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Because there is a large percentage of people that think it is morally wrong to spend ten minutes composing an email from Disneyland instead of skipping the trip all together. Somehow they think that sitting in their office is spending more time with their family than going on trips with them.

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It's not a matter of having an "urge". I lived in an area with a lot of gang violence, and I had a lot of friends who weren't particularly good at standing up for themselves... hippies, ravers, skaters, theater folk, etc. When your friends can't stand up for themselves and there's an imminent threat, you step forward.

I was just a cowardly little nerd who skipped a grade and was younger and smaller than everyone else when I was young, and spent a lot of time running away. Then I hit puberty and my balls dropped, and I had an altercation where a teacher didn't show up for class and the students were running wild, a football player punched me in the back of the head and called my mother a whore, and I beat him half unconcious with tables, chairs and desks. I was standing over his prostrate body with a chair in my hand, and a third guy suplexed me on my head while I was paying attention to the guy who had infringed my honour. One second I was standing, the next I was on my head semiconscious. It all happened so fast, I wanted to understand how he did it, so I joined the team and for the first time in my life I was fighting guys my own size instead of guys who outweighed me by a hundred pounds, and I was undefeated in tournament.

Now, we're all adults, I'm not wandering around being dwarfed by everyone I meet, and I'm a tough guy who still surprises himself because part of me still thinks of myself as David and everyone else as Goliath. I enter every fight expecting my opponent to break me, hoping only to break him more than he breaks me, and I'm always startled at how slow and incompetent he is. I still get my bones broken sometimes, I've broken ribs, my nose, my face, my teeth... but I fight through the pain until, in the end, I'm standing over my helpless opponent and holding his life in my hands.

Truth is, I like it. When the violence comes, the adrenaline response I get is much higher than the average guy, to the point where I get chills and shiver and am completely dismissive of pain. It scares people, when it's in the aftermath and my teeth are chattering and I'm grinning like a madman and shaking like a leaf in a storm, wishing there was someone else to fight because I feel SOO fucking awesome. Based on conversations with doctors and martial arts instructors, only about 5% of the population has a physiological response like I do.

Training aside, I seem to be built for this type of thing... although it's possible it's a learned response from the violence I saw in my youth.

At any rate, I think about it and talk about it because I like it, I'm good at it, and when the shit hits the fan, the people close to me appreciate it, even if they find it unpleasant to hear about when we're all sitting and making small talk. It's nice to participate in a serious conversation about it.

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Last month, my son had a glass of soda spilled on his laptop keyboard. Because of this, i started dismantling the thing, and found that the keyboard came out as a single unit. it was only about a 1/4" thick, and snapped into place with plastic tabs. Even so, the keyboard is perfectly functional, and as comfortable to type on as any other laptop I have used. While his keyboard turned out to be OK, I did find that a replacement was only going to cost $35.

The point of this tail is that it is clear that a thin keyboard that can snap into place is well withing modern engineering and manufacturing specs. I see no reason that a manufacturer could not build a keyboard that snaps into a slide out case. Cases are cheap to make and manufacture. The manufacturer could make a single part that would be snapped into and plugged into cases that they manufacture for various phones. This would reduce the engineering and manufacturing of the expensive part of the product and leaving the cheap part of the product the part that gets customized.

If they wanted to get fancy, they could also include a battery pack, and a passthrough microUSB charger, so that when using the bluetooth keyboard, the phone would double or triple it's runtime.

No doubt not everyone would want one of these, but by spreading the cost out to dozens of phone models, there is likely large enough demand to make it worth while.

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It is possible that I am not a unique snowflake, and there are a lot of people like me that want a keyboard sometimes. It turns out that if I have to choose between having the keyboard during the times I don't want one, and not having a keyboard when I do want one, I choose the later.

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I used to wrestle in school, took it pretty seriously and won gold in several provincial tournaments. I found that my body would be operating automatically when I did my moves, just like the article describes, and that the conscious part of my mind would be "watching" as though I was removed from the fight and was being an outside observer. Except that it wasn't that simple, because the tactile is huge in wrestling, when you can't see the guy and you're rolling and flipping and flying through the air, your contact with your opponent gives you an "eyes in the back of your head" sense, and that gets merged into what you're "watching" without removing the outside observer feeling. In street fights, which is more like a team sport than wrestling, it lets me use my conscious mind to keep a "map" of where people are, which is full of estimates based on where they were and the direction they were moving when I saw them out of the corner of my eye while absorbed in an exchange with the guy in front of me. But it's still not like you're thinking. You're being conscious without making an effort to be creative, and you do what the situation tells you is obvious. All the mental effort is in holding the model together effectively.

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One might do this if they want to gain access to your phone next year instead of just today. If I compromise your computer today, you may find out about it and wipe your drive. As I understand it, this attack would allow me to continue accessing your phone's data even after the computer you sync to has been secured.

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