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Comment Re:It was bound to happen. (Score 1) 224

A short, short retort could be "who made more money - the folks who figured out how to make electricity, rented a plot of land for a generator and bought coal from land owners... or the landlord and mine owner?

By definition the inputs to production cost less, or no one would produce, except "artists".

I'll agree that the supply of land is limited, but still submit wealth != land.

BTW, there is a lot of shitty land available.

Comment OT: sig reply (Score 2) 179

If information wants to be free, why does my internet connection cost so much?

Your Internet connection is not information. It is a complex system of wires/tubes/fibers run by computers, and uses electricity, occupies land. It is operated by a corporation who pays people, negotiates with other corporations, and deals with/pays for many subtle and not so subtle political aspects of the whole thing.

Comment #3 Don't abuse your mailing list (Score 3, Interesting) 49

Just because I give money to your cause, doesn't mean I want to give money to dozens of other organizations.

I could supply combustible materials for a village to cook over, with the unsolicited mail that is stuffed into my mailbox on a weekly basis.

Google "charity ratings" before you give, to make sure your donation is going toward the cause, and not to pay for marketing...

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