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Now they'd just have to check the data mine and see if you bought a pack of smokes, and levy the fee anyway (but this time make it bigger, because, you know, you . I could also see healthcare insurers charging you extra money if you visit a fast-food joint more than x times of month (where x > 1), or bought more than x amounts of soda at the grocery store.

I have been dreaming of this for a while. I want my discount or my insanely cheap health insurance because I make healthy decisions. Right now I'm lumped in with a shit mound of assholes who guzzle soda, live on fast food, smoke cigarettes, and drown themselves in alcohol. I'm not to happy about paying for their unabashed hedonism while they kick back, party, and welcome my contribution to their happiness. Bring on the data mining. Data doesn't lie.

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by datavirtue (#47291309) Attached to: Teaching College Is No Longer a Middle Class Job

Funny, study history and you will see that declines last painfully long...everything will still be livable when you die, probably much worse, but liveable. Society is like a complex can weather a lot of bad health an continue living through tons of adversity. Many of us would like to see then end of a rotting society but the truth is that it will flounder on for many more generations. Maybe the spread of information will harry in a quick death or transformation...who knows. Get some popcorn, and change yourself.

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I can vouch for this from my recent three year stint in education--working intimately with faculty, staff, and students, and being a student myself. This story summary is VERY accurate....well, accurate, I guess you are either accurate or inaccurate. Anyway, the real issue is that the administration of each college knows who butters their bread...state government. There is a chancellor and vice chancellor who both report to the governor. This is the real leadership. True, college administration is a pile of sniveling incompetents, but it isn't really their fault. Great systems make average people great, bad systems make average people suck. We are witnessing a bad system, don't blame the people. We all work together to fashion the system...and we have to be willing to admit when it doesn't work properly and kill/replace the damn thing...NOW. The trouble is, the system has been following our typical politically based timeline...creeping, slovenly decline to death--thousands, millions of people watching "helplessly" as the system (government) sucks the life, will, and ambition until all that is left is a dry, decayed husk. Hyperbole? Yes, and NO!

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Those are wonderful insights nut guns cost money. Income adjusted, how many dollars of disposable income are available to each citizen in all of those countries? Does that ratio correlate to the amount of guns owned per segment of each population?

If an American has $1000 of disposable income per year and a Serbian only has $100 of disposable income per year (adjusted for currency valuation to living expenses) I would say the Serbians own WAY more guns than Americans becasue given an increase in disposable income they would surely trade in more firearms for the same given population. This is just one factor to look at. I'm tired of this simplistic tripe...nothing is black and white.

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