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Comment Cincinnati (Score 1) 464

In the Cincinnati area it is very difficult to find IT talent. You can find people who went to school for programming, and/or who have been writing C# their whole life but most are not good by any stretch of the imagination (they actually do more harm than good). It is especially hard to find people for database work--BI, DBA, report writer. You can often settle for report writers or use offshore but that work always needs revisited/fixed.

The weather is decent most of the year, the houses for people in our line of work are cheap, and there is no shortage of jobs or houses in nice areas. All of Ohio is in need actually. Where I live I can actually bike to thousands of jobs safely, and my house in a nice-ish neighborhood, cost me less than $120k.

Comment Re:More and more abstraction (Score 2) 289

Instead of having 10 developers and one architect you would have 6 architects and 4 developers (not "senior developers"). And yes...coding is a commodity, something that can be done by third world developers if they are handed a clean, comprehensive design wrapped around the requirements. People are going to get sick of paying 10 100k dollar a year code monkeys that fuck up everything they touch. We have tried outsourcing/offshoring everything (with sloppy requirements hoping for the best because it seemed cheaper) and that train-wreck didn't work.

Comment Re:Why not just do it right? (Score 1) 307

Main story line of X files was awesome (shadow group including the joint chiefs who killed JFK for wasting everyone's career...makes more sense than anything I have ever heard..with a smattering of ridiculous urban legends to deflect the seriousness of their theory/revelation...carried to an alien invasion end for sheer profit).

Watch Caprica before BSG.

Comment Re:Why not stop making new shows (Score 1) 307

It has been known for a century that you cannot target smart people (most popular shows bore the absolute hell out of me). That is why state school systems were created with the purpose of standardizing as much of the population as possible so goods could be targeted and produced in massive quantities with less risk. We see every tree in the forest through the lens of the industrial revolution.

Comment Re: Why not stop making new shows (Score 4, Insightful) 307

I think they are just used to the model where people ravenously jump on a new show and stay glued to it until it dies. It doesn't work like that anymore. I consume when I want to and when I have time. The show will be there forever...what is the rush? There is nothing wrong with all of this will sit around and people will steadily consume it. I know people who will not watch a popular show (Walking Dead) util it is over! People like to binge watch without commercials on their favorite streaming service. How is this not completely obvious?

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