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Comment: Same here in the USA (Score 5, Interesting) 150

by NotQuiteReal (#49333385) Attached to: Draconian Australian Research Law Hits Scientists
The "Left" and the "Right" are both the "Same" - e.g. "the ruling class".
Voters are just the "little people".

Notice how power shifts from one to the other and they keep adding bricks, each to their own wall, but neither side takes down bits the other side has put up?

Someday, the walls will meet and you will be on the outside...

Comment: Megasolution (Score 1) 264

by NotQuiteReal (#49052211) Attached to: NASA: Increasing Carbon Emissions Risk Megadroughts
Build some Mega Projects; Infrastructure, dams, reservoirs, pipelines, desalinization plants, etc. We know the problem is coming, plan for it, that is what government should do, not tell us to stop flushing the toilet.

Oh, wait, building stuff is so last century. It is so environmentally unfriendly to let people live in comfort.

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