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Comment Re:This is a big bitchslap to Mozilla (Score 1) 229

Using NoScript is pretty easy if you don't try and micro-manage it. Allow (whitelist) your most trusted and frequently visited sites just once. "Temporarily allow all on this page" for trusted sites you don't frequently visit. Don't allow anything you don't completely trust to run JS.

This is why I haven't switched to Chrome.

Comment Re:Dishonest comparing it to a library (Score 1) 152

> So what did he do? Joined the Hitler Youth. Once he did their life was in his control and 70 years later he proclaimed it as the best decision he ever made,

LOL! So, your *PRO-ZUCKERBERG* statement is that using Facebook services is like joining the Hitler Youth?
Marketing genius!

Comment Re:inefficient (Score 1) 393

No, it's not a vast improvement. It's yet another incompatible system with its own problems.
chew.bump.fantastic and chews.bumps.fantastic are in different states. Can you see the problems yet?
You say this is easy for computers to manipulate. How about determining which addresses refer to the same "postal addresses" when my front door and the mailbox at the end of my driveway have completely different words?

Comment Re:Not that stupidity again (Score 1) 393

Yeah WTH? Why didn't they make a three number triad, with each number from 0-40,000. It would look similar to IP addresses, eg: 185.38921.7823
Works everywhere the same without looking up words in a thousand different dictionaries.

As a matter of fact, I think I'll put together a service to translate What3Numbers to What3Words and Long/Lat.

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