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Comment Re:This is a real threat (Score 2) 238

Gah! I posted so I can't mod you up! This is reeeaallly important!
It's the second attachment in the FCC link in the summary. Page 2.

What prevents third parties from loading non-US versions of the software/firmware on the device? Describe in detail how the device is protected
from “flashing” and the installation of third-party firmware such as DD-WRT.

I work for a fortune 500 company and we use DD-WRT on the routers in our labs. They will definitely hear from me!

Comment It was FICTION, sheesh! (Score 1) 248

Is Slashdot modding up posts that judge science by fictional TV shows?

No goalposts were set since that show wasn't making actual scientific predictions. It was a pseudo-reality TV disaster show. People were even encouraged to send in their own footage imagining future disasters caused by global warming. It was called "Earth 2100" because the depictions of the year 2015 were just setups for the disasters that would happen 100 years later in the show.

Here's a quote from the producer:
"this program was developed to show the worst-case scenario ... we are not saying that these events will happen..." According to the linked article, some of the scientists consulted on the show didn't think the scenarios were plausable even in 2100.

Let us not judge science by TV shows. If we did, I'd be complaining about the lack of robots with vacuum-cleaner hoses for arms. :-)

Comment Re:Avoid INTERCAL (Score 1) 427

Avoid INTERCAL job postings at all costs.

So, you mean the fact that I wrote a c-intercal parser that used obscure opcodes to actually perform the interweave and or and xor isn't a good thing to put on my resume?

Also, my favorite obscure language is LIRL, and that has NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH ME BEING THE AUTHOR... rather, it's an interesting concept of, "what if Perl raped LISP and LISP was forced by the republican state government to carry that baby to term?"

The answer is: implied parentheses. To be clear, the language is absolutely context sensitive...

Comment Re:Actually, the common saying... (Score 1) 345

I ended up booting into DOS directly for most of these reasons.

Oddly, I barely even use 95... went straight from 3.x to 98. Where I still booted into DOS to do my gaming.

Ah... back in the day... I had to tetris my drivers to make sure I had enough conventional and XMS memory for the game I wanted to play... BOTH WAYS!

Comment The rebirth of trade schools (Score 1) 176

Is this the rebirth of trade schools?

IBM backs four of them, but they'll also be run by tech giants like Microsoft and SAP, major energy companies like ConEdison, along with hospital systems, manufacturing associations, and civil engineering trade groups.

This is either a new form of trade schools, or some kind of corporate takeover of education.

Comment Re:4th amendment (Score 1) 698

This is where the theory and the practicality collide. Even if the founding fathers intended for citizens to have the same weapons as the government, we cannot allow citizens to have nuclear weapons. It would be too dangerous. Of course, a nuclear weapon is probably not so useful against a tyrannical government anyway.

Thinking further, I wonder where that line should be drawn? Should it be okay for individuals to own armed fighter jets? How about aircraft carriers?

Comment This summary is fishy... (Score 2) 213

YouTube claims that I haven't been able to prove that I have commercial rights to this video of Superman.

I've never heard of YouTube doing this. If this is the US, then something is missing here.

If YouTube wants safe harbor under the DMCA, my understanding is that they can't require that you prove you own the copyright. Instead, they have to let you publish the content, then wait for someone to file a DMCA complaint against you. Then, once you file a counter to it, YouTube must allow the video to go back up. I'm not aware of any point in the process where YouTube gets to determine who owns the copyright.

You didn't mention anything about anyone filing a DMCA claim against you, so I'm totally confused where this requires to prove your commercial rights comes from. Ultimately, the answer here is probably "get a lawyer." Especially since you mention "commercial."

Comment Re:As a chemist, I have something to say. (Score 1) 135

Are you aware, that companies that produce lead-free solder in Europe, must have their product labeled with "may contain lead" in California?

Because California's lead restrictions are something like 9X (1 part per billion) where as Europe's standard is at 6X (1 part per million)... even though both of them can be described best and most easily with homeopathic dilution values...

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