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Comment Re:I guess if you have IBM stock, time to sell (Score 1) 248

In my experience it takes one American running around like a chicken with their head cut off to manage two or three offshore. Otherwise the ROI takes a total nose dive. I think the new model model may evolve to onshore contracted developers. they never stick around long enough to matter as employees anyway. The good mature ones do, and they are fine to keep on staff, but your average twenty-something developer totally sucks no matter where they are from.

Comment Cincinnati (Score 1) 464

In the Cincinnati area it is very difficult to find IT talent. You can find people who went to school for programming, and/or who have been writing C# their whole life but most are not good by any stretch of the imagination (they actually do more harm than good). It is especially hard to find people for database work--BI, DBA, report writer. You can often settle for report writers or use offshore but that work always needs revisited/fixed.

The weather is decent most of the year, the houses for people in our line of work are cheap, and there is no shortage of jobs or houses in nice areas. All of Ohio is in need actually. Where I live I can actually bike to thousands of jobs safely, and my house in a nice-ish neighborhood, cost me less than $120k.

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