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Comment: Your fair share (Score 2) 602

by NotQuiteReal (#48514897) Attached to: UK Announces 'Google Tax'
(Cost of Government) / (Number of Citizens) = the fair tax per citizen.

Anything else is unfair, but necessary simply because not everyone can afford their fair share.

The tax code boils down to extracting unfair amounts of money from whomever can pay, muddied by the politics of helping friends and punishing enemies.

Sadly, politicians have a disincentive to keep a "reasonable" Cost of Government.

Comment: Easy answer... (Score 1) 22

by NotQuiteReal (#48454557) Attached to: Big IT Vendors Mostly Mum On Commercial Drone Plans
Commercial Planes are rated to fly through a certain amount of "debris", right? (including non-frozen poultry, of various sizes).

So, the obvious answer is that any drone is OK, as long as it can get sucked thru a passenger plane engine without shutting it down.

Win. Win.

However, the liability of any incident will be on the operator of the drone for putting a brick of a Leica camera on the platform...

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