of why mentioning Israel is a pointless sidetrack likely to do nothing apart from start flame wars. True or not it's argument fuel.

Yep. I agree wholeheartedly. It's impossible not to have an emotional reaction to the issue one way or another. If it's not directly comparable, it shouldn't be mentioned at all.

Comment Re:Yeah, nah. (Score 1) 443

In 2012 there were approximately 67,000,000 foreign visitors to the US.


It seems likely that they don't have the perspective of a self-hating American that twists issues to show the US as a rotten country, sometimes fabricating things in the process.

I don't hate me, I hate you and your ilk that pretend that our country is not doing evil in our name, because you make it possible for them to do that. I guess you forgot about Dick Cheney lying about WMDs so that we could go bomb some cities and then give the no-bid contracts to rebuild them to Halliburton, eh? How quickly you forget, because it's so very fucking convenient for you.

Comment Re: Brought about by the internet? (Score 1) 628

So tell me, how precisely is what Israel does the responsibility of a Jewish person living in, say, England who has never visited Israel and has nothing to do with it?

They are only responsible for their attitude towards it. That's why I don't condemn all Jews everywhere for the existence of militant Zionism. That would be stupid.

Comment Re:couldn't hurt (Score 1) 243

So your convenience matters, but other people should "exercise their language skills". How utterly unsurprising.

That's stupid or disingenuous bullshit. Emoji makes an expressed thought harder to understand, while the HTML presentation coupled with a web browser makes it easier. It's exactly the opposite.

I assure you, my dislike of your ideas and attitude is quite sincere. Also, perhaps you shouldn't call people "idiots" and expect a polite response.

I don't expect if I get a polite response, and since you appear to understand English, I know that you're being disingenuous when you suggest that I implied such. Since you've demonstrated a lack of sincerity, why would I believe anything you say is sincere? That would be stupid.

here's plenty of places where you're not allowed to zoom, yet where emoji can appear.

Such as?

Such as when displaying a short message, for example. They are typically displayed in system font sizes, which are usually non-trivial to change for the average user.

And in any case, if they can render modern fonts, which are vector graphics, making said smileys part of the font should actually solve this problem. Or at least let you read the HTML source, which you above imply you're capable of doing.

Why is everything HTML to you? Is that the only technology you "understand"?

Comment Re: I suggest we confuse the primary Uber benefits (Score 1) 148

That Mercedes won't be so clean 10 years from now.

So what? Uber won't let them drive a car that old.

It's not like they'll be able to sell a car, unless they lie about the fact that it was a Uber car.

First, it's their choice. I guess you're one of those people who hates it when people have freedom of choice, and wants local governments to tell them what they can and can't do.

Second, it's still a Mercedes. They have much higher resale values (even with lots of miles) than the POSes that taxi companies usually drive (except maybe Priuses, as a percentage depreciation).

Comment Re: I suggest we confuse the primary Uber benefit (Score 1) 148

>No they don't.

Yes, they do. I see it here all the fucking time.

>Again, no, they usually go on about vehicle safety and insurance.

Then they're morons. There's no way in hell a nearly new Mercedes is less safe than some 30-year-old piece-of-shit Crown Victoria. Crown Vics are notorious for being dangerous cars when rear-ended; a lot of cops died because of that. Why do you want to ride in shitty old unsafe cars instead of riding in new, well-engineered cars which top safety rankings?

Comment Re:I suggest we confuse the primary Uber benefits. (Score 1) 148

How is anyone being forced into a McDonald's job? They're taking the job willingly. And what are you going to do when all the taxi drivers are put out of work by driverless cars anyway? Are you going to ban those because we need to preserve all those crappy jobs? What about when McDonald's figures out how to automate cooking? Are you going to ban that too, so those people don't lose their jobs? Where does it end? Are you going to ban all automation because it makes jobs obsolete? Why not ban cars, so that we can bring back all the horse-related jobs? Are you going to ban grocery stores too, because you don't want people cooking their own food and reducing the need for restaurant workers?

You sound one of the communists who wanted to establish big factories, where on one side people built wooden boxes, then sent the finished boxes to the other side of the factory, where they were disassembled so the wood could be recycled, and the reclaimed lumber was sent back to the first side of the factory to build boxes....

If you want a make-work program, bring back the WPA. Don't force people to use workers they don't want, to do jobs that robots can do better.

Comment Re:Instead of technical solutions (Score 2, Interesting) 179

The religion of Islam creates many terrorists.

As opposed to freedom fighters who blow people up in order to "liberate" them?

It's not the religion of Islam but the religion of violence - the idea that the ends justify the means - that creates terrorists. And violence is pretty much universally worshipped on Earth, in forms ranging all the way from ritualistic animal sacrifice to all-out war. Our future depends on if it's a true universal constant or a mere option that could potentially be unchosen before our luck runs out and we wipe ourselves out.

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