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Comment OT: power use question (Score 1) 110

When they say 190W "board power", I'm thinking holy cow - that is about $40 a month in electricity (here in socal, in the high tier).

But that's assuming 190W draw, 24/7... So how much power do video cards really use? Assuming in typical use; mostly normal apps, some gaming, a lot of screen asleep time... does anyone have an idea?

Comment Re:This (Score 4, Insightful) 393

How many of these degrees look like they will lead to a job? To be sure there are many, that are good degrees, and if it weren't considered a microagression to point it out, most sane people can also point out those degrees that one should probably not go into debt to acquire. Or certainly not complain about it if that is one's choice.

Comment This (Score 5, Insightful) 393

In the context of the article, it seems to me "overqualified" means - you bought an education which you cannot use / do not need for your work.

E.g. having a university degree is "overqualified" for a barista job. Sadly, there are many (usually non STEM) degrees for which there is literally zero demand by employers. Where are the counselors on the front end of the university acceptance process? Hmm, seems like they just take students for the good of the school, not the needs of the student, or society.

Comment Some anit-religious restrictions... (Score 1) 381

This, for example, seems like a good idea of telling you what not to eat (or at least how it is is prepared)

The British Veterinary Association, along with citizens who have assembled a petition with 100,000[20] signatures, have raised concerns regarding a proposed halal abattoir in Wales, in which animals are not to be stunned prior to killing.

Concern about slaughtering, without prior stunning, has resulted in the religious slaughter of animals being banned in Denmark, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.


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